Fresh Baked | Review : Boulder

Fresh Baked | Review : Boulder
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Allow me to talk to you a little bit of a small fantasy of mine. One day, when I have amassed enough capital to do so, I would like to drop everything, and build myself a small cabin in the woods. Now, it’d be nothing spectacular on the outside; just enough to keep the cold out and the warm in. On the inside, however, this cabin will be fully loaded with all the essentials: firewood to stay warm, beer to stay cool, a freezer of steaks to stay alive, and marijuana for everything else. Why am I so inclined to tell you about my Alexander Supertrampesque dream? Something about Fresh Baked, a small, yet thriving dispensary in central Boulder, has reminded me of my farfetched life as a woodsman. It’s a small, cabin-looking place that’s incredibly forgettable on the outside, but a real dream come true as soon as you walk in.

Despite the fact that Fresh Baked is right in the center of Boulder, it was a little difficult to find. See, it’s a small, inconspicuous bungalow that almost blends in with the other small houses nearby. I drove past the place twice before I actually got the turn into the parking lot correct. Unfortunately, Fresh Baked does not have much in the way of parking, save for a small, rocky lot around the back of the building. Initially, I parked in the salon parking lot next door, and was kindly warned that I would probably get booted if I remained there. I guess I could have read all the signs posted around the dispensary warning me of this inconvenience, but that’s neither here nor there.

fresh baked boulder 1I was a little confused walking into the place. It is dimly lit, and their waiting room is long and narrow, with mirrors all along the back wall. At first, the space is a bit disorienting. It’s a comfortable spot, though. Guests are welcome to play free games of Pac-Man while they wait, or sit at the café-style tables, to thumb through the latest marijuana-themed literature. It’s a cozy spot, but the wait was not that long on my visit. Despite the small      capacity of the store, the service is sped along by Fresh Baked’s three product counters. I loved the décor of the store. I was immediately reminded of the handful of small, two-room spots that you might find in every major city that had a building boom in the 1950s and 60s. The walls were an elegant coffee color, which accents the solid wooden floors nicely. The walls were filled with album art, pictures of guitars, and other memorabilia from the time period the space embodies.

fresh baked boulder 3Don’t let the name fool you though. At first, I was almost expecting strictly a cannabis bakery (which is an AWESOME idea, right?!), but Fresh Baked is not that. In fact, bud is the star of the show at this small Boulder dispensary. With two grow operations in Denver, Fresh Baked grows 100% of their own flower to sell. With nineteen different strains to choose from, Fresh Baked has you covered. What I really liked about their bud selection was actually the containers that they were kept in. While the containers are just simple mason jars, on top of each was a card describing the pronounced effects of the strains, and their flavor profiles. Are you looking for a citrusy, lemony bud, or a piney, earthy strain? What really surprised be about their product was the sheer potency of their flower. While I’d be happy finding a strain with 24% THC, Fresh Baked had several options, in both indicas and fresh baked boulder 5sativas, that had over 27% THC. Finally, this dispensary is one of the very few left in Colorado that does not preweigh their marijuana. While most stores just hand you a child-proof medicine bottle, Fresh Baked will weigh the product right in front of you. Such a simple act, I think, makes a connection between bud tenders and customers. If you find a particular bud that you like, you can point to it, and gleefully squeal, “That one! That one!”

While there were only a few choices for shatter and wax in the store, Fresh Baked has recently started making their own bubble hash, which is a surprisingly difficult thing to find in stores. With all different varieties of strains and micron filters, you’re bound to find something to enjoy.

Surprisingly, in spite of the name, Fresh Baked’s selection of edibles was rather standard. fresh baked boulder 2I was happy to see the single-serving cookies and brownies for sale here. Nikki, one of the managers at the d