Frosted Leaf | Review : Denver

Frosted Leaf | Review : Denver
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I look back with fond memories of the first occasion that I hung out with my friend Aaron. We had just recently met in college and decided it was due time that we did something fun outside of school. Our initial plan was to hop around some of Greeley’s illustrious bars, so Aaron headed over to my apartment and came in for a brief moment before we hit the road. Pointing to the bong on the table with a smirk on his face Aaron and I both shared a “Wait, you smoke weed?” moment. Needless to say, we never made it to the bars and after a few hours into the night the inevitable munchies set in. (Disclaimer: Never drive under the influence of marijuana, not only is it a harebrained idea, it’s illegal). Aaron offered to drive us down the street and through a fast food restaurant to sate out stomachs’ protests. In all our stupidity, we hopped into Aarons old Honda Civic and, as promised, he drove us to a fast food joint where we proceeded to make a massive order. We scrounged up enough cash to pay and Aaron drove up to the window, handed the attendant our cash, and then started to drive off. The car was instantly filled with a ringing cacophony of “Wait dude, you forgot the food!” Turning instantly red, Aaron put the car in reverse and drove back to the window where the attendant was already leaning out and laughing. After staring at us all for a moment he said, “Y’all are stoned out of your minds, how did y’all forget your food?” He then turned around grabbed our food and wrote his number on our receipt saying, “Next time y’all are out, call me, I deal weed.” Needless to say we’ve come a long way from getting our weed from the guy at the fast food window. Every time I think I’ve seen it all, there is a Colorado dispensary out there that surprises me with new and unique way of selling their products.

After a fight with the construction oFrosted Leaf Denvern Westbound 6th Avenue and an equally trying battle with the construction on Southbound Federal, I found my way to Frosted Leaf’s large dedicated parking lot. I walked past their awesome custom sign and entered into a small ID-checking booth. I handed over my ID and was welcomed through the door and on to their immaculate and impeccably classy sales floor. Just by looking around I could tell that Frosted Leaf doesn’t function in the same manner as most other dispensaries. All of their products are displayed around the room with their buds in the center dwelling in little jars with magnifying lids. Concentrates, pipes, rigs, and vape pens, made their home along the side wall. The back wall sported a half dozen touch screen computers each with a dedicated seat. The process of making purchases at Frosted Leaf couldn’t be easier. You browse the wares, make your selections on the touch screen, and then pick up your products at the back window. Not easy enough for you? You can even go online to their website, and make your selection ahead of time so it will be waiting for you right when you come in.

If you’re new to the marijuana dispensary scene and are concerned that this process might be a little too complex for you, never fear. During my visit to Frosted Leaf there were nearly half a dozen budtenders on the sales floor ready to answer any questions and help you pick out the product that’s just right for you. I was greeted by Nacho (Mmm, munchies again), who showed me around their products starting with their concentrates. Nacho explained that they usually have around 10 different strain specific shatters on their shelf, which is just about as good as it gets when it comes to dabbing opportunities. They also had three different types of crumble ready to be vaped or dabbed at the customer’s discretion. If you find yourself without a dab rig to smoke your newly purchased shatter Frosted Leaf Denveror wax with, then Frosted Leaf has you covered with a very proficient selection of rigs ranging from small to medium size, as well as a massive butane torch that I have no doubt would heat your nail in a heartbeat. If you’re a pen user, or want to be one, they have several refillable pens for sale as well as cartridges for O.pen.

Nacho then guided me over to the tables in the center of their dispensary, which bore their bud jars. During my visit they appeared to be carrying around 15 different strains, spread fairly evenly between indica and sativa dominant strains. I first took a peek at their indica dominant 398 Kush. These were some great looking buds. They were extra trichome laden and although lacking in the pungency of some other strains I’ve smelled, they still had a wonderfully pleasant aroma. It was when I looked at the jar next to the 398 Kush that I fell in love, and her name was Purple Dream. A combination of Purple Kush and Blue Dream, this sativa dominant strain was a real knockout. Kissed with deep orange hairs, and accented by delicate purple hues, this is honestly one of the best looking strains I’ve ever gazed upon. Purple Dream had a smFrosted Leaf Denverell to rival its appearance, with a bountifully rich earthy bouquet complimented by hint of berry sweetness. Delicious. If you have a green thumb and want to try to harvest some of their amazing genetics on your own, they usually carry clones ranging from $10-$15 each although they were out of stock during my visit.

Last but not least on the line-up at Frosted Leaf, Nacho showed me their selection of edibles. Their edibles are not out on display but you can easily chose which tasty sounding treat is right for you on their touch screens when you’re ready to check out. They have all the staples a hungry marijuana muncher would want, including Blue Kudus, Cheeba Chews, Edipure, and IncrEdibles. They also carry several baked goods from Sweet Grass which contain a lower content of THC, making them ideal for anyone who is new to the realm of edible consumption. If you’re a lollipop fan then snag yourself a Suck It from Canyon Cultivations, and enjoy a nice slow release of THFrosted Leaf DenverC right to the sweet spot. Lastly they also carry several options from my favorite named edible company in the industry Tincture Belle (I’m a sucker for puns, can’t you tell?).

If you’re looking for a quick grab-and-go spot, Frosted Leaf is an undeniably great choice for you. Even if you’re in the mood to browse and take your time making a selection, Frosted Leaf still perfectly suits your needs since there are no lines and as a customer you can feel free to pace yourself and make sure you pick a product that’s just right for you. This layout for a dispensary is one of the trendiest and most convenient concepts I’ve ever seen, and I have no doubt that it will spawn a slew of imitators. Just think of it, some day you might be able to order your buds online and pick them up at a drive through window. Although drive through dispensaries are still not a reality, the times are a changin’. Always remember y’all, don’t forget your food, do yourself a favor and pick up your munchies ahead of time.

If you get an opportunity to visit Frosted Leaf of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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