Generation Health | Review : Denver

Generation Health | Review : Denver
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It seems like with every piece of writing I produce for Dope Directory, I further out myself as a bad Coloradan. This is truly unintentional. I mean, there are plenty of “Colorado” activities that I find myself partaking in. I love to hike, I love to drink craft beer, I have a shrine to John Elway in my closet, and I certainly do enjoy myself some legal marijuana. Now, the two questions I get asked the most, when I identify as a Coloradan, are “How’s the weed?” and “Where do you ski?” I have a very long-winded response for the former, but unfortunately, not much to say on the latter. It’s not that I detest the winter sports scene. Far from it. There’s been many a night that a girlfriend of mine or a roommate of mine has sat me down to watch some rad snowboarding videos, fully equipped with slow motion shots, and vibration-heavy dubstep. I’m a frequent viewer of the Winter X Games. I’ve even gone snowboarding a few times in my life. While the falling and inevitable sore ass were far from enjoyable, I completely understand the exhilaration and rush avid winter sports folks get from barreling down the mountain in the fresh “pow-pow.” For those of you looking for even more winter sports in your life, and are also looking to purchase marijuana (it might be one reason you’re here), take a look at Generation Health. As one of Colorado’s first truly “themed” stores, Generation Health in Denver offers a hip environment and some unique products, all while paying homage to wintertime in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Don’t be confused by the large “Earth Group Colorado” sign that hangs over Generation Health’s spot. The place is under new management, explaining the new name and the new atmosphere of the store. You really can’t beat Generation Generation Health DenverHealth’s location either. You could throw rocks at the I-70 traffic from the dispensary’s parking lot if you wanted to (though you probably shouldn’t). Inside, the mountain sports theme is very apparent. Snowboards have been converted into light fixtures. Stunning midair snowboarders decorate the walls in classy frames. The color scheme is bright and punchy, reminiscent of the popular styles among skiers and snowboarders alike. On one of the store’s large flat screen TVs was a snowboarding video. The theme of the store is entirely intentional. Says Brandon, the general manager of Generation Health, “We are right off of I-70, on your way to the mountains.” As in, the store is a testament to the fact that has been known in Colorado for years, but might still be a mystery to the rest of the country. People who use cannabis are not all lazy and unmotivated. People can live a perfectly active and healthy lifestyle while using cannabis. Being a cannabis user and a winter athlete need not be mutually exclusive; this store aims to align the two subcultures.

Generation Health opened its doors to the recreational crowd on August 22 of 2014.Generation Health Denver At the time of this writing, the store has a medicinal side in the works, but it is still under construction. For Red Card carrying Coloradans, the store will honor a 10% off on any of its recreational products (which does a little to mitigate the painful sting of recreational taxes). As a brand new store, much of their product arrives from other dispensaries. The large majority of their bud, for instance, is Kindman, produced by The Grass Station. They do, fortunately, have six of their own strains as well. Of course, this is a temporary situation, while Generation Health’s plants start to grow up. And hey, at least these guys are honest about wholesaling their products. There’s plenty of stores who won’t even tell you; because, you know, they don’t have to.

What you should be very excited about, however, is the fact that Generation Health makes their own concentrates, including the incredibly rare, and the incredibly flavorful live resin extracts. Essentially, a live resin extract is one where the plant Generation Health Denvermaterial is cryogenically frozen while it is freshly cut, to preserve many of the terpenes in the marijuana plant. While the THC content of extractions done in this way might take a knock,  the intense flavor profiles from the added terpenes are certainly a plus. The store also produces its own CO2 extractions, as well as standard BHO extractions as well. For concentrate lovers out there, Generation Health has set up “Dab Mountain,” which allows customers to purchase concentrates from several major companies, including Mahatma and 710 Labs. That way, you can try out the store’s own concentrates, and see how they weigh up to the big boys.

There’s no shortage of edibles at Generation Health either. Canyon Cultivation’s Suckit suckers are in high supply, as well as products from Wana, The Growing Kitchen, and Gaia’s Garden. If you’d like to be even more discrete about your THC consumption, I’d recommend a look at Colorado Cannabis Co.’s pills. They look justGeneration Health Denver like any sort of ibuprofen you might find yourself taking, but come jam-packed with plenty of THC. For me, ingesting THC in this way can be a little intense, but not overwhelming. As far as smoking devices goes, the dispensary has plenty of vape pens to try out, including the Atmos Nano, the O.Pen, and the V-Stick (which goes for $26 at the dispensary. For a pen with a lifetime warranty, this is a tough deal to turn your nose up at). The dispensary also has a bookshelf of bubblers, bongs, and dab rigs, and a smattering of pipes decorate other shelves throughout the store. While not the best selection of glass out there, the selection wasn’t exactly disappointing either.

Generation Health offers an experience that very few other dispensaries can replicate. This is a store with an eye towards theme, and not in a hokey way either. It is a store that tells its customers to get up and go, and to realize that people from all walks of life are using cannabis. I’m excited to see what happens at Generation Health. As a new store, they have some expected shortcomings, but ultimately, is a place you should look out for. Plans are already in the works for more stores at higher altitudes. Could Generation Health become part of your winter sports tradition?

If you get an opportunity to visit Generation Health of Denver, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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