Golden Meds | Review : Denver

Golden Meds | Review : Denver
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The process of growing, cultivating, and curing marijuana has always fascinated me. All it takes is a seed or a snipping and you’ve got something that will grow into one of the most spectacularly beautiful, not to mention powerfully healing, plants on the planet. I’ve only had one experience with growing my own plant and it all started with a filing cabinet, some seeds from a crummy batch of schwag, and three friends with a dream. We quite cleverly removed the top drawer from the filing cabinet and removed its front so that the bottom drawer could hold a planter box, and the front of the cabinet would still look the same. After lining the inside with foil, cutting a hole in the back for a light cord and a computer fan, we planted our two seeds and crossed our fingers. A few days later we had two little sprouts of which we hoped were both female. As the weeks went by the plant in back died and the spindly, excessively leggy plant we were growing in front was around a foot tall and was, much to our joy, female. Looking back, it’s practically a miracle that it ever formed buds considering the relatively oppressive living conditions and our complete lack of any horticultural know-how. The time came and we harvested its tiny 1-2g yield and cured it in the closet. It was amazing! Not that it looked amazing, or tasted great, or smoked well, or really even got us very high – on second thought, it was pretty bad. That’s why I leave it to the professionals now. It’s always nice now to see some buds cultivated by people who really know what they are doing. During my visGolden Medsit to Golden Meds, just North-West of the I-70 and I-225 exchange, I encountered just that.

Although there is an ample amount of parking around Golden Meds, there are a few potholes to keep an eye out for, especially in a lower profile vehicle. While the dispensary wasn’t very busy during my Wednesday morning visit, I had dropped by Golden Meds once before on a weekday afternoon and the traffic was really quite heavy. I walked in the front door and was greeted by a fellow Jesse. Who then took me over to their rec side and started off by explaining a little bit about Golden Meds. At any given time they will have roughly 20-30 strains on their rec side and another 20-30 on their med side, to make a pretty impressive selection. They try to keep a balance of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains and tend to be pretty good about keeping their most popular strains on the shelf when you need them. This is especially important for medical patients that find a certain strain that helps their particular ailment.

Jesse then started off my mini-tour by Golden Medsshowing me some of their recreational concentrates and their smoking devices. First off, they have BHO syringes produced by Rest and Relaxation, and a pair of pretty decent looking strain specific shatters produced by Boulder Extracts. Moving down the cabinet, Jesse pulled out their selection of strain specific waxes, also produced by Boulder Extracts. With over ten strains to choose from, including Fruity Pebbles, Blue Dream, and Lemon Cake, if you’re a recreational wax aficionado, you’ve come to the right place. If you just want to buy ready-to-burn concentrates for a Neos pen, they carry extremely beefy 1ml cartridges for only $55. If you’re looking for a non-disposable vape pen, they have several different pens to choose from that burn oil to leaf and everything in-between. Their selection of glass was also pretty impressive. If you’ve been wanting to buy yourself a dab rig but are pressed for cash, you can pick up a mini rig at Golden Meds for only $30. If you just need a pipe in a pinch they have a good selection of little $5 glass pieces and little bongs for as cheap as $30, making this an Golden Medsamazing stop if you’re simply visiting Colorado and don’t want to spend a fortune on a pipe that will only be with you for a week.

Moving on from their extracts and smoking implements, I met my other budtender, Linzy. Both Linzy and Jesse pointed out their back wall, which was loaded with different edibles and a few topicals. They also told me that in order for them to stock any edible on their shelf, at least half of the staff at Golden Meds needs to give it a thumbs up (in other words, they test the products so you don’t need to). I could tell that they had narrowed it down to the best, including products from Canyon Cultivation, Dixie, IncrEdible, Blue Kudu, Love’s Oven, and Edipure. I also was excited to see an edible I’ve never tried before in the form of hot drink mixes from Insta-High. With scrumptious sounding flavors like French vanilla, mocha cappuccino, hot chocolate, and chai tea, I can really see myself enjoying one of these by the fire on a cold winter night, and Linzy said they taste great. If you’re feeling under the weather this season, they also make a cold and flu relief drink mix that’s sure to hGolden Medsave you feeling your best in no time. If you want topicals, they carry the full line of Apothecanna products available to anyone 21+.

I finally rounded the corner to their soil-grown bud selection, where Jesse and Linzy pulled out a few of their favorites for me to smell, and in the case of their Watermelon and Godfather OG, bring home to try out. First I took a whiff of their bestselling sativa, Facewreck. The genetic cross between Neville’s Wreck and Face-off, this sativa dominant weighs in at a respectable 25.9% THC and has a phenomenal smell and look to match. It’s easy to see why this strain was mentioned in Culture Magazine and is also one of the staple strains at Golden Meds. Next up was the Watermelon hybrid. This strain smells remarkably sweet and looks – well it just looks awesome. When smoking it, the high it creates is relatively mellow, but the strain itself is far from a couch-locker. While I didn’t specifically pick up the flavor of watermelon, it was an undeniably sweet and smooth smoke. Last was the Godfather OG. I can see why this strain is one of Linzy’s favorites. With a THC content at 26.2% this indica hit me like a sativa, sans the heart racing paranoia that some sativas can induce. Equally as beautiful as its other counterparts on the shelf, Godfather OG smells minty fresh with just a hint of skunk and when you smoke it has a delightful fruity flavor. Lastly, I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t mention their giant jar of shake for $10 a gram. IGolden Meds honestly wish I had more room to describe some of the other amazing strains I looked at during my visit, but it’s up to you to go in and explore where I left off.

I finished my visit by swinging over to their medical side with Linzy. Other than a few unique strain options, the most noteworthy differences included other concentrates, more topicals, and a few additional edibles. I was most impressed by their strain specific flake produced with their buds by Epic Extracts. I don’t know if I’ve ever encountered wax that smelled this pungent; truly no terpene was left behind in these extractions. I can see from my visit why this place gets to be so busy in the afternoons. The growers at Golden Meds definitely know what they’re doing. Who knows, since they also sell clones for only $10, I might try my hand at growing again someday soon. And now without the need to do it inconspicuously, maybe I’ll have a better chance at actually getting a decent harvest. Until that day, I’ve decided to forego my growing adventures and leave it to the pros and get my buds from dispensaries like Golden Meds.

If you get an opportunity to visit Golden Meds of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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