Good Chemistry | Review : Denver

Good Chemistry | Review : Denver
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Ah, good old Colfax. Call it what you want: The Golden Road, US 40, or the Grand Avenue, it was, until the inclusion of our glorious interstate system, Denver’s main artery. Starting as a route to connect silver and gold miners in the mountains to Denver, Colfax Avenue was then incorporated as part of US 40: the country’s longest road. As Denver grew, so too did the amenities along US 40, from bars, to motels, to cabarets, to strip clubs, and anything in between. Colfax’s notoriety as the hotspot for illegal street prostitution has been a running gag to Denverites for the last quarter century, but it would be safe to say the street has survived its reputation as an avenue of vice. Today, you’ll pass by some of Denver’s most iconic spots: The United States Mint, The Capitol, The McNichols Building, and East High School, just to name a few. As an incredibly popular route, several modern spots have began popping up along the historical avenue, including Good Chemistry; a medical and recreational dispensary in the heart of Denver, Colorado. While their selection had been thoroughly picked through at the time of my visit, the store offers quick and friendly service. Yeah, the place is busy, but the dispensary does a great job of cycling through customers without pressuring them to hurry along. It’s a delicate balance, but Good Chemistry has concocted a mixture of speed and customer service that works.

Good Chemistry sits in the shadows of two great buildings. To the west is the city’s notorious, gold-capped Capitol building. Right across the street is Denver’s Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Now, in Denver, it’s rare to catch me looking up, but it’s hard to resist as I’m driving down Colfax. As you probably know, in downtown Denver, finding a good spot within two blocks of your destination is a miraculous (a sentence which has my friends in New York and San Francisco rolling their eyes in disgust). For my Denver readers, I might suggest hopping on the 15, orGood Chemistry Denver the infamous “Dirty 15” to get to the dispensary. I managed to park around the block, and worked my way to the small storefront. I actually walked past the place twice, not recognizing the lowercase “g” as the logo for the store. I, of course, am not a clever man. Keep in mind, my visit happened during some off hours during the week, and the place was absolutely slammed. People were lounging around outside (more than you’d normally expect on Colfax), in the waiting room, and around the product counters. The store itself has an interesting layout. After being checked in, you wait in line at a row of chairs for the next available budtender at the product counter. There are four stations to be served at, but one of those is medical patients only.

The store is modern, sleek, and clean. You will not see any bud out on counters or in jars at this store. Their available smoking devices include chillums and pipes, thrown into several glass containers on the counters, and iPuffs and d5’s on the shelves behind the busy budtenders. All of your grams and eighths are preweighed, and thereGood Chemistry Denver were not too many strains to choose from. During my first visit to this store, there was one sativa, one hybrid, and one indica to choose from on the recreational side (the second time I was in, however, the dispensary had nine recreational strains, and twelve for medical). All of this is definitely intentional, says Jordan, a budtender at the store. The store is incredibly high volume, and these steps were taken to get people in and out as quickly as possible. Indeed, although there were quite a few patients and customers waiting, the line moved rapidly. The process is quick and easy, and the price is something that should not be ignored. Recreationally, you can pick up an eighth of very quality bud for $30. Seeing as they sell their grams at $15, you might as well spring for the full eighth. That’s mathematics, son. I picked up their in-house indica, the Ingrid, and was left thoroughly impressed. This is the quintessential indica, with a strong, cheesy-earthy smell, and a smooth, fruity smoke, which then pleasantly roundhouse kicked me into my chair, where I remained all night. I tend to get a bit of soreness in my feet and legs towards the end of the day, and the Ingrid was perfect for relaxing me into a warm puddle of giggly forgetfulness. Good Chemistry DenverFortunately for you, this is the one strain they tend to have in stock quite often.

Notably, the store is the home to Mountain Medicine, a company that I’ve written about several times. If you are a fan of any Mountain Medicine products (like I know I am), I would strongly suggest Good Chemistry. You’re getting the products directly from the makers, which means a very significant price break for you. Recreationally, you can pick up their 10mg milk chocolate bites for three bucks, all the way up to their 100mg white chocolate berry bites for $13. On the medical side of the counter, you’re looking at getting one of their 350mg peanut butter bars for only ten dollars. For that dosage, you’re unlikely to find something comparable nearby. Personally, I’m a huge fan of Mountain Medicine’s Pie Bars, which come in a variety of flavors (try the cherry!).

It appeared as though their concentrates had been well picked through on the day of my visit. Aside from O.pen vape cartridges, there was not much available to recreational customers. Jordan, my friendly budtender, politely explained that it wasn’t for the dispensary’s lack of interest in providing its users with a dabbing experience. Rather, they are so popular, that the high-volume store has a very difficult time Good Chemistry Denverkeeping them on the shelves. That is to say, if you are in Good Chemistry, and you want dabs, and they have dabs, buy buy buy! For medicinal customers, there was quite a vast selection of bubble hash, wax, and shatter, which came out to $30/gram for the bubble hash, $40/gram for wax, and $44/gram for shatter.

As we are all aware, we are sitting at the dawn of a new age in Colorado. Colfax Avenue, the once dirt road up to the Rocky Mountains, cashed in on Denver’s boomtown success, and installed trolleys. Once we became a driving nation, the city took out Colfax’s trolleys, and replaced them with motels and resturants for weary travelers. And now today, as the face of Denver business is changing once again, so too will Colfax change. Long gone are the ghosts of our mining past, but it’ll be interesting to see what this new Colorado gold rush means for the people and places of Denver, Colorado. Good Chemistry is a great example of a dispensary that is helping change the face of cannabis into a high-traffic, highly successful business. What better place for a cutting edge example of a cannabis store that works, than right along Denver’s main street?

If you get an opportunity to visit Good Chemistry of Denver, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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