Green Cross of Cherry Creek | Review : Denver

Green Cross of Cherry Creek | Review : Denver
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Although it’s been many years now since my mother conquered cancer, I still can’t forget how well she kept her spirits up, even during the worst days. To fill in a little background story, her best friend (Max Eliot’s mother) had been diagnosed with cancer at roughly the same time. I remember one day in particular I was driving down from college up in Greeley to visit her and my father for dinner. At the time she was only a few weeks into her radiation and was starting to feel extra crummy. We all sat down at the table and started to peruse the menu. As stoically as she could my mother looked up at me and said, “I was talking to Max’s mother the other day, and I had to tell her that you’re a bad son.” I stared up from my menu looking like a deer in headlights, thinking, “What did I do?” It only took me a moment to realize she was pulling my leg and explained that Max had gotten his mother marijuana, and that I should have already gotten her some too. We all laughed, and being the prodigal son I am, I post-haste called up my dealer at the time and got my mom a baggie of sweet Colorado chronic. I’ve seen first-hand just how much cannabis can help people who are going through radiation and chemotherapy. I’m always pleased when I find a dispensary that also has an understanding of how much marijuana can help people who are suffering. During my visit to Green Cross of Cherry Creek, I found a place that has intentionally forgone the opportunity to become a recreational dispensary for the sake of helping their patients.

If you blink you may miss it; GreeGreen Cross of Cherry Creekn Cross of Cherry Creek is nestled away just north of Hampden off of Oneida. If you are having any trouble narrowing down its exact location, just keep your eyes peeled for a green cross with the familiar letters MMJ underneath it. I entered in to their extremely welcoming waiting area. The deep brown tiles complimented the light eggshell colored walls, making the space feel homey and comfortable. Add in several extra comfy couches loaded with bonus pillows, and I’d found a waiting room I actually would enjoy waiting in. I never got the chance to test out the waiting room, and was immediately greeted by Victoria. I was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t have to fill out any paperwork and was instead welcomed in to look at their medical cannabis. I only stopped for a moment to give Fritz the Dachshund a rub behind the ear and meet his owner Kate, one of the other budtenders at Green Cross of Cherry Creek. I rounded the corner and followed Victoria into the bud room. My jaw almost dropped when I was welcomed by the sight of 76 different strains on the shelf. Holy Cow.

This is the largest medical selection oGreen Cross of Cherry Creekf strains I’ve ever seen. What’s even better is that the quality of their buds matches the quantity of their selection. Only one whiff of their Platinum Girl Scout Cookies and I could tell this was some amazing soil grown marijuana. Victoria confirmed as such, and also mentioned that they produce their soil-grown buds organically. As I buried my nose back in their Girl Scout Cookies, Victoria told me their most recent batch tested at 31% THC. I’ve only been to one other dispensary with buds that test over 30%. With a smell so blissful I could hardly contain my delight, I have no doubt that I’m going to be hearing more about this strain from future marijuana competitions. Next up, Victoria grabbed out a jar of their Death Star. Another wildly popular indica dominant hybrid, their award winning Death Star has everything I look for in good weed: nice hairs, great smell, and an outrageous number of trichomes. Next up was another sci-fi themed strain, named Space Queen. Space Queen is an 80% sativa dominant strain that is a hybrid of Romulan and Cinderella 99. The initial smell of comes off as pure Romulan, with an unmistakable dank indica smell, but the Cinderella 99 balances out the strain beautifully, creating a strain that even a Vulcan would find to be a logical pairing. Lastly Victoria pulled out a jar of their Lohan. Cleverly nGreen Cross of Cherry Creekamed so after its parent strains, LA Confidential and Trainwreck, since Lindsay Lohan lives in LA and is a train-wreck. This strain looks as good as Lohan herself – mind you, back in the day. It also smelled amazing, much better than I imagine its namesake smells.

We moved down the massive bud counter to take a look at their concentrates, glass, and topicals. While their selection of concentrates isn’t nearly as impressive as their massive selection of buds, they did have at least one shatter, wax, and budder. They are all produced for them by Colorado Concentrates, using their Blue Dream. Blue Dream is one of my all-time favorites, and these extracts from Colorado Concentrates did this classic strain justice. Their wax was an immaculate pale yellow, flakey and scrumptious looking. Best of all, it has an amazing terpene character still present. The shatter was equally as pure and visually appealing as their wax. It was completely translucent and I’m sure would please any dabbers out there that want their concentrates to be produced from great organic marijuana. They also carry oil syringes and cartridges for the O.pen in 250mg and 500mg. If you just want to grab something easy to sprinkle on your bowl, pick up some of their extra-fresh bubble hash. If you’re looking for a delivery system for their delicious Green Cross of Cherry Creekorganic products, look no farther; Green Cross of Cherry Creek has a very proficient selection of pipes, bubblers, bongs, and portable dab rigs. If you prefer to treat your ailment with a topical application of cannabis, you can pick up lotions and salves from Medibles and Dixie.

Just as Victoria said, “there is a little bit of something for everyone.” This statement holds true for edibles as well. Their selection of edibles is very formidable, including the basics from Blue Kudu, Dabba, Cheeba Chews, Edipure, Wana, Dixie, Chai High, Canyon Cultivation, IncrEdibles, Tincture Bell, and Better Baked. On the rarer end of the spectrum, they carry some extremely unique options from Green Street including medicated veggie oil, olive oil, whipped honey, butter, and even fruit jam. Victoria also showed me an amazing trick about IncrEdibles’ Peanut Butter Buddha Bars that I had never noticed before. I absolutely love these bars – they taste amazing – especially for having such a high THC content. As Victoria pointed out, if you look at the bottom right corner of the package some of the Peanut Butter Green Cross of Cherry CreekBuddha Bars show picture pretzels and others don’t. I’ve never gotten one with pretzels in it before, but I can tell you next time I’m in the market for a chocolaty marijuana reprieve, I’ll be looking for that little icon in the bottom right corner.

On my way out I had the fortune of sitting down for a minute with Anatoly, the owner of Green Cross of Cherry Creek. Just like me, he’s seen and experienced the amazing medicinal properties of marijuana, and although he has the room in his building to make the switch and add in a recreational side to their dispensary, he’s intentionally steered away from doing so in order to better cater to their patients. This is the kind of compassion that has driven this industry to where it is today, and if more people could see the beneficial effects that marijuana can have, I think they would change their opinion on the industry. Despite the hype around the recreational side in our state, it’s nice to see owners like Anatoly and dispensaries like Green Cross of Cherry Creek, that are focused on the multitude of Coloradans in need of medical marijuana. I’ll never forget just how much that first batch of weed helped my mother back when she was sick, and I know that it’s helping many others out there right now. Green Cross of Cherry Creek will even help with references on where to get your medical marijuana card; If you or a loved one is suffering and you’re looking for help, swing by and experience the hospitality.

If you get an opportunity to visit Green Cross of Cherry Creek in Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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