Green Dream Health Services | Review : Gunbarrel

Green Dream Health Services | Review : Gunbarrel
Gunbarrel Dispensary Review Marijuana Dispensary Review

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Gunbarrel, Colorado. Aside from its kick-ass name, there’s not much to say about the heavily-residential “town”. It’s one of the little spots that’s inhabited primarily by college students escaping the steep rent of the city of Boulder and commuters; people who travel somewhere else to go to work. With the expansion of Boulder in the late 50s and early 60s, commuter villages like Gunbarrel saw some impressive residential growth. In the mid 60s, when IBM built their complex across Highway 119 from Niwot, Gunbarrel’s residential population again saw a resurgence. However, since then, destinations to actually visit in Gunbarrel have been reserved to the Celestial Seasonings factory (along with their nose and eye-obliterating mint room), a brewery, and a fancy King Soopers. It’s the kind of town that people go everywhere else for everything; be it work, school, or entertainment. Finally, denizens of Gunbarrel have something to cheer about: Green Dream Health Services. As Gunbarrel’s sole marijuana dispensary, medical patients have actually flipped the commuter-community equation on its head: finally, people are actually traversing long distances to discover what it means to “Live the Dream.” They sell everything from buds to bongs to the lighter stuff like CBD Oil. No matter what you need or how experienced you are, there’s something for everyone here.

Green Dream Health Services sits in a mulit-use building, which provides ample parking for all the attached businesses. You have to get buzzed in through the front door by the budtender working at their front desk. For such a small space, the waiting room is brilliantly decorated. Soft cherry wood floors compliment the pure white walls and Green Dream Health Services Gunbarrelfixtures. I sat in one of their overstuffed white leather couches to fill out a short bit of paperwork, but constantly the large abstract art that compliments the walls. And hey, they even have an amusing Kendama toy to keep yourself occupied during times of long waits. While I was humming Cream’s “White Room” silently to myself, Robbie, one of the managers at Green Dream, shook my hand, and brought me back into the product room. The room is small, and only has the space to accommodate two patients at a time, but I felt very comfortable standing at the dispensary’s high counters.

Let’s talk a minute about the flower at Green Dream Health Services. This small medicinal marijuana dispensary prides itself on its “hand-raised cannabis.” From seed to sale, this cannabis is planted by hand, watered by hand, harvested by hand, and then trimmed by hand. Their flower is grown in 100% cocoa, and the quality of this hands-on approach is incredibly apparent in looking at their various strains. The dispensary has two-tiers of pricing: premium and elite. At the time of my visit, all of their premium strains (the lower-tiered strains) were brought us by Helping Hands, located just down the road in Green Dream Health Services GunbarrelBoulder. When I visited, the dispensary had seven of their elite strains, which go for $14/gram. Holy moly. I’m not exactly sure how to describe how beautiful some of these flowers looked and smelled. For starters, the dispensary grows two strains from Scott at Rare Dankness: their potent-as-all-hell Scotts OG, and their hard-hitting sativa Moonshine Haze. Both of the strains had pungent, earthy, and piney smells, which is what you come to expect with soil-grown cannabis. “Here’s something you won’t see anywhere else,” Robbie suggested, as he handed me the jar of OJ Legend. This is a strain that somehow broke out of California and made its way to Colorado, and smells like a sour glass of orange juice. The buds were all extremely compact, and smothered in trichomes. The once-clear jars, in fact, developed a sort of opacity from the kief left on them from these high-potency strains. All in all, the dispensary boasted eleven strains total, which is not the most impressive selection, but the quality of these buds, from sight and smell alone, are top notch.

According to Robbie, who patiently explained the genetics of all their strains, also indicated to me the dispensary’s true fame comes from its incredible concentrates selection. The dispensary sells a rotating list of concentrates to its eager and loyal customer base, from a variety of local concentrate producers. At the top of the list was selections from Green Dot; however, the majority of their selections came from TerpX. I guess I always overlooked TerpX as a concentrate company, and I am slapping my Green Dream Health Services Gunbarrelstupid head repeatedly for doing so. Robbie showed me some of their selections, including a Pineapple OG wax, which smelled exactly like the freshly cut tropical fruit from which its name is derived. TerpX’s unique process allows for the highest number of terpenes from the cannabis plant to stay in their concentrates. To get such a strong smell from a concentrate is incredibly rare, and incredibly satisfying. Dabbers should pay attention here. At any given time, the small dispensary in Gunbarrel will have up to 25 different “flavors” of wax and shatter available. “Here’s something else that we do that not too many people do,” Robbie boasted. Again, my ears perked up like a dog being promised his walk. Out came a small set of jars from underneath the counter, containing the store’s kief, which can be all yours for just $10/gram. And holy moly. My budtender pulled out a large lump of the crystaline stuff, and showed me that it would literally take a fork and knife to dig through the giant mound. In all the dispensaries I’ve been to, I’ve never seen kief so compact, odoriferous, and attractive. Next time, instead of purchasing bubble hash, do yourself a favor and grab some of this stuff. Incredible.

The uniqueness of this dispensary didn’t stop at its strains and concentrate selection. This is one of the only dispensaries I’ve been to that offers Elixinol, which is a high CBD hemp oil that can be enjoyed in a CBD vape. This stuff is extremely good for you in that CBD from industrial hemp has been shown to “promote and support the nutritional health of aging bodies,” or so says Green Dream Health Services Gunbarrelthe US Government in its patent for Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants. Moving along on the oil train, Green Dream Health Services also sells Oil Stix, which is a CO2 extracted hash oil that comes in a syringe. Now, unlike most CO2 extractions, which contain a high level of water leftover from the extraction process, this stuff is pure hash oil. It burns better, it tastes better, and it’s certainly more potent. Finally, in one method to consume this hash oil, you might try the Smart Nail electronic nail for any dab rig. This guy heats up to the perfect temperature every time, ensuring a solid vape every time.

People from all over Colorado have been flocking to Green Dream Health Services; which, aside from Celestial Seasonings, might be the first business in Gunbarrel to accomplish this. For my Boulder marijuana dispensary customers, you’re only a short drive from some of the most divine oils, kiefs, and buds in this part of the state. I’m sold. Plus, you can tell everyone that you’re going to “Gunbarrel” today. How badass is that?

If you get an opportunity to visit Green Dream Health Services of Gunbarrel, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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