Green Leaf Denver | Review

Green Leaf Denver | Review
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Every medical marijuana patient in this state has their preference on what form of cannabis works best for them. Some people are the “leaf or bust” type, others who don’t like to smoke have become avid fans of the massive selection of edibles that are now on the market. Some people out there with an extreme tolerance have found the joys of concentrates in recent years. Although they’ve been around for a fair amount of time, the processes involved in making concentrates have become rather space-age in a relatively short amount of time. As extraction companies strive to get higher THC contents and cleaner end results, the market has been flooded with dozens of crazy contraptions constructed for the sole purpose of weeding out any unnecessary byproducts. As an amateur dabber myself, I can see why marijuana concentrates work best for medical patients. Depending on the type of concentrate I’m smoking, I may lose feeling in my extremities, feel the urge to build with Legos, scrub the counters with a toothbrush, eat a disturbingly large portion of mozzarella sticks, or sometimes, just sit back on the couch and smile. With such a bounty of different emotional states evoked by smoking different strains of concentrates, it becomes apparent that the larger the selection of concentrates the larger number of patients you can help. I already know that I’m a sucker for any dispensary that has a large selection of buds, but as I enter more into the realm of dabbing, I find myself more and more thrilled by locations that have a massive selection concentrates as well as batteries for dab pens too. Green Leaf, a medical-only location off of Quebec Street, is one such location I’ve bumped into with massive extract selection – and their bud selection is nothing to scoff at either.

Coming from the Southeast on IliffGreen Leaf, I needed to make a little detour to enter from Quebec. I passed by the ever-lascivious Pleasures and very easily found a spot for my car in their exceptionally roomy parking lot. Green Leaf’s waiting area is relatively small, but the space seems bigger thanks to the brightly colored walls. I was greeted behind the window by the lovely Anastasiia, who had me fill out a brief one page of paperwork before entering me into their system. I was buzzed in through their extreme purple hallway and entered their bud room, to discover an impressive selection of buds and concentrates.

Anastasiia started by giving me a run-down on their products. Their buds are all soil-grown, using organic nutrients. One thing that is unique about Green Leaf is the fact that they flush their cannabis for an entire seven days. What this means is that the products you’re getting from Green Leaf are going to be as crisp, clean, and true to the strain’s flavor as possible, and won’t have and after flavors from the nutrients. To give you an idea, many other dispensaries flush for a dGreen Leafay or two at most. With a count of 45 different strains on the shelf, there’s a good reason to want to differentiate your flavors. I started my olfactory tour with Chocolate Diesel. The hairs on this strain were a beautiful reddish-brown, practically the color of red velvet cake. The smell didn’t disappoint either. True to its name, Chocolate Diesel smells like the Hershey’s chocolate truck has a devastating accident, spilling its contents for all to whiff. Next up was Blue OG, one of my personal favorite OGs thanks to its extra strong pain relieving properties. Other than the standard dank OG smells, what really made Green Leaf’s Blue OG stand out was the outrageous number of trichomes. Anastasiia had me take a peek under the magnifying glass, and it looked like someone had poured the remains of a sugary cereal bag over the top; In other words, it was extremely crystally. Last up, I took a peek at their Blackkarma Chem. This is a great looking strain graced in an extravagant deep purple, worthy of its royally dank smell. It’s one of those strains which you just can’t stop looking at.

Sadly, as much as I wanted to keep Green Leaflooking at the Blackkarma Chem, I knew I needed to move on to their massive selection of concentrates. With over 20 different strain-specific waxes and a half dozen different shatters, this is a truly formidable selection of extracts. Anastasiia grabbed a few out of the fridge for me to peruse. I love it when my concentrates still have a nice strong scent, and my first few sample smells at Green Leaf were extra odiferous. As Anastasiia explained, all of their extracts are produced with nug-run by Dabble, which is surely a contributing factor to the remarkable terpene character still present in them. I finished off my wax tour with one of the patient’s favorites, Mob Boss wax. This wax could write the book on what wax should look and smell like. It’s a perfectly flakey, crisp pale yellow wax, just what the doctor ordered. Just wait, it gets even better. Depending on the strain, you can bring home a gram of their wax for $20 out the door – tasty right? I also took a peek at some of their shatters, and the one that stood out to me was their Super Sour Diesel. Although not as pale yellow as their waxes, their Super Sour Diesel shatter was exceptionally translucent, and clear of imperfections. If you are a fan of smoking out of vape pens, I would highly recommend visiting Green Leaf. With wax and leaf burning pen kits including a case, two chargers, a dab stick and three extra atomizers for as cheap as $50, Green Leafyou can get just the right pen to suit your needs. What’s even better is that Green Leaf sells all the components for their pens individually, so you can mix and match, and replace any parts of you pen as needed. If you prefer to use pens with disposable cartridges, they carry universally-threaded 300mg Infinite Infusion cartridges in several different strains. Besides the fact that they are strain-specific, it’s also good to know that they were produced using Green Leaf’s organic harvest.

Next, I took a peek at their edibles and glass selection. Although Green Leaf doesn’t have the largest edible selection, they do have a diverse enough selection that there should be something for everyone. If you like the basics, you can grab Cheeba Chews, Blue Kudus, or Green Hornets. They also carry a couple of options from The Growing Kitchen and Canyon Cultivations. If you want gummies or baked goods, they carry Wana’s gummy candies and chocolate chip brownies. As I was looking at their edibles, my gaze wandered up to a row of large dab rigs along their top shelf, each with a great looking titanium nail, and some extremely robust looking glass. I asked Anastasiia how much they were, assuming they would be several hundred dollars. They were all around the $150 range, which is phenomenal considering some of them had multiple honeycomb percolators, and all of them came with a titanium nail. Impressed by their dab rigs, I looked down to the glass on their shelf only to find one pipe and a chillum. Then, just like magGreen Leafic, Green Leaf’s owner, Brandon, showed up bearing a box full of new pipes for their shelves. Anastasiia apparently is just too good at selling pipes, and had cleared out their selection over the weekend.

I rounded up my visit by checking out a few of the daily deals that are offered at Green Leaf. For starters, if you show up on a Monday you can choose from several different strains and snag yourself an ounce for only $135 out the door. On Wednesdays, it’s $10 dollars off all wax. This means you can grab some of their amazing looking wax for next to nothing. If you’re feeling adventurous, swing by on a Saturday when there is a different deal every week. If you’ve found that concentrates are the ideal way to treat you symptoms, I would highly recommend stopping by Green Leaf to check out their wax selection. It’s some amazing looking stuff, and the price is extremely competitive. Even if you’re not a fan of concentrates, with Green Leaf’s large selection of strains I’m sure that you will find the product that is just right for you.

If you get an opportunity to visit Green Leaf of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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