Green Man Cannabis | Review : Denver

Green Man Cannabis | Review : Denver
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Business is booming. The marijuana industry is growing at an exponential rate, and the dispensaries that have earned the most accolades and provided the best service are starting to expand to secondary locations. As with any dispensary trying to expand into new locations, maintaining financial stability during the process is the hardest part. Like a mythical cannabis hydra sprouting new heads, the first needs to supply sustenance, while the new one grows. This is the way of things, or at least so I thought, until I ran into Green Man Cannabis’ secondary location, where they have, quite cleverly, conceived a way to have their cake and eat it too. By setting up a temporary structure where their permanent location will eventually be, they have in essence given their hydra’s second head a set of teeth while it grows. Contrary to what I would have guessed by looking at its minute size, the metaphorical teeth on this temporary location are quite robust. Nestled into a small nook along the North side of Hampden, in front of what will be its future store front, Green Man’s temporary medical only trailer proves the old adage, “it’s not the size that matters, it’s how you use it.”

I’ll admit to being slightly confused when I drove down the street and encountered Green Man Cannabis’ makeshift dispensary set up next to the gas station. On initial inspection, it almost looked like it might be a drive through spot reminiscent to a coffee shop. I can see it now: “Hello sir you ordered an eighth and a pre-roll. You need a Green Man Cannabis Denverdrink holder with that?” Escaping my flash of prescience, I found a spot in their small parking lot, which will be much larger after the temporary building is moved, and walked into their little emerald shack of healing magic. Just inside the door I was greeted by Lindsay in the miniaturized version of a standard dispensary. After filling out a very brief information page, I was welcomed back into a narrow bud room that was simply packed full of cannabis. Roughly 20 different strains sat in the line-up, just waiting to be picked out by a discerning patient.

Lindsay, most graciously, grabbed a few jars from behind the glass so that I might bury my face in them for a short while. Now, it’s not every day that I get the chance to savor the smells of award winning marijuana, but on my visit to Green Man I had the pleasure of smelling three prize winners. First was the Ghost Train Haze. This sativa won first place in the 2014 U.S. Cannabis Cup in the sativa category. Only one look and a whiff, and it was easy to see why it’s a prize winner. Dank, Sticky, 25% THC, and practically white colored due to its outrageous level of trichomes, this piney fresh strain would even make Eeyore smile. Second was the middle of the road hybrid, Skunk Berry. Skunk Berry won first place in the 2012 Denver Medical Cannabis Cup’s hybrid category. True to its name it emits a lovely skunky odor which was balanced by the delicate earthy notes indicative of soil grown marijuana. Delicate sage colored leaves with sparse pale orange hairs grace this strain with an air of sophistication. A truly classy and refined strain best Green Man Cannabis Denversmoked with a glass of fine cognac while wearing a smoking jacket in your study. Third is their Hells OG Indica, which last tested at 29.34% THC and 34.64% total cannabinoids (mind blowing) and looks and smells like an award winning pain reliever if I’ve ever seen one. And an award winner it is, having taken second place in the Colorado Cup in 2012. Just because their other strains haven’t been recognized as award winners doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve awards. The smell of their indica dominant Cherry Pie was so pungent and robust that Marie Callender herself would be jealous. Their grow of the ever popular Girl Scout Cookies is a Cherry Pie dominant phenome, that is simply one of the prettiest looking strains I’ve ever seen.

As Lindsay started placing the jars back in their respective shelf spots, I started to peruse some of Green Man Cannabis’ other medical marijuana opportunities. A few strain specific pre-rolls sat high up on a shelf behind the counter, all one gram and all ready to suit your medical needs. Next to them, affixed to the wall, was a formidable selection of extracts and edibles. Their shatter is produced for them by TerpX and their budder is made by tclabs, sure to provide patients with a refreshing mental enema, unrivaled pain relief, and the desire to eat and entire tube of cookie dough. Speaking of cookie dough, if you have a penchant for sweets, Green Man Cannabis has yoGreen Man Cannabis Denveru covered. Dabba, Wana, Blue Kudus, Medibles, Dixie, Edipure, IncrEdible, Cheeba Chew, Bhang Bar, and Canyon Cultivation products all hang on the back wall ready to satiate your sweet tooth and treat your ailments. Keef Colas adorned their small refrigerator’s shelves, for those of us who would rather drink our medicine than eat it. If transdermal applications work best for you, pick up a lotion from Apothecanna or try some THC Medicated Extreme Relief Salve if you like a little bit of tingle in your topical.

If you’re a vape pen user, Green Man has your basics. Although they don’t have a massive selection of different vape pens, they do carry a full line of O.pen cartridges as well as a few strain specific cartridges in both 250 and 500 milligram. The opposite wall from their bud counter is their miniature accessory station with a small selection of glass pipes, filters, containers, and dabbing accessories. Lindsay pointed out their awesome ash trays as well, which are equipped with a metal spike in the center to make cleaning out your nasty old bowls a breeze. Don’t worry,Green Man Cannabis Denver they come with a rubber cap to affix over the spike so you don’t end up impaling yourself on a resin encrusted nail. Besides smoking implements this shelf also had a wonderful selection of Green Man Cannabis merchandise, including some awesome hats and shirts with their phenomenal logo and their award winning strains.

I’ll admit to being impressed at how much minty goodness they packed into one small structure. While the space was pretty cramped, I never felt claustrophobic even though I’m a big guy. They’ve done a great job keeping the space open enough while still having it chock-full of product. If you are a red (or purple) card holder south of Denver, and have the desire to snag yourself some award winning strains, seek out Green Man Cannabis’ Hampden location. I have no doubt that soon enough their trailer will move on to the next location and provide herbal healing power to patients while their next storefront is established. Get ready Hercules, you’ve got a minty green hydra to encounter. If you bring some cash you’ll be rewarded with some Cannabis Cup winning medical ambrosia, courtesy of Green Man Cannabis.

If you get an opportunity to visit Green Man Cannabis of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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