Green Mountain Care | Review : Littleton

Green Mountain Care | Review : Littleton
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I think I can safely say that anyone who has found their way to Dope Directory is a fan of delicious tasting Colorado marijuana. Having traveled around to a bounty of different dispensaries in the state, and of course having sampled their fine wares, I feel that I’ve formed a pretty decent pallet for discerning the genetics of most strains. One of the biggest contributing factors to flavor and quality, in my opinion, is the method in which the crops are grown and cured. Not to sound extremely pretentious, but I must admit that the majority of the best strains I’ve smoked in this state have been soil grown, and in most cases organic. That’s not to say that hydro grows can’t be phenomenal as well, but in the past I’ve experienced several dispensaries that grow all their hydroponics using the same water system, which rends a vaguely similar smell and taste to every different strain that they offer on the shelf. Improper curing in close proximity to other strains can also taint the unique bouquets of the individual varieties. The marijuana from grow operations like this may still have great medicinal values, but often times the flavors of their strains meld into one boring “tastes like weed” variety. This is a type of control that many people overlook because the industry is still relatively young. If you ask me half the fun of living in Colorado in this day and age is being able to sample a large variety different strains. I mean I for one would be irked if my fancy craft beer tasted like every other beer on the shelf. As more information comes out stating how terpenes (the organic compounds responsible for smell and flavor in marijuana plants) have a direct and instant effect on the cannabis user’s brain, it’s becoming clear that controlling the unique smell and flavor characteristics of certain strains can be extremely beneficial for medical patients. In other words, even the smell of a strain that has helped a cancer patient bolster their appetite can have an immediate effect on their brain and manifest the desire to eat, without eGreen Mountain Careven having to light a flame. It’s because of these factors that I’m always pleased to visit a dispensary that puts the quality of their buds above all else. During my visit to Green Mountain Care in Littleton, I found just what I like to see in a medical-only buds, control.

Located just a short jaunt north of Main Street, Green Mountain Care is in a rather humble looking converted house along Prince Street. I took a moment outside to appreciate the crisp invigorating winter air, and stepped up to the front door and rang the bell for entry. I was greeted at the door by Jon, who welcomed me in and had me fill out the briefest paperwork I’ve ever encountered at a medical dispensary, consisting of my name, the date, and a signature. I took a seat on their massive body-encompassing couch for a spell and perused the bowl of jolly ranchers on the table while I waited for a couple of patients to finish their transactions. My time came and I walked back to their small bud room and met Justin, who along with Jon, started to show me what puts the “green” in Green Mountain Care’s all organic soil-grown marijuana. I started out by whiffing a classic, Golden Goat. This is an insanely popular strain, and I can personally say I’ve smelled, seen, and smoked a bunch of different incarnations of this genetic, and Green Mountain Care’s looked and smelled like one of the best. TGreen Mountain Carehis may be the goat you’ve been waiting for, covered in the obligatory dense coat of orange hairs that helped it earn its name, the pungent skunkiness and the mellow sweetness of its lineage blend together harmoniously in this outrageously dense grow. Next I took a look and a smell of Silver Pearl. This sativa dominant strain is packed full of THC and CBD, making it an ideal pain killer along with a little THC provided pep. Just as I’ve come to expect from organic soil grown crops, the Silver Pearl had its own unique minty skunk smell.

Green Mountain Care also carried a respectable selection of different concentrates produced with their organic buds. Their wax flake from Epic Extracts and the sativa wax blends from Mahatma both looked delectably dab-ready. BHO hybrid syringes made an appearance on the scene along with some amazing looking nug-run shatter produced by Venom. If you are a new medical marijuana card holder and still don’t have any way to smoke your new prescription, Green Mountain Care Green Mountain Carehas several choices in smoking devices. They carried what looked like the full line-up from IPuff along with a modest selection of pipes. You can also pick up cartridges from RemPen in both 250mg and 500mg. If you’re looking for topical options, look no farther. With a fully stocked supply of Mary Jane’s lotions and a good selection of transdermal patches and pens from Mary’s Medicinals, your painful bumps and bruises are sure to become a thing of the past.

Last but not least, Jon and Justin showed me their edible options. Other than the standards from IncrEdible, Cheeba Chew, Green Hornet, Dabba, Canna Punch, The Growing Kitchen, and Edipure, Green Mountain Care also carries a few edibles that are, dare I say, a little more unique. One item in particular that caught my eye was a Nutter Butter equivalent made by Edipure. I’m used to only seeing gummy candies produced by Edipure, but Justin could personally vouch that the little peanut shaped cookies not only tasted phenomenal, but hit the spot medically as well. Another great product on their shelf that’s becoming an instantGreen Mountain Care classic are the Suck It candies from Canyon Cultivations. These candies are becoming a big hit due to their reliably consistent THC content and, of course, amazing fruity flavors.

If you’re a medical card holder and either live in the Littleton area, or are in the neck of the woods for a visit, swing by Green Mountain Care and snag yourself some amazing organic marijuana. If you want a little bit of memorabilia (other than the marijuana) from your visit grab one of their awesome shirts, after all the holidays are coming! To be honest, I can’t help but feel that it’s mostly about the buds at Green Mountain Care, which in my opinion is what it should be all about. Any marijuana based product starts with a seed, and if you care for that seed, and care about the final product you’re going to get superior buds and concentrates to sell your patients.

If you get an opportunity to visit Green Mountain Care of Littleton, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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