Headquarters Cannabis Company | Review : Boulder

Headquarters Cannabis Company | Review : Boulder
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Unless you’re talking about injuries you’ve sustained, or diseases you’ve contracted, or parking tickets you have to pay, having something “new” is always an exciting feeling. I remember right out of college, I felt like I was a hotshot with a sweet job, so I had to buy a new car. Mind you, I couldn’t afford a new car, but just the feeling of having something that only a handful of Japanese car manufacturers have touched made me giddy with excitement. The brand new purr of the Scion engine, the smell of melting plastic that we all know as “new car smell” all combined to make Max a very happy lad (and then a very broke lad minutes later). It’s an exciting time for Headquarters Cannabis Company, one of Boulder’s newest spots to procure cannabis. In some realms, their selections are lacking, but they more than make up for it with their delectable buds and concentrates.

Headquarters Cannabis Company is a brand new dispensary that opened up for medical sales in the end of May, 2014. About a month after their initial opening, the spot converted entirely to recreational sales. I must admit, getting to the dispensary was an adventure all on its own. It’s located on the western end of Canyon Boulevard in Boulder, right before you make the winding trek up the canyon to Nederland. I drove right past it the first time, and after swearing to myself, and after turning around using the Justice Center’s parking lot, I eventually found the correct parking spots. Now, Headquarters only has two open spots, and one handicap spot, so parking could very well be a nightmare on the weekend. I chose to park about a block away, and walk up Headquarters Cannabis Co Boulderthe alleyway. The entrance to the dispensary is clean, and smelled very distinctly of a new building: clean, white paint for the walls, and the familiar scent of freshly laid wood flooring. After a short wait in the front, Kristin, the store’s general manager, checked me in, and welcomed me into the product room.

The dispensary is a recreational facility, but you might not know it from their incredibly affordable pricing scheme. Headquarters specializes in small batch, organic grows that are priced mainly by their availability and their potency. At the very top of the list was their THC-rich strains, including The White. This indica-heavy baby, according to their CannLabs test results, came in at a paralysis-inducing 31% THC. While I do not know exactly why the strain is called “The White,” my best guess would be because it looked like a powdered doughnut by all the trichomes that covered the plump and healthy buds. Being on the top shelf, the strain was a bit pricey, coming in at $18/gram, but 31% THC is something that cannabis enthusiasts might delightfully pay. I picked up a small bit of the Black Cherry Soda, which tested at a blistering 27% THC. What drew me to the strain was its distinctive smell and taste. Taking in a huge whiff of the buds in the jar brought me back to sitting in a New York-styled deli, taking a sizable swig of Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry soda. The taste is also comparable to that obscure soda. With notes of black licorice and cream soda, the smoke is smooth and flavorful. With strains like this, it’s pretty easy to forget you’re smoking cannabis; that is, until the indica traits in the strain sent me straight to Sleepy Time Station. At the other end of the spectrum, for those who want to save a little cash, The Headquarters has recently introduced its House Specials, which can be yours for $28/eighth. Now, anyone who shops recreationally will know that this price is absurdly affordable. And don’t think that these Headquarters Cannabis Co Boulderstrains are merely the failed grows of the dispensary. The strains at this level are plenty potent, but do lack the jar appeal of the higher-tiered buds.

If concentrates and extracts are more your speed, Headquarters has a few options for you to take in. First, they make their own bubble hash, which is something that you don’t see often enough in dispensaries. A gram of the stuff can be yours for only $30, or a second pull for only $20. Yeah, a gram of bubble hash for twenty dollars recreational. In the jar, these guys looked more like Nilla Wafers than congealed trichomes, but just as delicious. The dispensary also has several different shatter and wax offerings from The Lab, Colorado Concentrates, Green Dot, and Growing Kitchen.

Headquarters also has a decent selection of edibles that you cannot even get recreationally in some other spots. Stores that convert from medical dispensaries to recreational are allowed a one-time transfer of their stock. Because this transfer happened fairly recently for Headquarters in Boulder, recreational cannabis users should rejoice, and jump on this opportunity to pick up some Cheeba Chews: a product that is simply unavailable in other recreational stores. For other chewy treats that pack a punch, look at the gummies from Green Hornet, which come in sativa-dominant, indica-dominant, and hybrid varieties. Each gummy has 70mg of THC each, so it might not be the best idea to pick up one of these bad boys on your first day with edible cannabis. For you, dear newbie, I would humbly recommend the Rookie Cookie by The Growing Kitchen (hey, I prefer these lighter doses myself).

For those of you looking for a piece to smoke out of, Head