Healing House | Review : Denver

Healing House | Review : Denver
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It’s no secret that I’m bad at golf. This, like the many other things I’m bad at, doesn’t stop me from doing it. The Harvard Gulch Golf Course was always a good choice since it includes a 9 hole, par three course. I like par 3 courses; they make me feel like I’m not as bad as I actually am since I’m sometimes able to attain par every few holes. It wasn’t until college I discovered that golfing with the aid of certain green plant matter wouldn’t get me more birdies or eagles, but would get me as high as said birdies and eagles. Conveniently, just a few blocks away from Harvard Gulch is the dispensary equivalent of a hole in one. Healing House is a lovely spot located right off of Downing Street in a charming old neighborhood. It is close to DU as well, sans the cacophony of the campus. If you just want to come and get some products to enjoy back in the comfort of your home, maybe enjoy some Indian food across the street, or if you are in the mood to make a fool of yourself at the golf course, Healing House should be your first stop.

I was greeted at the door by Muppet (funny and friendly, but not stuffed with foam or manipulated by an unseen hand in his back end). He welcomed me in and walked me over to the good stuff where I met Brooke and Katie, Healing House Denvermy budtenders. This was an extremely fun and laid back environment. While Katie proved her ability to “mash potato” and “do the twist,” Brooke started giving me the rundown on their selection. I was informed right away that they were awaiting a new batch of buds, so their selection was currently smaller than normal. There were still over a dozen different strains, which I would hardly call a meager selection. I started to burry my face in some scrumptious jars presented before me. Juicy Fruit, NYC Diesel, and Super OG. Then following my hearts calling I moved on to the Sci-fi themed buds and took a healthy whiff of some Death Star and some Jedi Kush, only disheartened for a minute that there were no Star Trek themed options.

What sets Healing House apart? First off, the weed produced for their location is all organically grown and doesn’t use pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. If smoking pesticides doesn’t sounds like a good time toHealing House Denver you, this is just what you want; crisp, fresh, and local minty goodness right off the plant and straight into your lungs. Even more exciting, they produce their own wax and thick pre-activated hash oil syringes, ready to take a dive into your morning coffee or perchance freshen up your favorite soda with a blast of good old green power. Brooke pointed out the $10 (pretax) joints and mentioned the difficulty of keeping them in stock. It was clear to see why when I saw they were Groucho Marx cigar sized. I was quickly becoming enamored with this dispensary.

Traveling farther down the counter, I saw that the story carries the O.pen and all the cartridge refills you will ever need. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any more exciting, Brooke showed me their own proprietary version of the O.pen that is made especially for them and their medicinal sister store in Lakewood. That’s right, marijuana-Hephaestus himself deemed this location worthy of forging, with his minty green hammer of herbal wellness, a special vape pen worthy of the gods. Already thrilled by this concept Brooke then mentioned that they don’t use Propylene glycol in their cartridges, and instead use fresh coconut oil. Besides being easier to pronounce, coconut oil has the added benefit being all natural and, along with their organically grown weed, might be that smoking experience that you’ve been waitinHealing House Denverg for. Described as smooth and refreshing to smoke, the concept was so alluring, I’m planning on coming back in my free time to investigate their vape pens myself. They are soon going to stock extremely high THC content cartridges available only medically at first but should be available recreationally in time.

In the edible department, they have all the basics from other companies including: Dixie, Loves Oven, Mountain Medicine, Boulder bars, and Edipure: pretty much every edible you would ever need to get the job done. They also stock a selection of topical sprays and patches, available for recreational use to help out with those aches and cramps we all get. Another location that proves they are strong advocates of marijuana’s medicinal power and the potential that it can have for people who don’t have red cards. In the smoking device department the selection isn’t massive, but the price is right from their chillums to their sherlocks. I was particularly fond of the locally made Colorado flag pipes.

If that all wasn’t enough to make your next dispensary visit to Healing House, they also offer deals tha