Herbal Alternatives New Broadsterdam | Review : Denver

Herbal Alternatives New Broadsterdam | Review : Denver
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Many dispensary nomads, like myself, have experienced how dry and bland some dispensaries can be. While their products may not be dry or bland, the atmosphere is sterile and the experience is as dull as the off-white paint on the walls. Maybe there is a couch and a houseplant, but it still has the feel of going to the dentist. The little glass window bears an individual who seems more interested in the dirt under their fingernails than helping you acquire the verdant bliss you desire. The cookie cutter falls again and again, providing a plethora of off-the-shelf dispensaries riddled with mediocrity. If you have fallen victim to too many experiences like this, I would recommend you break the mold and find your way to Herbal Alternatives New Broadsterdam and add a hint of clogs, windmills, tulips, and of course, abundant herbal opportunities to you next dispensary experience.

It was a beautiful, sunny Monday morning when I set my sights for New Broadsterdam. After I found a spot to park on the street a short walk away, and passed the head shop next door, I entered into possibly the warmest-feeling dispensary waiting area I’ve ever been in. For a moment, I thought I was in the wrong place, and instead had found my way into a quaint little tea house. The appeal of the waiting room didn’t just stop at the impeccably furnished seating areas and pictures of windmills on the walls. In the center of the room was an old Herbal Alternatives New Broadsterdam DenverColorado Springs police motorcycle adorned with a t-shirt reading: “fully medicated.” Directly behind it was their main smoking implement and merchandise booth. Beyond your standard glass pipes, they also had a selection of eclectic antler, horn, and resin molded smoking devices. A truly unique selection of pipes is what gives this place an edge. If you want a little bit of Colorado that you can legally bring back on the plane with you, the wonderful selection of t-shirts would make this location a wonderful first stop on your Colorado weed tour.

After exchanging common ID related formalities at the front desk, I passed by the motorcycle and stepped up to the recreational counter. I was greeted by Katie and Rexi who proceeded to give me the lowdown on the herbal selections at New Broadsterdam. They carry a medium size selection of buds around 8-15 strains. All of the buds are pre-weighed for convenience, and the top counter had little sample jars of each weed, including precious little hand written labels. The hand written board behind the counter also listed some of the basic information on strains. Although the selection wasn’t huge, there was a great deal of diversity, including a house specific strain “Cedella Marley” named after Bob Marley’s daughter. After indulging in a few delightful whiffs, I moved my eye to the edible options.

I assumed after seeing the moderateHerbal Alternatives New Broadsterdam Denver selection of strains that there wouldn’t be a huge amount of options as far as edibles go; however, I was mistaken. They had a massive selection of edibles including several items I hadn’t even seen before. Edibles included products from: Loves Oven, Blue Kudu, Cannapunch, Stix, Edipure, Incredibles, Full Melt, Suck It, Aces Wild, and Dixie. Beyond just having the products, Katie and Rexi seemed to have tried them all and knew what was best. The rec side also had several patches to choose from, and cannabis extract capsules perfect for treating your minor aches and pains. This was turning out to be one of the friendliest weed dispensary experiences I’ve ever had. To finish my experience on the selling floor, I took a peak at their concentrates and medicinal counter.

At the time, Mahatma wax was in stock, but Rexi did mention that even though they always will have a wax selection, it may not always be from Mahatma. They also carried a few vape pen options including the ever popular O.pen, and the rarer NEOS vape pen as well as some basic pre-loaded disposable pens. The recreational counter was very well stocked overall, and is sure to bring that euphoric brain tickle to all of its customers. The Medicinal counter had most of the same options as the recreational side with several more topical options. What sets their medicinal side apart is the fabulous prize wheel. If you’re a first time medical customer or the first medical customer of the day, you get to take a spin on the wheel and soak up the savings.

It’s clear to see that there is a lot that sets Herbal Alternatives New Broadsterdam apart from the various slew of other dispensaries along Broadway. The waiting area is unique and welcoming, and Herbal Alternatives New Broadsterdam Denverfeels almost like my grandma’s house (if my grandmother sold amazing chronic). Everything from the old police bike in front to the map in back, loaded with pins marking the home cities and countries of the various patrons, adds to the charm of this dispensary. The staff is fun, friendly, and knowledgeable, making this location a must see for any pot tourists, or locals who are sick of the sterile humdrum routine of many dispensaries. Lastly, I must mention my favorite part of the whole experience. Their mascot isn’t an animal or person dressed in a horrifying
foam shell, but a proud and beautiful weed plant. She grows right by the entrance to the main counters in a reclaimed toilet, where she soaks up the heat from the lamp and the love of all the patrons that make her acquaintance. After every time she comes to maturity she is then harvest and sold as a special in-house grown masterpiece. The time is right to find your special clogs you save for going out on the town. Put em’ on, clip-clop your way down the road and find your way to Herbal Alternatives New Broadsterdam.#JessetheGrove





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