Herban Medicinals | Review : Denver

Herban Medicinals | Review : Denver
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If you’re a newcomer to the wonderful world medical marijuana and have just gotten your red (or purple) card and are ready to start exploring, you may have already noticed that there are literally thousands of strains out there to choose from. Besides having different aesthetics, flavors, and effects, the names of many of these strains are one of my favorite parts. As I was writing up a review last week, my girlfriend couldn’t help but notice how much the different strains sounded like racing horse names. Can you picture it now? “We’ve got Galactic Jack in the lead, followed by Sensi Star, and wait! What’s this? We’ve got Cinderella 99 rounding the corner and taking the lead!” Perfectly interchangeable names right? If someone decided to name their strains off of Kentucky Derby winners, who wouldn’t want to smoke some California Chrome, Street Sense, or Smarty Jones? I recently encountered some amazing and wonderfully named strains at Herban Medicinals, located across from Punch Bowl Social off of Broadway. In the race for the best buds, if the strains at the Herban Medicinals were horses,
they wouldn’t be limping to the barn.

I found a nice parking spot along the Herban Medicinalsstreet and obliged the meter by paying it. First thing I took note of when entering was just how classy, clean, and professional feeling the building complex is. I followed the signs guiding me in and went down the stairs to find myself right at the entry window to Herban Medicinals. This is one swanky looking place! Their front check-in window is right in the center of it all, basking in the warm glow of grow lights from their spectacular looking marijuana plants. Caroline and Andriea greeted me at the window, buzzed me through the door, and had me fill out the shortest bit of paper work I think I’ve ever encountered at any medical dispensary. I don’t know if it was just their attitude, the awesome paintings by Alex Grey on the walls, or maybe just the radiant mini-field of marijuana at the back of the dispensary, but I never thought a basement location could feel this warm and welcoming. Unlike many other basement locations I’ve been to, Herban Medicinals is also wheelchair accessible thanks to an elevator that exits right at the front window, giving it what Caroline called “a secret agent feel,” which I completely agree with.

We sauntered over to the bud table Herban Medicinalsand Caroline gave me the rundown on how Herban Medicinals works. All of their strains are coco grown in-house and every jar comes with a tag listing genetics, percentage of indica vs sativa, and recommendations for medical use. I also love that you can see large number of their plants growing right next to you when you’re checking out. It’s like a restaurant where you can see into the kitchen; you know that your products are in a safe, clean environment before they get served up to you. With roughly 12-20 strains to choose from at any given time, there is no lack of selection at Herban Medicinals. Caroline started out by showing me their Double Durban. This 95% sativa is a combination of their Durban-Jilly Bean strain and classic Durban, bred into one super strain that’s been noted in Culture Magazine and on Westword’s top 10 strains. The smell of this strain hits your nostrils like a Mack truck loaded with sugar. I can see why it’s received such high praise. The next two strains share the same genetics, but came out as two unique strains with different colors, smells, density, hairs, and trichome concentrations. Both CoSMonaut and Moonwalker are the combination of Pineapple Express mixed with Bubblegum-Jilly Bean, and while both of these 50/50 hybrid strains share a genetic lineage, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at and smelling them. The CoSMonaut has a lighter and sweeter scent while the Moonwalker has a bold, almost buttery smell to Herban Medicinalscomplement its formidable 26% THC content. The Moonwalker also has some deep purple colors in its buds, while the CoSMonaut takes on softer green hue thanks to its bountiful trichomes. I was fortunate enough to bring home a little bit of the CoSMonaut to try for myself. When smoked it gives of a very unique berry-esque flavor and has an immediate head high, which is undeniably powerful yet soothing at the same time. Just the type of high I would like to feel from a 50/50 blend like this.

They also have a good selection of strain-specific hand-rolled joints which Caroline and Andriea are usually responsible for making. I myself tried out a joint of their Bubbly, which is a mix of Durban-Jilly Bean and Bubblegum. I’m not sure if it was the quality of the strain or just the tender lovin’ care put into making it, but this was one of the tastiest joints I’ve ever smoked. Although the high I felt wasn’t incredible long lived, I can say if it hits you like it hit me, this strain would be perfect for someone suffering from depression or loss of appetite. If you like your classic strains, Herban Medicinals still carries some Colorado staples, including some high CBD strains that are ideal for pain relief. Have a green thumb? You can pick up clones as well and try to grow some of their Herban Medicinalsamazing genetics right in your own home.

Moving on, Caroline showed me a few of their concentrates and smoking devices. They had a mid-size selection of strain specific shatters produced with their products by Epic Extracts. These were some pretty good looking shatters; they were both clear and still aromatic, telling me that the terpene character was saved during the extraction process. As far as smoking devices go, Herban Medicinals carries a few little pipes and some small dab rigs. They also carry Atmos and C-Vape vape pens. Caroline mentioned that they are right between two head shops, which tend to fulfill all the smoking device needs in the area.

If you’re an edible enthusiast, Herban Medicinals had a mid-size selection of edibles. While their selection was not overwhelming, they do carry some of the best and most consistent products on the market including IncrEdibles, Cheeba Chew, Edipure, and Sweet Grass. They also have the full line of edibles from Mountain Medicine and lollipops from Mountain High Suckers (one of my all-time favorHerban Medicinalsites). If you would prefer to not imbibe your cannabinoids, they also carry patches from Mary’s Medicinals, lotions from Apothecanna, and Balms from Dixie.

The building that Herban Medicinals is located in is pretty much a total health center, with osteopathic solution centers upstairs, a full loaded apothecary on the ground floor, and a dispensary in the basement, this stop on Broadway is sure to cure what ails you. Herban Medicinals isn’t a one trick pony; with a diverse selection, this exceptionally welcoming medicinal marijuana venue perfectly combines professionalism and compassion. Not to beat a dead horse, but honestly, if my parking meter wasn’t about to run dry I could have easily spent the better part of a day down there talking to Caroline and Andriea about the industry. Now it’s your turn to head over to Herban Medicinals and place your bets while the horses take the starting line. Who will it be this time? Double Durban, White Urkel, or maybe Golden Goat winning by just a hair. Don’t be afraid to ask a budtender for advice and they can surely pick a winning strain that helps you out with your medical needs and you heard that straight from the horse’s mouth

If you get an opportunity to visit Herban Medicinals of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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