High Country Healing | Review : Silverthorne, CO

High Country Healing | Review : Silverthorne, CO
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Everyone has their own criteria for finding a dispensary that best suits their needs. For many out there, the only thing that really matters is finding quality product. Some patrons and patients only have the desire to sate their cannabis needs in the most frugal way possible. Others care more about the ambiance and the people that work at the dispensary. With such a massive list of criteria for creating a perfect venue, it’s no wonder that so many dispensaries have popped up over the last year and a half, and that so many are still thriving by fulfilling the separate industry niches that have arisen. While many dispensaries seem to latch on to a certain aspect that their clientele and patients have appreciated, a rare few attempt to go above and beyond and attempt to meet all of these needs in one super-swanky package. High Country Healing, a medicinal and recreational marijuana dispensary in Silverthorne, Colorado is one such location. High Country Healing’s location right off of Interstate 70 and right in the heart of Summit County has drawn a unique attendance of recreational and medicinal visitors, and shaped it into the extremely versatile location that it is today.

My visit to High Country Healing High Country Healingcame on a particularly hot day down in Denver, so it was a real delight to escape the heat for a little bit of cool mountain air. Besides offering a few parking spots in front of the dispensary, the back end bumps up with a massive free city parking lot, so finding a spot was a breeze. After parking I simply followed the signs up the stairs (there is an elevator as well) and through the mural laden hallways to the front door of High Country Healing. The walls were covered in art depicting a huge variety of different strains, from Grape Ape to Skywalker. The main lobby was also loaded with various merchandise and glass. Everything from cheap toke-n-toss glass pipes up to extravagant locally-crafted dab rigs have a place on their shelves. Their merchandise also had some really fun options ranging from precious little marijuana nugget lapel pins to high quality Frisbee golf discs. I did need to fill out a little bit of legal paperwork in order to visit their medical side, so I took a seat in their lobby High Country Healingand put pen to paper. Just as I finished up my brief legal document, one of the recreational customers couldn’t help but mention he’d “been to all the dispensaries in Summit County, and this one is the best.” Alright, now I was really excited.

I started my visit on the recreational side with Zack, Joe, and Michelle. Zack gave me the run-down on how their buds are grown. At High Country Healing, all of their buds are cultivated using an organic soil-grown process. All of their plants are hand-watered and hand-trimmed. The plants are treated to round the clock tunes, which some studies have shown can greatly benefit the health of the plants. They’re doing something right; based off test results from Gobi Analytical and the Trichome Institute, High Country Healing has some of the highest terpene contents they’ve ever seen. Since terpenes are the proteins responsible for scent and flavor, and have recently been found to work in concert with active cannabinoids such as THC, I knew I was in store for some amazing chronic. Zack and Michelle grabbed some jars from off the shelf and started out by showingHigh Country Healing me a few of the crowd favorite strains. We started with Summit Sweet Skunk (SSS). SSS is a sativa dominant strain with a fairly nebulous background. Zack informed me that they literally found the seed after it had been sitting around for nearly a decade, and they started growing it. The end result was a strain that smells sweet and makes you feel stoned, playful, and all around happy. As Michelle mentioned, “this strain always makes [her] giggle.” Next, Zack pulled out his personal favorite, the Kosher Kush. The smell was extremely earthy and fresh, and reminded me of walking into a fresh veggie garden. Zack explained in just a few words exactly how powerful the body high from Kosher Kush is: “you smoke it, and then you are the couch.” So only try this strain out if you’re really ok with melting into your furniture for the evening. I’ll finish by mentioning the Grape Ape. High Country Healing’s Grape Ape has already been in the spotlight in High Times magazines center-fold spot, and it’s easy to see why. These buds only had a semblance of the familiar green we all think of as cannabis and instead were dark purple and coated in dark reddish-orange hairs. The smell was extremely sweet and also a delightfully grapeHigh Country Healingy thanks to their terpene mastery. I also must throw out an honorable mention to their Durban Poison, Chemdawg #4, Golden Goat, and Cannatonic. Finishing off the bud tour, Zack also showed me their large selection of pre-rolls, made with all nuggets, none of those crummy “sweet leaf” joints that many places try to swing you. Even more amusing, they also sell mini-joints; precious little inch long joints, with a tiny filter that are perfect for a quick fix.

Next we moved on to their concentrates, edibles, and topicals. During my visit, their recreational side had 16 different shatters, 9 waxes, activated oil, and marijuana caviar to choose from. What really sets their extractions apart from other dispensaries is the fact that they only send in nuggets to produce their concentrates. With all nug-run concentrates blasted by Tclabs and 710 Labs, the trichomes really shine at High Country Healing, and I can’t say I’ve really run into any more odiferous extracts in my travels. If you’re a vape pen user, they do carry several different options including refills for O.pen. Their edible selection was very incluHigh Country Healingsive and had options from Love’s Oven, Kief Kola, Cannapunch, Sweet Grass, Ganjala, Alpine Wellness, Wana, Mountain High, IncrEdibles, and Tincture Bell. In the topical section, they had salves and patches from Mary’s Medicinals and Mary Jane’s.

I finished my visit by swinging by the medicinal side to peek at their options. During my visit they were currently in the process of switching all of their medicinal grow over to the same growers as their recreational grow, but in the mean-time still carried all-organic cannabis. Their concentrate selection on the medical side, while not larger in quantity, was a little more varied, including cooking hash, live resin, and solvent-less nug-run hash. There were also a few additional edible options including Medibles Tea, Dabba, Cheeba Chews, and Mountain Man.

I took a little more time to admire theHigh Country Healing murals on the wall, which Zack informed me were all done by Drake “Drastik” Gann, a local tattoo artist from Colorado Springs. Pulling myself away from my favorite mural (Bruce Banner transforming into The Hulk), I said farewell to High Country Healing. I’m always impressed when I come upon a spot that so tactfully walks the line between mom-and-pop store and cannabis super market. The folks at High Country Healing really have everything down pat, from the extremely pleasing ambiance, to the superior quality cannabis, to the remarkably reasonable pricing. If you’re a resident of the Summit County region, or are simply passing through on your way to hit the slopes, check out High Country Healing for the perfect balance of cost, character, and caliber.

If you get an opportunity to visit High Country Healing of Silverthorne, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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