High Level Health-Colfax | Review : Denver, CO

High Level Health-Colfax | Review : Denver, CO
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One thing I have learned in my time on this planet is when people make your life easier and you have the chance to recognize it, do it. I have to thank the staff and ownership of High Level Health, especially Alyssa, for making this an easy review. Alyssa was so well prepared for my visit, she was attentive, her notes were tremendous and I got to learn their story easily. The same level of service was evident in how the customers were treated. Located north of Cheeseman Park, between The Odgen Theatre and the HLH FlowerBluebird on Colfax, you will find High Level Health at 2028 E. Colfax. Look for the solid green façade. This is the original location, that was medical only when it opened almost a decade ago. High Level Health has been in the game since the beginning and they are expanding but not sacrificing quality and vision. Both High Level Health locations are now Med and Rec, 21 and older. They are open from 8am to 10pm, as long as possible.

High Level Health on Colfax has a well rounded selection of edibles and concentrates but they are a flower-centric dispensary. It all starts with the flower, some people forget that fact. High Level Health take great pride in the flower and their effort has produced various awards year after year. The Platinum Valley strain that was generously provided to  sample was outstanding, great flavor, high THC content, motivating and inspiring. I enjoyed it. I was told that they have about 60 strains that they rotate throughout the year with 5-`15 available in the dispensaries at any given time. What makes the flower at High Level Health different is the attention to organic nutrients, breeding, genetics, and the soil-less growth process. They have over 40 years of combined experience in their growth management team, it shows. The flower was of the highest caliber, and they offered strains that you won’t see anywhere else because it is harder to grow or doesn’t have the highest yield. To produce the connoisseur level flower, sometimes there is a sacrifice on the business end.

HLH ConcentratsThe edible selection at High Level Health covered the bases. The emphasis was on premier brands, the most effective, consistent, and best tasting. When it comes to edibles, I am not a connoisseur, so I rely on the budtenders. The budtenders spoke in detail and knew the products well. The selection is influenced by their input. As you would expect, the brands that sell stay on the shelves.

The commitment to in-house products at High Level Health carries through to the vape and concentrate selections. The selection of vape cartridges was ample. One thing that was distinguishing was that they only carry pure oils, no BHO. They also have EVO carts made from their flower. They had many concentrates made from their own flower as well. High Level Health is expanding to add more concentrates to the available selection. They do offer bulk deals on concentrates and only work with the best companies to produce their concentrates. Now they are carrying the Dragon Tears RSO Oil, and Rick Simpson Oil.

The Budtending team at High Level Health was well trained and knowledgeable. From what I observed, they treated customers well, knew the products and could communicate the effects. Overall, I believe they made informed recommendations. As is important at a Med/Rec dispensary, they helped both the customers looking for recreational and medicinal products with their selections.

HLH StaffI want to mention that High Level Health has made a commitment to working with Veterans. They have partnered with the Veterans Administration and Eastern Colorado Healthcare System. They have been working to help Veterans with pain and PTSD and I wanted to make sure to recognize this effort. Our Veterans have fought to preserve and defend our way of life and protect the underprivileged worldwide. I think it is admirable that High Level Health does what they do to give back to the Veteran’s community.

High Level Health is a dispensary to which I will return. I am often in the area going to shows at the Bluebird, Fillmore, and Ogden Theatre; High Level Health is right down Colfax and worth the trip. The flower is high-grade, and they had their act together. I appreciate when people know their business and treat it with respect. The experience I had at High Level Health was top notch and I look forward to visiting again.

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