Kind Love | Review : Denver

Kind Love | Review : Denver
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No one living in Colorado can deny the monumental changes that have been taking place since the opening of medical and recreational marijuana storefronts. As the nation’s eye affixes itself on Colorado, the medical uses for marijuana are coming out of the proverbial basement and finding their way onto mainstream media. Along with this paradigm change in the fundamental ideology behind the consumption of cannabis, many people who may have not smoked for decades are coming back to find that what helped them chill back in 1974 can help them with aches and pains in 2014. The world of medical marijuana is a vast one, and the options have diversified over the years from whatever strain James had in the back of his carpeted van, to a modern day variety of buds, edibles, and concentrates. This can be overwhelming even to the most experienced users. If you are new to the realm of medical marijuana, or are just looking for a relaxed location away from the cacophony of the Colfax and the Broadway dispensaries, find your way to Kind Love and get the scoop from a knowledgeable budtender, who can help you get up to speed with the latest and greatest cannabis innovations of the 21st century.

It was a crisp Monday morning when I made my way to Kind Love’s medical only dispensary; the first leaves had fallen and I finally could go into a dispensary with confidence that my face didn’t look like a half melted snow cone. After passing the pet store and finding a parking spot in one of the two available parking lots (the upper is wheelchair accessible), I entered the front door andKind Love Denver was guided back to their waiting area where I would need to fill out some brief paperwork before I could head up to the counter. I was immediately greeted by the budtenders as I walked in and offered a glass of water while I filled out their simple questions. Their waiting area was, simply put, the nicest looking waiting area I have ever been in. The charm of brick walls complimented the warmth of wood floors and the luxurious appeal of their red leather couches. The walls brandished perfectly selected art pieces including a moving sculpture on the wall that would have literally blown my mind, if I had been medicated at the time. The bud counter, visible across the room, was perfectly lit and divided into separate stations, reminiscent to something you might find in bank. After finishing my paperwork I passed by a few consummately organized display cases filled with accessories and made my way up to my budtender Matt’s sectioned off portion of the counter.

Pulling some jars of marijuana off of their shimmering LED-lit shelves, Matt proceeded to tell me about some of the strains they carry, while referencing their clearly labeled menu on the counter in front of me. First off was the notorious Blue Dream, an extremely popular fruity smelling strain sought after for the pain relieving and surprisingly lucid high that smokers experience from it. Next was Golden Goat, another popular strain that I’ve seen before, just never quite so beautiful. More orange hair than green plant matter, the buds of Kind Love’s Golden Goat were the best I’ve ever seen in this strain. I took a deep whiff of Z-7: a high CBD strain. Z-7 is an indica strain that is laden with nostalgic skunky fresh odors, and is sure to squelch even the most virulent pains. Last up was the Kurple, one of their cheapeKind Love Denverr strains that looked better than many other dispensaries top shelf selections. If you want to experience the smell of Kurple, head on down to the gas station, and buy a can of grape soda, and your nose won’t know the difference. It was very evident that many of the 20 strains currently on the shelf were cultivated primarily for their high CBD content, a cannabinoid renowned for its pain relieving properties. So renowned pet owners that use CBD for themselves have started looking into CBD oil dosage for cats as well as their other pets to ensure the family pets can be in the best health possible too!

I practically had to reaffix my own jaw after Matt started showing me their concentrate and edible selection. He showed me possibly the largest selection of strain specific oils, tinctures, waxes, and shatters that I have ever seen at any dispensary. Their oils, produced for them by Epic Extracts, came in a massive variety of different strains and emphasized cannabinoids. Many of their oils, such as their Z-7 oil test at 9% or more CBD content, making them unparalleled pain fighters. Their tinctures are produced with cold pressed hempseed oil, and come in 400mg bottles in a variety of different strains so you can find the one that works best for you. To follow suit, their wax and shatter options were extremely diverse and strain specific. While they did have a selection of edibles from companies like Julie and Kate, Sweet Grass, Mountain High Suckers, and The Growing Kitchen, Kind Love Denvertheir main focus was the edibles produced specifically for their location. A wonderful selection of strain specific baked goods so delectable looking, that I don’t recommend you visit on an empty stomach, unless you’re ready to deal with the ramifications of salivating on the counter.

It was when I asked about prefilled vape pen cartridges, that Matt really explained why they have such a massive selection of strain specific products. At Kind Love they want their patients to be able to pick out products and strains that work perfectly for them. They do carry a selection of vape pens, but no prefilled cartridges, mostly because of quality control. If they are the ones making the products, they can assure their patrons that the item they are purchasing is as close to what they purchased last visit as possible. After all, how would you feel if you went to the grocery store and the bottle of aspirin you picked up was only half as strong as the one you had bought last month, and was also a laxative? This desire for consistency is also reflected by their frequent potency tests on their products. Although this is not required in medical establishments, they are willing to spend the extraKind Love Denver time and money to make sure you get the best products around. This level of quality control is just another factor that makes Kind Love such a phenomenal dispensary.

It came as no surprise that their selection of pre-rolled joints, glass smoking devices, and topicals were as diverse as their other selections. Pre-rolled half gram joints in any strain your heart desired sat on the back wall. Every type of smoking device you could think of was somewhere on a shelf or in a display case, waiting to go home to a worthy owner. They did carry lotions from Apothecanna and transdermal patches from Mary’s Medicinals but, staying true to their nature, they also had their own lotion produced for them with hash oil from their plants. A wide selection of clones and seeds are also available, for those of you with a green thumb. If you want a place that is laid back, organized, efficient, and gives you 15% off your first time purchase I would recommend choosing Kind Love. Whether you visit for the massive strain specific selections, the quality controlled options, or the awesome staff members I can personally vouch that your visit will be a great one.

If you get an opportunity to visit Kind Love of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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