Kine Mine : Great Recreational Deals for Colorado Residents

Kine Mine : Great Recreational Deals for Colorado Residents
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Recreational Marijuana Discounts for Colorado Residents

I’ll be honest with you. While I greatly appreciate the amount of tourism Colorado is seeing from other parts of the world (despite those bitter Denverites who keep thinking Denver is the world’s best kept secret), I do get a little envious of the treatment many stores give to their out-of-town shoppers. Now, perhaps I don’t have any room to complain, seeing as I live in the recreational marijuana mecca, and I could literally walk out my front door, and procure cannabis in minutes flat. I want to be appreciated for being from the state that started this whole “let’s sell marijuana legally… to everyone!” thing. With that being said, it’s nice to see stores like Kine Mine, a recreational dispensary in Idaho Springs, giving special incentives to Colorado natives. If you are a Colorado resident, and you are looking for the best deals for recreational marijuana, I advise you to check out Kine Mine’s Express Room.Kine Mine Idaho Springs

Colorado Express Room

Here’s how it works: you show your Colorado state ID, you walk into the exclusive room, away from the main product room, pick your products, and leave. Boom. Simple. “We set this room up specially for Colorado residents, so they can get in and out of the store with our high quality cannabis, fast,” says Theran, one of the owners of Kine Mine. “While our store still sees a lot of out of town traffic, we want to send a message to Colorado residents that we haven’t forgotten about them.” Awesome.

So, what kind of deals can you expect from this Colorado Express Room? First, the room itself is a smaller, less busy side room from the product room. To me, the room had a very intimate, exclusive feel, as if I were some sort of VIP, based solely on the state I’ve chosen to live in. The room itself will always have somewhere around six of Kine Mine’s most premium strains for sale; however, Theran has informed me that if there’s something you’d rather have from the main product room, the budtenders would be more than happy to grab it for you. Now, check this out: with the Colorado resident discount, Kine Mine’s Kine Mine Idaho Springsflower becomes some of the most affordable in all of Clear Creek County. Just for being a Colorado resident, Kine Mine will chop 25% off of your flower price, which comes out to around $14.99 for the gram. If you are a resident who lives in Clear Creek County, however, you are entitled to the 4:20 special. That means, for all of your flower purchases, Kine Mine will take 42% off of your bill (around $11.50 for the gram). For any other cannabis products, everyone gets a cool 10% off their order.

While Kine Mine has recently done away with their medicinal side of their operations, there are still very good reasons to visit the Colorado Express Room, if you’re a Red Card holder. With your valid medical card, you’re able to buy any cannabis products in the room with the 4:20 discount (42% off your order). For medical card holders, it’s 4:20 all the time at Kine Mine!

Look, I get it. Colorado has become a major tourist destination, similar to how Amsterdam in the Netherlands is a giant tourist destination for exactly the same reason (well, they also have legal prostitution, but that’s an entirely different story). Maybe I’m being whiney and selfish, but damn, does it feel good to be recognized as a Colorado resident. As legal cannabis spreads across the United States, obviously the number of tourists we’ll see in Colorado will go down. Companies that are building solid local bases are setting themselves up for the future, while appreciating the people who voted them into existence. So, there you have it. If there wasn’t enough of a reason to hit up Kine Mine on your way to the slopes this season, now you can say “Kine Mine has the best recreational deals in Idaho Springs.” Period.


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