Leaf on the Mesa | Review : Pueblo, CO

Leaf on the Mesa | Review : Pueblo, CO
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There is one sure thing that the marijuana industry has done for Colorado, it has spawned an unprecedented boom of small businesses. Not just the new dispensaries popping up left and right, but all the ancillary related businesses have been thriving as well. There’s just something I love about small shops. Back in college one of my favorites was the little hole in the wall diner, most drolly named The Kitchen, a favorite for hangover breakfasts, and stoned pancake cravings. The Kitchen donned in a retro glass brick style had a unique recipe for all of their foods that was 50% whatever ingredients they could find, 25% bacon fat, and 25% love. The end result was me and a half dozen other guys blazed out of our minds sitting in our seats and groaning in over-stuffed bliss. Just five years later, those pre-Kitchen bong rips that we always would partake in would be legal. While it might have been a long time since I’ve visited The Kitchen, I still have my love for small businesses, and new start-ups. I was very pleased on my first visit to the array of dispensaries in Pueblo, to see that the spirit of the cannabis industry is alive and strong. Already in love with the name, I paid a visit to Leaf on the Mesa, a recreational and medicinal dispensary on the East side of Pueblo.

As I soon discovered, like many otherLeaf on the Mesa cities in Colorado, the dispensaries have been relegated to the outskirts of town. If you’re looking for cannabis in Pueblo, all it takes is a little trip to the West or a little trip to the East and you’ll be in dispensary territory. Leaf on the Mesa is on the East side of town, located in a stand-alone building. As I entered, the first thing that stood out to me was the gorgeous glass brick wall that sections off the waiting area from the medicinal side of the dispensary. I was greeted by Karina, Ieshia, and Antoinette, who all welcomed me in for a quick tour. Ieshia started by telling me a little bit about what makes Leaf on the Mesa an award winning dispensary. For starters, Leaf on the Mesa is a very new dispensary, only opening its doors a little over seven months ago to medicinal patients and only five months ago to recreational users. After being open for only 3 months, they took home the Bronze medal for best dispensary in Pueblo. Other than their great cannabis, it was their staff that really drove home the win. As Ieshia explained, they pay for all of theirLeaf on the Mesa employees to go to and complete a compliancy course which assures that any of the staff will be able to answer your cannabis related questions.

Leshia started my tour on the medicinal side and showed me a few of the strains that they had cultivated. During my visit, there were about a half dozen strains to choose from which were cultivated using a coco grow. Recently, however, they are starting to experiment with using deep water culture hydroponics to grow some of their new strains. First off in my cannabis adventure was the hybrid strain Island Tour. Island Tour is the genetic combination of Phishhead Kush and Pina Colada. The end result yielded some damn find looking buds with an extremely sweet scent mixed with a touch of cheesiness. I also took a whiff of one of the customer favorites, Moonshine Haze. Moonshine Haze is a sativa-dominant strain that is created by combining the geneticsLeaf on the Mesa from Nevil’s Wreck and Amnesia Haze. The resulting strain is an extremely potent sativa with a fresh minty smell and a hint of an earth aroma. The buds themselves were fairly large, dense, and sticky.

Moving on from their bud, their medicinal side also had a formidable selection of edibles including: Blue Kudus, Gaia’s Garden, Wana, Bhang, Dixie, Green Hornet, Cheeba Chew, Cannapunch, the Growing Kitchen, Canyon Cultivations, and more. Perhaps even more impressive than their edible selection was their choice in topical cannabis. They had lotions from Apothecanna, patches and pens from RX Green and Mary’s Medicinal’s, and salve from the growing kitchen. If you are in the market for and dermal application of cannabis, Leaf on the Mesa is the place to be. Their selection of wax and shatter wasn’t massive, but it was all produced using their products in strain specific batches by Lab710. If you’re just looking for a reusable cartridge for a vape pen, they have a good selection of refills from Rempen, O.Pen, and Bhang. They also had one of my favorite products at any dispensary, Leaf on the Mesaclones! For only $12 from their medical side you could bring home your very own baby plant and cultivate some of their amazing genetics in your own home.

After a nice long visit on the medicinal side I paid a visit to their recreational side. The edible selection was very similar to the medical side, minus a couple products and with the addition of treats from Loves Oven, Cannapunch edibles, and Magic Buzz energy cannabis shots. While the cannabis on their recreational side was all wholesale, the selection was pretty sizable with over a dozen different strains to choose from. This isn’t just any wholesale, theirs is produced for them by Healing House, a grower that I can personally vouch for as being top notch. The rec side had wax and shatter produced by RMR. Their price point on bud was quite reasonable with grams for $12 and eighths for $40. The recreational side had a rather large selection of glass as well, including everything a new or returning cannabis smoker could ever need. The selection of merchandiseLeaf on the Mesa was also really superb, and besides the shirts and hoodies, there also were a bunch of very clever “holiday survival kits” crafted by Karina. Each little kit includes air freshener, rolling papers, a lighter, and eye drops, and would be the perfect holiday gift to go along with one of their $25 gift cards.

While Leaf on the Mesa is undoubtedly a much classier establishment than my college hangover spot, I really had to admit that its retro style glass walls and products prepared with love gave me a little bit of nostalgia for the old days. If you’re looking for a dispensary that’s going to have the selection of phenomenal buds at the right price and a stylish attitude, Leaf on the Mesa is your place. Just do yourself a favor and make sure you have a greasy breakfast diner nearby to sate your inevitable munchies.

If you get an opportunity to visit Leaf on the Mesa of Pueblo, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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