L’Eagle | Review : Denver , CO

L’Eagle | Review : Denver , CO
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Every time I need to drive East out of Colorado, I’m never too keen on the idea. While the destination may be desired the long stretches of Eastern Colorado and Western Kansas are not only excruciatingly mind numbing when it comes to things to see, but with a delicious eight-hour drive with nary a hill it goes on forever. The only visual treat on the entire trek is the sight of the wind turbines slowly churning along the horizon. L'Eagle 6The arms methodically spinning as the tumble weeds clutter the road is the single best part of driving through the wide-open fields of grass. Not only are they a sight to behold, but the power generated by the massive blades is now a crucial part of Colorado’s energy production. As of this year, Colorado will produce almost a quarter (24%) of its electricity from renewable sources like wind and solar. With a national average hovering around 10% we’re a bit ahead of the curve when it comes to sustainable, independent energy production. With a state this eco-friendly and a plethora of environmentally friendly cannabis smokers about, it surprises me more and more how few dispensaries are doing their part to become part of a solution. While there are certainly cruxes in place (things like lack of federal funding for business related renewable energy incentives) there is a lot that a single dispensary can do to cut down its foot print. When I get the opportunity to visit a location like L’Eagle, a recreational dispensary in Denver, Colorado, I’m overly pleased to see the steps they’ve taken to not only grow their marijuana naturally but also to do it sustainably. Join me on an adventure while I recount my visit to one of the dopest and environmentally friendliest dispensaries around.

It was early on a Tuesday morning and I was picking up one of our new editors, Nick, to come along with me for the visit. After picking him up we set course for I-25 and followed the phone’s wise guidance through the back roads of Denver to Quivas Street. After a brief conversation with one of the growers out front, we made our way in past a set of very peculiar sails along the roof (I would discover their purpose later).L'Eagle-5 The entryway to L’Eagle was transformed from a standard warehouse entrance and was clad with a trendy modern motif that seemed perfectly fitting for the area. We were greeted by a whole slew of smiling faces including Chloe, Megan, and Patrick. After signing in we were invited past the door back to where all the magic happens. The first thing I noticed was the clever layout on the inside of L’Eagle that had recreational marijuana users browsing products to the right and then moving around the corner towards the exit to the check out windows. Patrick went over the basics and I quickly perused the shelves which had a very hearty selection of products. There were roughly a dozen strains to choose from and a wonderful selection of edibles and concentrates on their recreational side. After I had an overview of the storefront Nick and Patrick went over the basics while I went in back with Megan and Chloe to get a few macro shots of buds and concentrates.

Before I started snapping photos I learned a little bit about what makes L’Eagle’s grow unique. As Megan had pointed out on our way in, L’Eagle placed a precedence on growing completely natural cannabis. While there are many dispensaries out there that make this same claim, there are almost none that can back it up. At L’Eagle, they grow on site in a coco substrate where every plant gets the individual care it deserves. Not only are their plants not sprayed with potentially harmful pesticides, but they also take the time to hand water every plant. If a plant is sick or has an infestation, it is immediately culled to protect the rest of the harvest. Another thing that makes L’Eagle’s grow unique is how they finish their strains before harvest. After the veg stage and after the plants have flowered they leave them alone entirely for the last stage of the process and as Patrick said to me, the only component they may ever use at this stage is neem oil. After that, the plants go through a long flushing process. L'Eagle-1Then it’s onto trimming and curing. All strains at L’Eagle are cured for a minimum of at least 90 days. Not many outside of the industry may know this, but the majority of the time when you’ve gotten bad weed in the past it wasn’t ruined by the growing process but by a rushed flushing process and a curing time that is inappropriately short. No need to worry about these common concerns at L’Eagle since they grow the right way from start to finish.

Back to the photo shoot! The first strain I took photos of was L’Eagle’s very own strain, Eagle. Not only is this strain a real looker sporting a robust spread of trichomes and a thick coating of gangly hairs but it has a unique scent and flavor profile that gracefully skirts both sweet and minty. As I can also attest to from personal experience it’s some extremely potent stuff as well. When I enjoyed a bowl of L’Eagle Eagle later that week I found out quickly that it offers one of the clearest sativa highs you can ever hope to get, and with a 24% THC content, it’s no pushover in the cannabinoid department. While I did photograph a few more strains, the other real standout product in my book was the Brain OG. Brain OG has all the dank notes one would expect from an OG with a glistening sheen of trichomes that could easily match that of L’Eagle Eagle. The effects, of course, were entirely different. Brain OG is a hybrid strain that possessed heavy hitting indica effects without the dazed and groggy head feelings that sometimes arises from indica strains. The body high was delightful and the pain relieving attributes were certainly a added boon. As I was snapping photos I asked Chloe and Megan about their work in the industry and they both touted how amazing it is to work at L’Eagle. L'Eagle-2I also ran into a familiar face of someone who used to work at a different dispensary and as she put it, “I never want to work anywhere else.” Happy staff means happy customers, and from everything I’d seen at L’Eagle so far, it’s got to be downright hard to find a frown anywhere in their facility.

I went back up front and had the fortune of chatting with Amy, who owns L’Eagle along with her husband. Amy filled me in on the sails out front and a few of the other factors that set L’Eagle apart from other dispensaries. L’Eagle is the only dispensary yet to be certified as a green no-waste green facility. They have done so by creating an entirely eco-friendly process in their grow and storefront. For starters, the sails that had perplexed me when entering are in place to reflect light off the top of the building and help maintain the internal temperature of the building without additional heating or cooling. Inside they’ve taken great steps to reduce their footprint by utilizing state of the art lighting in their grow. Patrick pointed out that they are now using ceramic lights for their entire grow, something I’d never even heard of before. As Patrick mentioned back when he was in school for electrical engineering these elements were still hypothetical and now they are using them. While I didn’t get to personally view the lights all I could imagine was a glowing ceramic heat shield on the underside of a spaceship entering the atmosphere except in this case it’s growing organic weed! Amy went on to tell me about her work with the Cannabis Certification Council and the work they are doing with Dr. Bronner’s to start certifying grows and getting clean safely grown cannabis to become a new standard. She even pointed out on the wall the full list of oils and nutrients they use on their grow. This is a unique thing to show off at dispensary since most places use some less than desirable components in their growing process. L'Eagle 7Lastly and perhaps most exciting of all Amy mentioned that they are soon going to have their own marijuana infused products (MIP) license. That means that soon they will able to do more than just wholesale their strains, but start producing their own extracts and even edibles that can be sent out and sold at dispensaries across the state. In my opinion, this is one of the best steps that any dispensary can take right now. Especially since L’Eagle is an environmentally conscious dispensary this is this will allow them to make products in-house cutting back their footprint even more.

The time for our departure came and L’Eagle hooked us both up with a little goodie bag (because they’re just about the coolest folks in town). We said farewell to the crew and went off on our way. L’Eagle is a truly revolutionary dispensary. Having seen many dispensaries I’ve witnessed a few who are dedicated to growing natural products but none that have the transparency of L’Eagle or its commitment to the environment or its patrons. This truly is a place where people, the environment, and quality matter. I have no doubt in my mind that if people like Amy have anything to do with it, our state is going to be running entirely off of clean energy in no time at all. If you want to experience some amazing staff, amazing medicine, amazing products, and an amazing atmosphere all in the most environmentally friendly dispensary in the state, you’re looking for L’Eagle.

If you get an opportunity to visit L’Eagle of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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