Life Flower Dispensary | Review : Glendale, CO

Life Flower Dispensary | Review : Glendale, CO
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The sun has risen on a new day! Never again shall a wayward Colorado cannabis enthusiast go without their trusty green sidekick. The concept of running out of weed, is ordained to the same realm as running out of your favorite snack in the fridge – that is to say, when you run out, you go to the store and buy some before or after work. The only hitch in this analogy is that unlike your local grocery store, which is likely to be open before and after work, most dispensaries around the state run fairly tight hours. The vast majority are open far too late in the morning for most 9-to-5-ers and end up closing by 7 making it a rush for many to procure their goods before the great green gates of ganja close. Life Flower Dispensary in Glendale, Colorado is one of the first bastions of all-day marijuana providing both their 21+ recreational customers and 18+ medicinal patients products all day from 8 AM until midnight. While there is no denying how handy this is for the majority of recreational cannabis users, it’s absolutely indispensable for medicinal patients who are usually forced to buy from medical marijuana sources that aren’t open for such convenient hours. As I went in for my first visit to Life Flower, I quickly found out that it’s unique character and awesome budtenders make the dispensary shine even more than the hours on the door.

I made my visit to Life Flower early in Life Flower-2the morning before they were open for sales. I was first greeted by Devi the dog (a precious Basenji mix) and then by her equally cool owner, Ashley. Ashley was blasting the classical music (totally my style) while she prepared the store for opening. She welcomed me in and I started snapping some photos while she finished preparing. Interestingly enough, this wasn’t my first visit to the location since I had been there once before over two years ago when the dispensary was Medicine Man Medicinal Market. As Ashley explained they had rebranded the dispensary based off of the flower of life, an ancient geometric symbol which possesses some fascinating fractal properties. Just around that same time they also started providing cannabis to recreational users, and as of this September will have been a recreational establishment for a year. Just as I was about to start writing down some of their products both Neal and LaRissa arrived to help with Ashley’s finishing touches and open the front door for customers. I immediately recognized Neal as the very man who had guided me on my tour through Medicine Man Medicinal Market years before. This may not stand out to most of you but I’ll tell you why it should. The turnover for all staff in the marijuana world is insanely high, so if you come across a dispensary that has held the same employees for years, you can Life Flower-7know in an instant just how cool the environment and ownership must be. Now with the whole gang around, I started to dive into their product list, which was conveniently written on menus sitting right outside the medicinal and recreational bud rooms.

I started my tour in the best possible way, by looking at some of the strains available on the shelf. Right now Life Flower only grows their medicinal marijuana and purchases wholesale recreational. Don’t let this discourage you though, all of the recreational flowers are purchased from Healing House, which has some killer grows that I can personally vouch for. Still, it’s best to always look at the house grow, and Neal, Ashley, and LaRissa had picked out a real crowd pleaser for me to photograph and observe. The White X True OG was waiting for me in the back ready to be transferred from its giant tub into “smaller” 3-gallon glass jars. As Ashley delved through the mountain of cannabis looking for a nice photogenic nug, I shoved my face post-haste into the massive jar and took a big whiff of the uncanny dankness being let off from The White X True OG. Utilizing my minor penchant for cannabis genetics I can tell you that the two genetics being mashed together in this situation are about as close to original indica as you can get. To put it another way, the family tree for The White X True OG would be a very scraggly one indeed. This strain with nigh-legendary heritage had a smell that was simply to die for, loaded with a Kush-like dankness that forces a smile. Oh, and if you’re looking for a nugget Life Flower-5loaded with trichomes, you’ve found it. After snapping some good bud photos, I went back to peruse their recreational selection of strains which did include some classics like Headband OG, NYCD, and one of my all-time favorites Cookies & Cream.

After my bud adventure, it was time to delve into some of the recreational concentrate and edible options available at Life Flower Dispensary. For starters, if you’re a vape pen aficionado then you can pick up multiple strain-specific cartridge refills from O. Pen, refills from EvoLab, and several options from Neo’s including their massive 1,000 Mg refills. If you’re more into loose concentrates, then you’re in luck, Life Flower has a rather massive selection. Extracts Inc. provides a diverse spread of strain-specific wax and shatter, Healing House brings Grape Stomper and Ghost Train Haze shatter to bear, and The Lab makes an appearance with several live resins, which are always t tastiest choice. The Clear, from Mahatma, brings some options to the table as well with some Death Star, Strawberry, Grapevine, and Lime Sorbet concentrates ready for dabbing. Feeling hungry for some marijuana? Life Flower has a very impressive selection of recreational and medicinal edibles for the munchie-less miffed masses. The shelves were loaded with edibles from IncrEdible, Gaia’s Garden, Dixie, Cannapunch, Love’s Oven, Americanna, Keef Cola, Quigley, Cheeba Chew, Sweet Grass, Mountain Man Medicine, Blue Kudu, Wana, Green Hornet, August Kitchen, Medible, Dabba, and Life Flower-4Edipure. Try saying that all in one breath. To phrase it concisely, Life Flower Dispensary, has a huge selection of concentrates and edibles. For my final round, I took a look at the topicals, paraphernalia, and merchandise that Life Flower had to offer.

Life flower had a mid-size selection of topical marijuana concentrations, which appeared to be more robust on the medicinal side than on the recreational side. The recreational side did have a few great options from Mary’s Medicinals which included their famous patches. My favorite topical option, however, was their Angel Salve. Produced by EvoLab Angel Salve has affected me personally since I know someone who has used it to treat skin cancer with astonishingly successful results. Life Flower’s selection of pipes, rigs, and bongs, was nothing to scoff at either. Not only was the display case loaded with everything from toke-and-toss one-hitters to full-size art-glass dab rigs, but Ashley mentioned that a large amount of the options on the shelf are locally blown as well. Now on to one of my favorite things at Life Flower, a forbearer that’s been there since my very first visit, the vending machine! The vending machine is a one-stop pot smoker spot. While the machine may contain a few classic options like potato chips and gum, it also is loaded with everything a smoker could desire including rolling papers, blunt wrappers, eye drops, lighters, dab wands, silicon cases, hand sanitizer, and even little joint rollers. I know some of you out there are rolling your eyes at how excited I can get over a vending machine, but still, you’ve got to admit that it’s a really fun idea. To finish I feel like it would be wrong if I didn’t mention Life Flower’s daily deals. Mondays you can get 10% off edibles, Tuesdays 10% off topicals, Wednesdays 15% off wax, Thursdays 10% off drinks, Friday 15% off flower, Saturday 15% Life Flower-6off Shatter, and Sunday you get to pick any one of the deals for your purchase. Let’s hear it for Sundays!

Just as I was finishing up my adventure, the first group of customers came in for the day. They were a group from Florida. One of the girls, still clad in a jacket, said that they had just driven into town and this was not only their first stop for the morning but also was their first time in a dispensary. LaRissa, Ashley and I all marveled at the joy in their eyes as one of the guys in the group staunchly decreed that he was moving to Colorado after making his purchase. I said my farewells to the entire gang, only after Devi posed for a candid photo, and made my way out thoroughly ingratiated by my visit. It was still early in the day, and I couldn’t help but think from a customer’s perspective how convenient it is to be able to pick up cannabis early in the morning or late in the evening. So remember, the sun has risen on a new day, and as long as that light has peaked the horizon, you can bet that the crew at Life Flower Dispensary are already hard at work, dealing out the sunshine.

If you get an opportunity to visit Life Flower Dispensary of Glendale, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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