Lightshade Peoria | Review : Denver

Lightshade Peoria | Review : Denver
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If you scour the internet enough, you start to find that different places have a whole lot of jokes, and sometimes memes, associated with them. For instance, the internet has come together to convince the world that Bielefeld, a city of 300,000 in Germany, simply does not exist. It’s gotten to the point that the city has even released a statement insisting on their existence, only to release said statement on April 1. Oops. The denizens of Colorado, specifically Denver, joke around quite a bit when discussing their own town. In person-to-person conversation, generally everyone who lives here loves it (unless you’re searching for a new apartment. Then you probably hate it). However, on internet forums, specifically Reddit’s /r/Denver page, the overwhelming response about Denver is “This town sucks. Don’t move here. Don’t even visit.” The idea of this is, of course, we love it so much, we don’t want to share it with anyone (unless you’re just an asshole with far more sinister reasons). I guess I can understand the sentiment; in recreational dispensaries, which is where I spend a good part of my time, I am outnumbered four times to one as a Colorado resident. Like the coffeeshops of Amsterdam, at this point, a majority of the traffic in recreational dispensaries comes from those visiting The Centennial State. Out near Denver’s airport, this is exceptionally obvious. I, for one, love the influx of people spending tax money in Colorado, and collectively enjoying the end of marijuana prohibition. Lightshade off of Peoria is one such dispensary that credits a lot of its traffic to its proximity to the airport. When you’re coming in for a landing, and you need cannabis right Lightshade Peoria Denveraway, or as fast as an Uber can get you to a place, Lightshade off Peoria is very strong option.

Lightshade off Peoria is located right off I-70, right on the corner of 40th and, you guessed it, Peoria. While the location is primo – only twenty minutes or so from Denver International Airport, I recommend plugging in their address into your GPS, as the roads are a little bit goofy just around the dispensary. Parking is ample around the brick building that Lightshade calls its home. With colorful deck chairs out front, on a sunny day, the entrance and the waiting area are warm, welcoming, and friendly. After giving my information to the polite women at the desk, I was greeted by Christina, one of Lightshade’s floor managers. What makes Lightshade off Peoria such a good choice for anyone, but especially someone visiting a dispensary for the first time? “When you come here, you’re family,” Christina stated. “We  are not afraid to spend a long time with customers, especially those who have never bought the stuff legally.” It’s nice to hear from a place as big as Lightshade. This is the dispensary’s second location, with a third opening up in a few weeks, and Peoria is by far the busiest location. An unfortunate stereotype that goes along with these larger stores is the corporate mentality of “get you in, get you out.” Especially during busy times, some Lightshade Peoria Denverdispensaries give off the impression that it isn’t your knowledge or satisfaction that’s important; but rather, your dollars in your pocket, and the faster those dollars are removed from your pocket, the better. While a lot of dispensaries make the claim that their customers come first, I got to see it first-hand during my visit to Lightshade.

Upon entering the product room, I was greeted by a ruckus of customers chatting, smiling, and in one case, high-fiving and hugging bud tenders. It’s a small room, no doubt, and both walls are lined with stations to serve both medical and recreational guests. I would say I spent a grand total of 45 minutes in Lightshade’s product room asking questions, and I couldn’t help but notice another customer in there about the same amount of time as me. Refreshingly absent were the tell-tale signs of frustration or boredom on the face of the bud tender helping out this ganja newbie. From first question to fiftieth, from the first time they sunk their nose into the Lemon Kush, to the twelfth, the bud tender remained all smiles. That’s huge, especially if, as a state, we are trying to set the pace for cannabis legalization across the country.

During my visit, the dispensary had eight strains available for recreational users, and nine Lightshade Peoria 4for medical patients: not a whole lot, but certainly enough to have a decent selection. Christina, who helped me through my entire process at the dispensary, pulled out from the Rec case her jar of White Dawg: a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines The White and Chemdawg. “This is my favorite, and it’s some potent stuff,” Christina boasted. At 28.5% THC-a, she’s not kidding when she says packs a punch. It looked and smelled absolutely beautiful; full and beautiful crystal-laden buds that stunk like chemicals and pine trees (which, with the distinctive odor of Chem Dawg, is a good thing). Nextdoor in a medical bay was Lightshade’s Kong. Now, the Kong is a favorite for medical cannabis users because of its super body high. The dispensary recommends Kong for those with chronic pain, or trouble sleeping. No, this one won’t make you want to climb any buildings in New York City.

The dispensary was running sadly low on their concentrates for rec users, but still had a few selections from Mahatma, The Growing Kitchen, and TC Labs. I was also delighted to see the dispensary selling hand-held dab pipes for cheap, for the dabber on the go. If Lightshade Peoria Denveryou’re coming to Colorado, you wanna try some dabs, and you don’t want to shell out nearly a hundred bucks for a dab rig that you won’t be able to take home with you, this might be a fabulous option. The dispensary also had a great sampling of edibles, courtesy of IncrEdibles, Blue Kudu, Cheeba Chews, Mountain Medicinals, and many more. On your way out, grab a magnet, a sticker, or a piece of art, so that you can show all your friends back home just how awesome legal weed is.

As unpopular as this might make me on some websites, I’ll come out and say it: Denver is kicks ass, and is a great place to live and visit. You heard it here, folks. And even if it is weird to be in a place where you are severely outnumbered by out-of-towners, if you’re from Colorado, take pride in the fact that it was your vote that allowed all of this out-of-state tax money to come here. So, for you out-of-towners, who are looking to quickly sate your cannabis craving, it’s tough to pass up Lightshade Peoria. Their selection isn’t the biggest, nor is their product room, but a smile, a high five, and a group of individuals absolutely stoked about what they do makes a visit to Lightshade off Peoria an invaluable experience.

If you get an opportunity to visit Lightshade off Peoria in Denver, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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  1. Lightshade is the only place I go anymore. Best prices and staff! I feel the love every time I walk in!

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