Lucy Sky Dispensary Broadway | Review : Denver, CO

Lucy Sky Dispensary Broadway | Review : Denver, CO
Denver Dispensary Review Denver's Green Mile Marijuana Dispensary Review

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Lucy Sky Broadway-2On a mile long piece of South Broadway in Denver, there exists what has been dubbed the “Green Mile”. This isn’t an ode to any works of fiction (no matter how moving). The name stems from the fact that there are more than a dozen dispensaries in just that area. Some are small with a homey vibe, others large and reminiscent of an Apple store. Then there’s Lucy Sky. Taking over the building that used to be the legendary CAM, Lucy Sky is building itself as a brand with class and accessibility. This is their second location, opened after the steady success of their Wash Park location, with another location planned in south-east Denver. Add to that a recent acquisition of both La Conte’s Clone bar, this summer promises to see big things

Entering the recreational side is about all you need to do to understand why Lucy Sky has begun to establish itself as a premier shop not just on the Green Mile, but in Denver. Besides the subtle and refined look of the store, the well-stocked shelves were exactly what I always want to see. The shelves are fully stocked and so high up, that they now require a rolling ladder from somewhere like the Platforms and Ladders store to get up to those hard to reach areas. We not only need to make sure the store is aesthetically pleasing but also ensure it has the correct health and safety measurements in place. Now, beginning at the edible shelf, long time budtender Shianne started walking me through things. One of her current favorites and the first we looked at was the Gaia’s Garden cotton candy. Not only is it new and interesting, but it’s coming in at a ratio of 10 mg of THC to 1 mg of CBD. While that low dosage of CBD isn’t enough to clear up your arthritis, it’s sure to give you a more well-rounded high from the entourage effect.Lucy Sky Broadway-3

Beyond that, the whole line of Stillwater products were entirely impressive. Making medicated teas in either a 2.5 mg dose or a 10 mg dose, they have three varieties on each, pairing a black tea with their sativa, a green tea with their hybrid and a mellow mint with their indica. Even cooler though was their Ripple line. Coming in either 5 mg doses for their indica and sativa, and a 1:1 variety (also 5 mg), you can add this product to anything. Pour a packet in your water, put it on your salad or steak, literally the whole world of food has just become your edible selection. Frankly, I was astounded.

Of course, there was a huge array of other products. Zoots brownies, $3 for a 10 mg, a wide array of the always delicious Coda brand, Love’s Oven’s brownies. If you’ve got any kind of a sweet tooth to go with your cannabis this is a place you’d be happy to spend some time

Moving on to the bread and butter of any cannabis dispensary, I checked out their flower selection. Not only was it ample, but attractive as well. They have a daily $25 eighth, but frankly, with most of their shelf at $35, I felt like the quality outstripped the price by far. The Nina Limone was a store favorite. It had a sweet citrusy smell that was fantastic, and as a cross of Super Lemon Haze and Rebel God Smoke, you could be sure of the sort of upbeat high you’d get from it. Next, we Lucy Sky Broadway-4looked at one of Nina’s parents, the strain of the day Rebel God Smoke. I was instantly intrigued from the gassy smell I got off of it, not to mention the solid, well-manicured buds. My personal favorite of the array was a particularly pungent strain of Bio-Cheese. Frankly, I’ve never smelled anything that wasn’t cheese, smell so much like cheese.

Honestly, nothing is more important to me in a store than the quality of their cannabis. This is the backbone of this industry. This is where it all started, why we’re all here. Lucy Sky seems to be a company of the same mind, and it’s well reflected on their shelves. Showing upwards of fifteen strains, all of which were worth my attention, it’s clear that they hadn’t lost sight of where this all began.

Last but not least, I checked out the concentrate selection. With an impressive selection from Cannabis Maximus, that in and of itself had me satisfied. Boasting some of the cleanest extractions in town, and creating some of the purest product. Frankly, it’s no surprise to me that this company was seeing the success it has been, it’s relatively high price tag doing little if nothing to slow down sales. A true testament to their quality.

One of their current favorites at the shop was a batch of live budder they’d processed with CRX (Natty Rem’s extraction side). Thick and terpy smelling, with a beautiful light color to it, I could see why they were happy with the results. Add to that the variety of EvoLabs and Sesh cartridges, with their competitive pricing, I’d say that most concentrate smokers, be it dabs, carts, or syringes will find something they’re looking for.Lucy Sky Broadway-6

Popping over to the medical side one door over, I saw much of the same. Sarah, behind the counter, walked me through their flower selection, showing me their daily $99 ounce. When I commented on the quality, she made a point to tell me that in selecting their strains for deals, they go by quantity not quality- so if the best flower in the garden comes in yielding more
than anything else, that’s going to be their daily $99.

One of the most interesting parts of going in, meeting everyone and seeing this store in it’s entirety was that not only did it reinforce my already existing perceptions of Lucy Sky, it made them more favorable. Overall, I’d say if you’re cruising the Green Mile, looking for a great place to shop with a wide selection, and a great staff, make sure you drop in.

If you get an opportunity to visit Lucy Sky Dispensary of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.
Phil Maccarone

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