Lucy Sky Dispensary Wash Park | Review : Denver , CO

Lucy Sky Dispensary Wash Park | Review : Denver , CO
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How many times have you heard this? “I loved that visit to the gas station. Lucy Sky Wash Park-5They had this amazing soda, delicious edibles, beautiful display shelves, a really chill environment, and some super cute checkout girls!” Probably never, would be my wager. Now if we’re talking about dispensaries and you swap out the word “soda” for “Witches Weed”, I would simply assume you’re talking about Lucy Sky Dispensary, a recreational and medicinal dispensary in Denver, Colorado. I paid my first visit to a Lucy Sky Dispensary only a week ago. Having sampled some of their products from their wholesale grow, I knew already that I was in store for some amazing quality buds. What I didn’t know was how much fun the Lucy Sky crew would be, and how vast their selection of products was.

I took to travel on yet another unseasonably warm day and made my way to the Wash Park area in search of funky skunky chronic. It took me a minute to pin down the exact location of Lucy Sky Dispensary. I didn’t know when I set out, but Lucy Sky is housed smack dab on top of The Wash Park Grille right off of Mississippi and Gaylord Street. After a preliminary circle around the block, I went in for my attack run and was able to claim victory in the form of a parking spot out front. Gear in tow, I found the entrance and made my way up the stairs to Lucy Sky. Note for anyone with disabilities, you do need to go up stairs to get to this Lucy Sky Dispensary.Lucy Sky Wash Park-6 If you’re looking for a wheelchair accessible Lucy Sky, check out their location off of Broadway. I walked up the somewhat narrow staircase and entered into a really swanky waiting area with two comfy arm chairs, a trickle of light shining in the front window, and Shawna holding down the front desk. After getting the go-ahead for reviewing I entered the bud floor where the minty magic happens and dreams do come true. I met up with the rest of the crew on duty for the day Haley, Jake, and Madeline. As I started to investigate the open boutique-style floor Madeline gave me a quick rundown on what makes Lucy Sky so unique. For starters, Lucy Sky is more involved with the community than your average run-of-the-mill cannabis curators. As Madeline explained, not only do they participate in community outreach programs (activities like delivering stuffed animals to the children’s museum) but they also get down to real business and employees at Lucy Sky, like Madeline, even do their part working at the homeless shelter. Apparently, Lucy Sky is in not only in the department of selling smiles but they are also keen on donating smiles as well! Not to tarry too long, Madeline moved back to the bud counter and started to give me a rundown on their hefty selection of strains, concentrates, and edibles.

Lucy Sky Wash Park-7I stood on the recreational side of the dispensary and was staring down a selection of 29 different strains on the shelf. In case you’re new to the dispensary realm, I’ll tell you now, that’s a very formidable selection. What makes these strains even more unique is that they were all cultivated using organic growing methods. Madeline picked a couple buds for me to really investigate Double Dream and Witches Weed. While I’ve been around the proverbial weed block, I still never know what strains I’ll encounter along the way, in this case, I’d never crossed paths with Double Dream before. Double Dream is the combo of Blue Dream and Dreamstar. This gorgeous hybrid strain is loaded with trichomes and gives off a robust and uniquely earthy aroma that is accentuated perfectly with a sugary sweet scent that seems to stick in the nose.
Witches Weed, a strain I’m quite familiar with, was looking quite dashing as well. Coated in its finest powdery white coat and sporting some lovely hairs, Witches Weed gave off a unique odor that at first smelled a little cheesy to me. After taking a few turns with Madeline whiffing the jar, it was narrowed down to a slight chem odor thanks to Witches Weed’s heritage. Madeline also mentioned that “Witches Weed is a staff favorite since it affects each of [them] differently.” Last, but not least in the bud department, Lucy Sky also keeps on hand a variety of strain-specific pre-rolls if you find yourself in the mood. Moving down the shelves, Madeline took me over to peruse their concentrate and edible selection next.

Lucy Sky Wash Park-3

Witches Weed

The concentrate selection at Lucy Sky was certainly nothing to scoff at. With around two dozen different extracts to chose from, there was a marijuana concentrate there to meet everyone’s needs. Whether you’re into shatter, wax, or live resin, there is something on the shelf at Lucy Sky that you are going to want to dab. Not only was their selection robust, but it featured extractions from Cannabis Maximus, one of my new favorite blasting companies. I love them not just for their amazing name and logo, but also for the fact that they produce some damn fine products.

This visit did not disappoint, their concentrates looked spot on and delectable. My attention wandered to the back shelves and to the walls lined with different edible options. There were a lot of the standard players on the shelf, including edibles from Cheeba Chew, Blu Kudu, Kief Kola, Wana, Canyon Cultivation, Love’s Oven, Julie’s, and Coda (yum). There were also a couple products that were new to the scene, such as Taste Budz gummies and Turtle Butter which sells everything from marijuana-infused peanut butter to THC loaded coconut oil.

If you don’t want to waste your calories on marijuana edibles, Lucy Sky also had tinctures from marQaha and pills from Stratos to expedite your weedy adventure. To round off my visit I took a look at their topical selection and devices.Lucy Sky Wash Park-4 Their topical shelf was graced with the greats, like Mary’s Medicinal’s full lineup of patches and pens. Apothecanna also made an appearance with their extra strength pain cream, salves, and lotions. I was also pleased to see EvoLabs Angel Salve for sale as well. I know several people who have used this salve for various medical reasons to great effect. I finished off by peeking around for pipes. There was a nice little grab bin of cheap toke-and-toss pipes near the back and several rigs adorning the displays, but in general, the selection of glass was very modest when compared to some of Lucy Sky’s other selections, but that honestly makes sense to me for the boutique style it represents. After all who buys real imported champagne at the liquor along with solo cups? If you’re buying champagne you should already have the flutes at home.

Before my departure, I snapped some photos around the dispensary.¬†Jake, as an old film school student, talked some photo settings with me while Haley grabbed the Lucy Sky sign to pose with. Madeline shamefully hid for photo time, but that was made up for by Shawna’s overt enthusiasm. After an uproarious photo shoot, I said my farewells to the gang and departed. If you find yourself in a debate of where to make your next dispensary visit, I’ll throw Lucy Sky Dispensary out there as a great option. When you go to Lucy Sky, you can expect to meet a knowledgeable budtender who is going to sell you some connoisseur-level cannabis and have you leaving with a smile before you even take your first hit. Get ready to love this place!

If you get an opportunity to visit Lucy Sky Dispensary Wash Park of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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