Lyons Finest | Review : Denver

Lyons Finest | Review : Denver
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If you have visited the stretch of Denver bordered to the South by Aurora and to the North by the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, you’ve no doubt noticed a unique smattering of little dispensaries that have popped up over the years. There is a good selection of both medical and recreational establishments that have formed to either suit the medical needs of locals or to attempt to pick up some of the first few stragglers out of Denver International Airport. While it’s true that many of the locations in the area that have gone recreational still retain a medical side to cater to their patients, I have found that in many dispensaries that decide to make the flip and convert half of their location over to recreation tend to lose a great deal of the personalized medicinal experience that many patients prefer. After all, how would to feel if you were going to the pharmacy to pick up you prescription and your tried and true medication was only available for twice the price and now you need to wait in a line for it? There really is something to be said about locations that retain their status as medical only dispensary. To me this shows that they truly believe in the healing abilities of cannabis, they aren’t in this to make a quick buck, and they really do care about the well-being of their patients. Smack-dab in the middle of this miniature green mile off of I-70 is Lyons Finest, onLyon's Fineste of their two locations (their first naturally being in Lyons Colorado). Lyons Finest, unlike many of the surrounding dispensaries, has chosen to retain their medical status and cater to their patients.

I found my way to Lyons Finest without a hitch, and found a nice parking spot in their dedicated lot. I walked in their front door and was greeted by Vince at the counter, who checked my med card and ID and pointed me over to the bud counter, where I met Kathy and Patrick. Patrick wasted no time taking out a few of their hand-trimmed, soil-grow, and undeniably immaculate looking buds. On my visit I counted 17 jars on the shelf, but as Patrick explained that number may vary from 10 to 25 depending on supply. I’ll start off by telling you about one of their staple strains, Master Kush. This predominantly indica strain is simply gorgeous. When you look at a nugget of Master Kush, it seems to be a prefect mix of purple, green, and orange. It smokes extremely smooth, and elicits the ideal body high that an indica dominant should, without being completely couch-locking like some strains can be. Next was the Strawberry Wowie. Wowie is right! When you take a whiff of this sLyon's Finesttrain I can only equate it to sticking your face into and one of those extravagant fruit bouquets you get delivered. The fresh fruit smell translates beautifully when smoked into a tangy tropical flavor in this amazing sativa dominant. While it’s not as stunning looking as their Master Kush, it might just be my favorite strain I sampled during my visit. Last up in the lineup is their Agent Orange. One look, one smell, and one taste is all it takes to know that Lyons Finest has a perfect harvest of this old school strain. As Patrick mentioned “when you smoke this down, it turns into a fine grey ash instead of a nasty black ash.” He did not lie. I’ve never been big on re-burning a bowl from the previous day, but if I was ever going to consider it, this strain would be the one. As for the high, let’s just say I wouldn’t be writing this review right now if I had partaken in that day-later bowl of Agent Orange.

Besides having some amazingly tasty strains to choose from they also have a wonderful selection of concentrates produced for them by several different extraction companies, including High Altitude Extracts, Mahatma, and Gold Dragon. I was particularly smitten with their Golden Goat budder. So clean and fresh I can only equate it’s aesthetics to a smooth drizzling of caramel sauce. Best of all, the character provided by the terpenes was still fully intact, giving this budder that tasty golden goat smell we all know and love. I also was intrigued by their super dense and super sticky looking finger hash, which they produce themselves when hand-trimLyon's Finestming all of their buds. If you’re a vape pen user they also carry 250 mg cartridges from O.pen as well as a few fancy vape pens, ready to burn pretty much any type of cannabis you can put in them. While their selection of glass was very small, they did have a few basics to help out any medical patients who are in a pinch and need to find a quick and easy little smoking implement.

If you’re an edible fan, you’ll find pretty much everything your heart desires when you come in for a visit to Lyons Finest. All the dispensary staples live in their little front cabinet including products from Bhang Bar, Medibles, Cheeba Chew, Dabba, Wana Blue Kudu, Mountain Medicine, Incredible, and my personal favorite Mountain High Suckers. If you would rather drink your cannabis than eat it, you can pick and choose from their large selection of drinkables including the full line from Keef Cola, Cannapunch, Chai High, and Dixie. One rare item in Lyon's Finesttheir liquid fridge that caught my eye was their marQaha Mist sativa and indica mouth sprays. All the medicated power of a full size drink along with the classy feel of going out on a date night.

Lyons Finest is overall a very well rounded store that has a bit of everything. The best part of a visit is the classic one-on-one experience that you get to have with your budtender. While many of the larger dispensaries in the area have given in to the concept of making a quick buck from recreational sales, Lyons Finest is there to help local patients solve their medical needs. If you’re a red (or purple) card holder that lives in the area, or if you simple need to try some of that amazing looking Master Kush, make your way to Lyons Finest and get that connoisseur-quality cannabis you’ve been waiting for.

If you get an opportunity to visit Lyons Finest of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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