Magnolia Road Cannabis Co. | Review : Boulder

Magnolia Road Cannabis Co. | Review : Boulder
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It’s no secret that Boulder is a town of runners. This becomes exceedingly apparent when you’re driving around on a weekend morning, and the throngs of people in running shorts, jerseys, visors, and ultra-polarized sunglasses come streaming past your car. It’s almost ridiculous really. I’ve seen people literally running in the middle of a street, as if they were winning the elite competition in the Bolder Boulder. What’s better, if you honk your horn at them, to, you know, move the hell out of the way of the 4000 pound motorized deathtrap that you’re currently operating, they tend to get upset. Just west of Boulder, running parallel to the canyon, is a road loved by running enthusiasts the world over: Magnolia Road. It’s an eight mile stretch of rolling wooded landscape that is used by elite marathon racers as the perfect training grounds. At elevations hovering just above 8,000 feet, the dusty, desolate road has been deemed the sweet spot for building the ridiculous amounts of endurance it takes to conquer a marathon. Back in Boulder, a medical dispensary has named itself after the famed Mags: Magnolia Road Cannabis Company. Founded just under a year ago, the dispensary offers very affordable options for bud in a discreet and laid-back atmosphere.

You know that Best Buy in Boulder, right off of 30th Street? You’re going to have to go to the strip mall right next to that, and then all the way to the back of the strip mall to find Magnolia Rd. The dispensary is tucked away at the very far corner of the weird, minty building, but parking in the shared lot is incredibly easy. I walked into the large and inviting waiting room, where Rachel greeted me with a smile, and checked my paperwork. After a brief scan of my information, I was walked back to the product room,Magnolia Rd Boulder where I met with Dan, the owner of Magnolia Rd. It seemed odd to me that both the large waiting room, as well as the product room were so sparsely decorated. They felt a lot like big and empty rooms, with a few coats of paint on the walls. Notwithstanding, I started to peruse the twelve different flower strains the dispensary had available. Everything was stacked neatly into jars with the strains handwritten on them, and every strain had a home on one of Magnolia Rd’s three tiers. Their most affordable strains are designated “Bronze” strains, and can be all yours for only $6/g. This works all the way up to the “Gold” strains, which are only $7/g. Of course, those are the member prices. If you are not a member, be prepared to shell out an additional fifty cents a gram (as in, no big deal!).

The biggest factor in deciding where strains go on Magnolia Rd’s pricing scheme is their jar appeal. As far as potency, there’s not much difference between the Bronze, Silver, and Gold strains. I decided to start at the bottom, and work my way up. One of the Bronze strains was their Hash Plant. Peering into the jar, you’d be surprised at how tight and crystal-laden the buds looked. I took a deep inhale through the nose, filling my Magnolia Rd Bouldersenses with its magnificent earthy, lemon zest scent. For six dollars a gram? You bet. On the Silver shelf, Dan showed me one of his favorites: Ghost Train Haze. “Smell this. It smells just like Fresca,” he laughed. And he was right! Ghost Train Haze is a very potent sativa-dominant hybrid which was packed with white, fuzzy trichomes. Delicious, potent, and fun. Finally, up on the Gold shelf was the Sweet Sweet, which is a tantalizing cross between Jack Herer, and a hybrid seed from Dutch Passion. It’s hazy and stinky, and the buds were almost too big for my palm (I didn’t actually put the pot in my bare hands folks, don’t worry). For those of you who are strain chasers, Magnolia Rd has an absolute beauty on the way, forged from two of Colorado’s most popular strains: a cross between Girl Scout Cookies, and Blue Dream. To Colorado, that’s like if Dealing Doug and Jake Jabs got together to create some sort of car and furniture superstore. Oh come on, you know Coloradans would be champing at the bit to see Super Doug riding on some white tigers. Every single day, the dispensary has at least one of their strains on special. You can pick up an entire quarter of those gold star strains for only $35. Magnolia Rd BoulderYep. Thirty-five bucks. For a quarter. Of marijuana.

In the center display case, the dispensary had quite a large selection and variety of edibles, from some of the heavy-hitters in the industry. Boss Bars by Sweet Mary Jane, Rolls and Jewels by Wana, everything by Gaia’s Garden, gummies and candy bars by IncrEdibles, just to name a few. On top of the edible selection, the dispensary also boasts a large line of transdermal cannabis products. While the dispensary only had a few bottles of Apothacana’s cremes, you could get virtually any type of Mary’s Medicinals patches or gels that you want. To the left of the edibles and topicals was Magnolia Rd’s extensive shatter and wax collection. While the collection, according to Dan, is a rotation between various wax and shatter producers, at the time of my visit, Mahatma’s Black label shatter, and Epic Extracts wax and shatter were center stage. Depending on when you show up, you might find some concentrates from TCLabs, TerpX, or Venom as well. Need something to smoke out of? While the Magnolia Rd Boulderdispensary does not have much in the way of glass, there were plenty of pipes for under $20, and several standard scientific dab rigs to get you started on all that aforementioned wax and shatter. While not selling any cartridges of oil themselves, the dispensary has plenty of vape pens, and glass globe domes, and sell them cheap enough for you to get well on your way for only twenty-five bucks.

Now, when I go running, I tend to skip the short-shorts, the jerseys, and the weird sense of entitlement, and opt for sweatpants and an old band t-shirt. I guess that shows that I’m in a much different  tier when it comes to Boulder’s outdoor running scene. Hey, that’s alright. Now, you’d probably expect me to make some lame-ass joke about “running over to Magnolia Road Cannabis Company!” but I’m not going to. If you’re a medical card owner, you probably tend to need cannabis products more than someone who is a recreational user. I get that, and sometimes, pot is just too expensive. Not so at Magnolia Rd. You’ll find some awesome prices on some very good quality bud, with solid and friendly budtenders to boot. It’s a solid, albeit hidden place, whether you drive, ride your bike, or run.

If you get an opportunity to visit Magnolia Road Cannabis Company of Boulder, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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