Marisol Therapeutics | Review : Pueblo, CO

Marisol Therapeutics | Review : Pueblo, CO
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If you’ve ever rolled a roach, packed a nugget in a bowl, or munched down a cannabis brownie, chances are you know exactly who Tommy Chong is. If you’ve managed to find a rock large enough to avoid knowing who he is, Tommy Chong along with Cheech Marin, became a vital part of cannabis culture from the 70’s well into the 80’s. They represented mainstream cannabis back before cannabis was mainstream. Now with the green iron curtain lifted and the stashes coming out of the closet and into the light, it only makes sense that Tommy Chong would have a hand in this amazing revolution. While I would be lying if I said I hadn’t been to dispensaries displaying pictures of their owners shaking hands with Tommy Chong himself, I’ve only been to one dispensary that really captures his spirit. They’ve also captured a whole mess of official merchandise and even a strain, Chong Star, which is Tommy Chong’s official strain. Marisol Therapeutics, a medicinal and recreational dispensary down South in sunny Pueblo, Colorado has not only gained popularity as the second largest dispensary in the state, but also claims the distinction of making the first recreational cannabis sale in the city and has been around for seven years. While the epic Chong endorsement and sheer size Marisol Therapeuticswas already enough of a selling point for me, there is a whole lot that makes Marisol Therapeutics a very special dispensary.

I started my adventure after locating the Marisol complex located on the southern side of highway 50, West of downtown Pueblo. I claimed a parking spot with relative ease and went straight to the front door without an inkling of how massive the dispensary I was about to enter was going to be. On initial inspection, Marisol seemed like a regular mid-size dispensary with a relatively unassuming front desk and small single door entryway. I was greeted by Heather, who wasted no time and told me a little bit about Marisol’s undeniably well feathered cap. Not only can it lay claim to being the largest dispensary in Pueblo, but is among the largest in the state. They also have a fair share of Cheech and Chong merchandise as well as Tommy Chong’s namesake strain of cannabis. The time had come for Heather to show me where the magic happens, the bud room (“room” is a poor word to describe the commodious feel inside). I’ve been to a lot of dispensaries, and believe you me when I tell you this is the largest I’ve ever been in. Besides the extremely high ceilings, the square footage itself was Marisol Therapeuticsimpressive, possessing multiple checkout stands for medicinal patients and recreational users as well as a massive center island dedicated simply to an assortment of various swag and paraphernalia.

After a brief pass by the medicinal side of things, Heather guided me over to their recreational counter and started by showing me some of their amazing strains. There are a couple cool things that Marisol Therapeutics does with their cannabis that pretty much no one else does. For starters, all of the cannabis you buy at Marisol has been grown using good old fashioned sunlight and soil. Not everyone knows this, but due to the relatively harsh winters we get here in Colorado, most dispensaries can’t afford to care for and properly heat greenhouses and resort to growing their bud in warehouses with synthetic light where their crops are cloned, grown, and cultivated without ever having seen the light of day. Another really cool think Marisol does is store all of its bud in a humidor after it’s been cured. I’ve only seen one other dispensary in the state that does this, and I frankly don’t understand why this technique isn’t usedMarisol Therapeutics more often. They payoff is clear when I started to take a look at the perfectly moisture controlled extra-dank buds. I started off by checking out the signature strain, Tommy Chong’s very own Chong Star. Heather grabbed out a big jar of Chong Star from the humidor for me to take a peek at. Chong Star is an extremely sweet smelling and sticky indica-dominant strain that’s loaded with trichomes. The buds were in fact so sticky that Heather was able to grab one of the nuggets and let it dangle from her fingertip suspended by extra tacky trichomes. Next up Heather had me take a peek at their Orange Kush. Orange Kush is a classic indica strain, and Marisol’s batch was extremely sweet smelling with a hint of stereotypical cheesy smell. Lastly I took a whiff of their NYC diesel. The diesel smell was very mild but the sweetness was simply oozing off the dense nuggets that Heather showed me. To top off their bud selection, they also had a hearty supply of pre-rolls for sale which were strain specific and delightfully fresh.

The magic and fun doesn’t stop with the buds. Marisol has a phenomenal selection of concentrates, topicals, and edibles as well. Marisol had a fairly large selection of wax, shatter, and hash produced from various different blasting companies using their sun-grown cannabis. Heather gave me a mini concentrate tour and I was especially impressed Marisol Therapeuticswith their Casey Jones and Cindy 99 shatters, which were not only crystal clear and immaculate, but had a superb scent that really came through despite how much scent is usually eliminated during the blasting process. Another noteworthy concentrate option was their Chong Sticks. Marisol’s exclusive Chong Sticks are 52% THC pre-activated oil syringes that are ready to be dabbed onto a little bowl or just dripped into a cup of hot tea. The topical choices on their recreational side were absolutely massive and had practically everything that their medical side had including options from marQaha, Mary Jane’s, Mary’s Medicinals, RX Green, and Apothecanna. While I have seen larger selections of edibles before, that doesn’t mean that Marisol’s shelves weren’t loaded with sweet weed treats. There were edible options from Sweet Grass, Wana, Cannapunch, Cheeba Chews, Edipure, Canyon Cultivations, and Kief Cola. One edible that really stood out to me was the Carmel and Syrup waffles from Dutch Girl. Now I can’t attest to how the cannabis infused ones taste, but after myMarisol Therapeutics friend brought me back a bag of these little stroopwafels from Amsterdam, I can tell you that they are one of the best dessert items I’ve ever had the pleasure of consuming.

No trip to Marisol would be complete without a visit to their massive merchandise island in the center, which had everything from little $3 toke-n-toss pipes, to custom locally produced dab rigs, and of course Cheech and Chong bongs, pipes, and even glass cleaning solutions. I quickly saw that this selection doesn’t end at glass as I was presented with a raw pre-rolled joint tube that was, for lack of better words, comically large. Heather also pointed out their large selection of vape pens, vaporizers and dab accessories. Really there just is no denying how cool the selection, presentation, and budtenders at Marisol were. If you’re getting that insatiable urge to smoke some of the good stuff, or maybe just pick up some of that Cheech and Chong merchandise you’ve been searching for since the 1960’s, Marisol is the place for you.

If you get an opportunity to visit Marisol Therapeutics of Pueblo, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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