Medicinal Oasis | Review : Denver

Medicinal Oasis | Review : Denver
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Have you seen the 1992 animated classic Aladdin? Do you remember the scene where the giant tiger’s head rises out of the desert and tells Jafar to “seek thee, the diamond in the rough”? Well, you’ve found it. One of Medicinal Oasis’ two locations is right off Evans and Monaco and is one of the many herbal watering holes (so to speak) to be found along this stretch. As I was about to find out, it’s also one of the best. After finagling my car into one of the spaces in their somewhat small parking lot, I took a moment to step back and enjoy the shade of the whimsical fake palm tree and let my imaginary camel quench its thirst. Sandwiched between a Tesla service center and an ever delectable McDonald’s, Medicinal Oasis has a relatively small and unassuming storefront with a sign stating the mantra “keep it green.” Other than that, the storefront has a window, an open sign and a neon light promising that it has an ATM on location. The perception that this is going to be a small location with a meager selection quickly fades away after entering either the medical or recreational side of the store.

Upon entering the establishment, I was greeted by Remi and the ATM the window promised me, both waiting for my business. Behind the glass window, I could see the large counter set up for their medical patrons, and a door to my left which I assumedMedicinal Oasis Denver housed the recreational side. Remi proceeded to show me around the medicinal side, which boasted a massive selection of buds, concentrates, and edibles to rival any other store. There was a somewhat modest selection of glass and smoking implements which was the least of my concerns after burying my nose in some Flo, White Berry, and Chocolate Kush. After savoring the wholesome smells of Colorado’s fine botanical prowess, he then buzzed me into the recreational side. I assumed after seeing the massive medicinal side that the recreational side would only be big enough to fit a guy on a couch with a glass jar of weed and some Ziploc bags. Needless to say, I understood quickly why the some of the staff affectionately refer to it as “The Tardis” as a means to explain its massive size in a seemingly confined space.

After brushing off the initial shock of how large the counter and the selection was I took a moment to appreciate the phenomenally painted caricatures of Bruce Lee, Mario, Gandhi, and Spock. A large welcoming couch and a conveniently located second ATM Medicinal Oasis Denver(even more than the window promised) provided me with a wonderful spot to wait for a budtender to help me. The shop was extremely clean and well organized. Everything behind the counter was well labeled and marked with prices. Left of the counter hanging on the wall was a large selection of eco-friendly reusable bags, and a very informative sign that informed customers about the laws regarding marijuana use. I only waited a moment while Josh behind the counter artfully de-stemmed weed for a customer with chopsticks before weighing it. After sharing a few witty anecdotes with the customer, he then proceeded to give me a crash course on the hundreds of different products they sold on site.

Concentrates, Edibles, and Buds galore; all high quality and also a special selection of connoisseur weeds that were all hand trimmed. He also showed me theMedicinal Oasis Denverir specially produced infusions, crafted by sprinkling the keif of one strain on top of the buds of another strain during the curing process, to produce a natural product, that’s sure to “get the job done.” They also stocked refill cartridges for Aspen vape pens and had a wonderful selection of pre-rolled joints. A truly admirable business practice was unfolding before me as Josh proceeded to explain the company’s fundamental commitment to their patron’s safety and well-being. A chief concern was instilling an understanding of the potency of the products available. There was a large selection of edibles containing low dosages ideal for any who are new to realm of consuming marijuana. It was refreshing to see such an active attempt to inform the customer about what they were actually going to put into their bodies.

I must admit I was surprised to see a business that understands that interest in the medicinal values of marijuana isn’t simply limited to holders of red cards. There was everything from lip balms to CBD pain patches and tinctures all available to people who may have pain and are either unable or unwilling to get a medicinal card. It was clear on both the sides of the store that the budtenders knew exactly what they were selling toMedicinal Oasis Denver their customers and how it would, could, and should affect them. As far as the glass selection is concerned, the recreational side did have a somewhat larger selection than the medical side. This includes pipes, chillums, bongs, and vape pens, all of which were reasonably priced. Josh then informed me that this was about to change for the better. Plans are in the works to expand the store farther back to include a larger variety of glass on top of what I would consider an already proficient selection, the end concept being a one stop shopping location that functions as both a head shop and a dispensary.

I truly believe this is a location where the customers come first. Whether you are new to the realm or a seasoned veteran to dispensaries Medicinal Oasis is a location that is worth a visit. The staff from my experience is friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help you find the product that is just right for you. With a massive selection and a clean and efficient store the time has never been better to pack up your camel and head for the oasis. If you’re in the area to service your $80,000 Tesla, or picking up some $1 Burgers from Mickey D’s, drop in next door to Medicinal Oasis. Jafar, you’ve found your Aladdin.#JessetheGrove



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  1. Jedediah Kobobel

    I love this dispensary! Everyone has been pleasent and joyful to talk to about the product, dosage and the community. The parking is tight, but that is the only flaw to this business. The product has been exceptional while also being plentiful. Thank you Jesse for the compliment on the paintings.

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