Medicinal Wellness Center | Review : Mountain View

Medicinal Wellness Center | Review : Mountain View
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Once again, I packed my bags and went in search of another fresh green watering hole and a palm to tie up my ever reliable, imaginary camel. The dispensary nomads of the North speak of a place where herbal provisions are readily available in all forms and the vendors at the bazaar are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. A place where I would be able to fulfill all of my herbal desires, and all for the right price. A realm right in the corner of Denver, Wheat Ridge, and Arvada. I set my course with the northern star and made my way towards Medicinal Wellness Center. After passing by the illustrious Lakeside Amusement Park and the calm morning waters of Lake Rhoda, I saw my destination on the horizon and the familiar palm tree welcoming me to Medicinal Oasis’ sister store.

Don’t be confused when you’re looking for Medicinal Wellness Center, and you see that it’s located in Mountain View, Colorado. Mountain View, established in 1904, only encompasses a 12 block area, and is one of the smallest cities in the state, and home to one of the best dispensaries. I made my way to the back of the building, squeezed into one of the reserved parking spots, and proceeded to the front door. I was greeted at the front window by Benjamin who, after checking my ID, guided me into the recreational store as my budtender. First, he apologized for only having 20 strains at the moment (nothing to apologize for in my opinion) instead of their average 30 strains. Like its sister store, all of Medicinal Wellness Center Mountain Viewthe strains were perfectly labeled including their standard top shelf selections and their extremely high quality, hand trimmed connoisseur options. Right next to the fresh buds was a large selection of infusions (one strain of marijuana sprinkled with a different strains keif during the curing process) ready to make the rides at Lakeside down the street even more terrifying than they already are.

Moving on from leaf, I perused the other options on location which, I assure you, were numerable. The edible selection was pretty much all encompassing, and included all of the standard products from Edipure to the Growing Kitchen. There was also a selection of, what I can only assume, every Dixie product ever created. Next up concentrates, vape pens, and topicals. Benjamin brought out a brand new selection of hash, just waiting the warm embrace of a lighter. The walls also offered me a nice selection of vape pens from Aspen and Vapor X. Just like its sister store, Medicinal Wellness Center had a large selection of balms, lotions, and patches available recreationally. As Benjamin mentioned, big sellers to Medicinal Wellness Center Mountain Viewthe local soccer players to help mend the inevitable shin splints that come with the game. Another location that appreciates the medicinal value of marijuana and its ability to treat ailments, both minor and acute.

I took a dive back into the cabinets and saw a phenomenal selection of glass pipes, dabbing rigs, and more. What’s even better is the price was right. If you are coming to Colorado for a quick smoke, this would be a great stop for four dollar glass pipes, ready to serve their duty for herbal tourists. Or maybe you’re local and are ready to get set up with your first dabbing rig. This would be your place considering you most likely could get out the door with a rig for under thirty dollars. Of course if you just want to roll some joints they have you covered in that department as well. Papers and grinders ready to aid you in producing your own joints. If you want all the joy and none of the hassle you could also just snag a pre-rolled joint and take it to go. Always remember to bring back your to-go safety containers and remember it’s a cash only location. Don’t fret though, even if Medicinal Wellness Center Mountain Viewyou forget, you’re still covered by the two convenient ATMs in the lobby and in the recreational room.

Another superb location, then again, I expected nothing less. This is a perfect spot to grab some accoutrements for a fun filled day at Lakeside. Ride the Chipmunk, ride the Cyclone Coaster, or ride the fresh infusions from Medicinal Wellness Center. If you’re like me and amusement park rides aren’t your cup of tea, drop in next door for some Pho or head down the street to Tacos Tijuana and stuff your face. One final thing to take into account is the fact that Mountain View is an extremely small city that makes most of its revenue off of traffic violations. Make sure you’re on your best vehicular behavior and feel good about yourself for supporting one of their local businesses. This location was everything I expected from the sister store of one of my favorite dispensaries in the state. My time at this oasis had sadly come to an end. I repacked my imaginary camel as it casually stared back at me and let out an exasperated sigh at my overuse of this metaphor. My time may be over for now but your adventure is just about to begin. Ready your imaginary camel, prepare your water rations, and make your way to Mountain View Colorado, and a truly A+ experience in the shade of the palm trees at Medicinal Wellness Center.#JessetheGrove



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