Medicine Man Medical Market | Review : Glendale

Medicine Man Medical Market | Review : Glendale
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Last week, I went to the movie theater.  My girlfriend and I decided to go see it at the fancy local theater that has a bar and a full food menu, as well as tables at your theater seats and in-movie concessions delivered right to you. Before the movie, as is tradition, I grabbed a box of snowcaps at the store, dashed through the shortest line (in this case the self-checkout line) and went to the theater. I bought my tickets online ahead of time, and after entering, was directed by signs to make my food order at a small station to the left utilizing a row of tablets. It was only when I went to go get a beer at the bar that I realized I had just gone through several transactions in public without even so much as making eye contact with another human being. Somewhat saddened by this fact, I couldn’t help but chat with the bartender a little longer than she probably wanted to, as a means to make up for the lack of human interaction. I’m sure that eventually, many dispensaries will start adopting some type of fast transaction process most likely accomplished by pre-selecting strains through a computer system while you wait in the lobby. While this is an appealing to concept to many people who may have social phobias, this isn’t the type of transaction that I want as a patient inside a medicinal dispensary. I want a one-on-one experience with a knowledgeable budtender, who is willing to take the time to find the products that are just right to suit my needs. At Medicine Man Medical Market, they pride themselves in creating an individualized and exceptionally personable experience for each patient that comes through their door.

After finding the place, my first task Medicine Man Medical Market Glendalewhen I visit any dispensary is to locate a suitable place to park my car. It doesn’t seem like much to ask, but at many locations, it’s a challenge in and of itself. Medicine Man Medical Market is nestled in a small strip mall off of Parker Road that provides an abundance of available parking opportunities. The front of their store is decorated with their primary logo, a Native American man smoking a peace pipe, and a meticulously crafted (by one of their employees) depiction of the flower of life drawn with marijuana leaves. I entered the front door into their small waiting area and was greeted by Neal, who had me fill out a brief bit of paperwork, and then guided me back to their main waiting room. This room is wonderfully furnished, welcoming, and filled with informative pamphlets and brochures. In the back corner of the waiting room was a vending machine loaded with all the basic accessories any cannabis smoker would ever need: lighters, hemp wicks, mouthwash, cleaning wipes, rolling papers, eye drops, hand sanitizer, candy bars, and more; a truly unique idea that would have no doubt made a fortune if there was on in my college dormitory.

After a brief moment to take it all in, I followed Neal back into the aptly Medicine Man Medical Market Glendalenamed “bud room” where he proceeded to show me their products. First and foremost, all of the buds that are grown for their location are grown in locally sourced soil and are 100% organically produced to provide products with all of the flavor and quality inherent of naturally grown marijuana. Their grower produces over 100 different strains, and they usually have 15-20 of them in stock depending on the day organized into three pricing tiers. First off in my visual and olfactory tour was their New York City Diesel, a sativa-dominant top-shelf hybrid that is genetically unique from other NYC Diesels you may have seen at other locations. Its lustrous green appearance and earthy aroma indicative of soil grown plants made it easy to see why this 22.5% THC-A strain was one that helped kick-start this unique dispensary. Next, I took a whiff of Flo: a hybrid strain covered in trichomes, which released a smell so sinfully sweet it might belong in Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. Last, but certainly not least, was one of Neal’s personal favorites, the Armagnac hybrid strain. These tightly packed little verdant nuggets sported hairs so blazingly scarlet they would make a red-head blush.

Moving past their wonderful selecMedicine Man Medical Market Glendaletion of organic buds, Neal showed me some of the concentrates that were available. Medicine Man has used many different companies to produce their extracts in an attempt to find the very best. When I visited, they had shatter extracted by TerpX, and oil from Colorado Cannabis Company. The oil was most recently tested as containing 5% CBN, making it a phenomenal pain killer. They also carry O.pen cartridges, and have a selection of mix-and-match components for crafting your own wax pen. In the edible department, there was a wide selection of edibles available as well adding to the one-stop shopping appeal. Dabba Chocolates, Edipures, Cheeba Chews, Sweet Grass Baked Goods, IncrEdibles, Bubba Kush sodas and Blue Kudus adorned the shelves and refrigerator, tempting patients with the promise of a tasty treat that also fights pain. They also had a selection of hard candies from Mountain High Suckers, which I can personally attest to the potency. A full stock of Apothecanna products was available for transdermal applications as well. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they also had a very proficient selection of smoking devices. Their pipe display held everything from little chillums all the way up to Volcano vaporizers. Their selection of glass dabbing rigs and pipMedicine Man Medical Market Glendalees are all produced locally in Fort Collins, and are sure to have you smoking your organic cannabis in style.

I was completely satisfied with my one-on-one experience with Neal, and was very impressed at the diversity of options held in their modestly sized bud room. In addition to the great organic marijuana, selection of concentrates, edibles, and smoking implements, Medicine Man Medical Market also carries some awesome merchandise with their logo on it (I was particularly fond of their baseball caps). Soon they are going to be expanding their selection of edibles, as well to provide even more options for their patients. When you join up with them as a member, you receive a free half eighth, a free lighter, and a free chillum. To really drive home the personalized experience, as a final note, Neal mentioned that they are more than happy to mix and match strains and are willing to sell you any dollar amount that you want (within legal limits of course). If you are looking for a Colorado marijuana dispensary that will cater to your needs and do it all with a smile, look no further: you’ve found Medicine Man Medical Market.

If you get an opportunity to visit Medicine Man Medical Market of Glendale, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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