Medicine Man | Review : Denver

Medicine Man | Review : Denver
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A few months ago, I traveled to New York City to visit some family, eat some delicious bagels, and drink beer until 4:00 AM in a few of the city’s crowded and expensive bars. I spent a few days with one of my lifelong friends, who is grinding it out in the Big Apple, who kept asking me if the bud back home was any better than what they can get in Manhattan. How do you answer that question other than “fuhgeddaboudit.” Needless to say, after my trip, I was looking forward to delving back into Colorado’s finest cannabis. As I was walking to passenger pickup, I noticed something strange. Where the men with limousine and private car services normally stand were a few, shall we say, more “colorful” individuals, with services that take people around to dispensaries. Weed tours? Bob Dylan had it pegged when he wrote, “The Times are A-Changin’.” One such fellow I talked to mentioned that he exclusively makes rounds to Medicine Man, a Denver dispensary about twenty minutes from the pickup line at DIA. While I was tempted, I instead chose to take the ride from my friend who was picking me up. I knew, however, that I needed to see Medicine Man. So close to the airport, it should go without saying the dispensary is loud, busy, and exciting. However, at the same time, despite the cacophony of the tourist-heavy spot, it is a place to get the full dispensary experience. With a massive selection, friendly and informative bud tenders, and prices that are tough to beat recreationally, it’s no surprise the dispensary is one of the most successful Colorado has seen.

It’s tough to miss Medicine Man, as it’s a giant, imposing building, slathered with several Medicine Man Denverenormous green crosses on its exterior. While the dispensary itself is not huge, the building is primarily the home to their growing, trimming, and curing operation. It turns out Medicine Man in Denver is the single largest marijuana production facility providing for an individual store. Most people coming to Medicine Man were parallel parking on the street, and I, and being the sheep I am, followed suit. The dispensary does have a few dedicated spots, but not too many. Inside, I was immediately greeted by their security guard, who asked if I wanted to shop medical or recreational. After showing him my Red Card (yes, mine is still red), he directed me to the small window labeled “Medical.” I guess I could have found that myself, but the stern point in its direction was indeed helpful. After filling out a small ledger to sign in, I was directed to one of Medicine Man’s comfy leather couches to wait. See, the dispensary is divided into two sides. To the left when you walk in is the long snaking line for the recreational counter, and to the right was the predictably less-busy medical counter. It was only a short wait until Jason, one of the bud tenders, shook my hand and took me to the counter.

Jason wasted no time. Immediately when I got to the medical counter, I was handed some information on the “Relax Bio Energy Patch,” a small metallic disc that you stick to your left shoulder. The product, made by AlphaBio Centrix, has no drugs or chemicals, and Medicine Man Denversays it will deliver the same “frequencies” of CBD to the patient. The patch can also be used in conjunction with cannabis, Jason explained to me, to enhance the natural physiological and psychological effects of the cannabis products on your body. For me, when I hear that “Chakra Scientists” are the ones discovering the effects of CBD frequencies on the human body, I tend to lose interest. However, I’m a strong proponent of “whatever floats your boat” social policy.

Moving on, Jason started pulling out jars of flower (which is something I know I like), and began explaining their pricing structure. At the very tippy top of their pricing pyramid is what’s called the Platinum Private Stock, which are buds that are in high demand, but the plants themselves are not huge producers. From this elite group came my first purchase: Girl Scout Cookies. While their smell was underwhelming, the buds were extremely dense, and almost looked like they had been molded out of clay. Let me just say, it’s no wonder this guy sits on top of the pricing scaffold. It’s a sweet and pleasant smoke, with Medicine Man Denveran incredibly potent and heady high. Everything, and I mean everything, was hilarious. The next bud I picked up was on one of their lower shelves: the Haole. Now, for those of you who have visited Hawaii, are from Hawaii, or have seen the South Park episode on Hawaii, will recognize the name of the strain as the pejorative term for someone with white ancestry, or simply as someone not from the island. Odd naming choice? The strain is a mix of LA Confidential and Maui Wowie, making this bud a solid, even-keeled hybrid. With an earthy, pineappley aroma and flavor, it’s certainly not one to miss. On the medical side, there were 22 strains available, and just as many on the recreational side as well. And I must say, the bud tenders at Medicine Man were on point. These guys knew everything about each of these strains, and weren’t afraid to be honest about the product. “I wouldn’t suggest that one, but this one is bomb,” was a line that was thrown around more than once.

For my dabbing friends, the dispensary had a few options that might pique your interest. Medicine Man had some delicious looking shatter from TerpX. Unfortunately, they were fresh out of their nectar at the time of my visit, but even their trim shatter looked fabulous.Medicine Man Denver The dispensary also had in stock some yummy-looking flake from Epic Extracts. For my oil lovers out there, the dispensary had plenty to choose from, including Rempen cartridges in the 250mg and 500mg varieties. The dispensary is chock full of edibles in every conceivable form. IncrEdibles probably took up the majority of the dispensary’s shelf space, but there were plenty of selections from Tincture Belle, Caviar Kings, Canyon Cultivation, and many, many more.

Simply put, Medicine Man delivers the whole experience. The dispensary is high volume, high energy, and high compassion. Every single bud tender and employee that I talked to have me a smile and a high-five. In many industries, it’s difficult to conceive an employee being genuinely excited that you’re spending some time with them, chatting about the product. I know I’ve never chatted up the Sears representatives about washing machines like chatted with the staff at Medicine Man. If you’re in Colorado from out of town, you’re luckily not too far from one of Denver’s premier spots. If you’re here from New York, please bring me some bagels, salt, with some chive cream cheese. Thanks.

If you get an opportunity to visit Medicine Man of Denver, Colorado, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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