Meet the Chronic Therapy Dispensary Crew: Part One

Meet the Chronic Therapy Dispensary Crew: Part One
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Meet the Staff of Chronic Therapy Dispensary

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my time at Dope Directory, is just how many incredible, interesting, and diverse people exist in the cannabis industry. With over seven hundred dispensaries in Colorado alone, the process of purchasing cannabis has, admittedly, gotten a little less personal. Before, you had your guy, your collie man, your dealer, your hookup, or whatever you called him (or her!). This person would be your French Connection for months on end, at least a few times a week (if you were anything like I was back in the day). Today, it’s easier to have a less-than-personal experience in a dispensary. Remembering a bud tender’s name in some dispensaries, especially recreational dispensaries, can be like trying to remember your gas station attendant’s name when you bought gas and potato chips this morning. That’s why, for me, it’s always nice to get an inside scoop on some of the people that make places work. I sat down with Maura, Matt, and Amanda at Chronic Therapy, a recreational dispensary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, to get a better perspective on who is serving up the high quality herb we all love and enjoy.


Position/Title: ManagerChronic Therapy Wheat Ridge

Max Eliot: How did you get involved in the cannabis industry?

Maura: I actually more “fell” into the industry. Two years ago, I was working at a restaurant in Breckenridge, and my close friend was working at a small medical dispensary up there. She was leaving the job, and she recommended me to be her replacement. She brought me in, and then suddenly, I was part of this movement. After a short time there, I moved to a different dispensary in Breck. After that, I came down to town, and joined the Chronic Therapy team.

Max: What made you stay in the industry?

Maura: When I first started at that first dispensary, I was going to school for Business Administration with an emphasis on entrepreneurship. Working in such a small dispensary allowed me to learn precisely what I was going to school for. And now, I’m the manager at Chronic Therapy, and I’ve learned more jumping head first into a business administration role, than all the years I was in college.

Max: As a manager, what are your responsibilities at Chronic Therapy?

Max: My job is to make sure everything is running smoothly. I do a bit of everything. I work at the point of sales, inventory, managing employees, scheduling, employee relations and issues, expediting, restocking, and so on. Basically, I do what needs to be done up front to ensure our customers get the smoothest customer service experience possible.

Max: That sounds challenging.

Maura: I’ll tell you this. I really enjoy my job, because I thrive in a little bit of chaos, which requires strong problem solving skills, and being able to come up with solutions on my feet. It’s not for everyone!


Matt (AKA: “Fatty Dabs”)

Position/Title: Lead BudtenderChronic Therapy Wheat Ridge

Max: How did you get involved in the cannabis industry?

FD: I’m kind of a weed geek. I have studied the plant for many years, and have aspired to learn everything I possibly can about the plant; growing it, harvesting it, curing it, and extracting it as well. I grew up in Minnesota, and I loved smoking there. I knew that I needed to come to Colorado to be a part of this industry. Before I left Minnesota, though, I started at an organic produce and greenhouse company, to get some industry-related experience. It was there that I got a crash course in what it means to grow organically.

Max: How’d you end up at Chronic Therapy?

FD: I took a few jobs in the industry before I started volunteering at Chronic Therapy. They were recently opened, and were beyond busy. I volunteered with these guys for six weeks before they hired me on as a budtender. I haven’t looked back yet.

Max: Okay, I gotta ask: how’d you get your unique nickname?

FD: I absolutely love concentrates. It’s my favorite way to smoke. For one, there’s very little oxygen deprivation that occurs with dabbing, leaving a much cleaner, clearer high. I really enjoy dabbing and winter sports for that exact reason. The high isn’t nearly as cloudy as smoking flower. I guess you could call me the local dab expert at Chronic Therapy. If you have any questions about dabbing, vaping, or accessories, I’m your guy to talk to. I mean, I just love holding the hand of people with a million questions. I know there are some places out there that get annoyed answering the same question thousands of times a day. Not here, not us.



Position/Title: BudtenderChronic Therapy Wheat Ridge

Max:  How did you get involved in the cannabis industry?

Amanda: Actually, Chronic Therapy has been my first job in the industry. I’ve been working here for six months. Before that, I came in here to buy weed, and I was overjoyed that it was a classy and professional establishment, unlike many other dispensaries I have been to.

Max: What do you like about it so far?

Amanda: Cannabis is a personal passion of mine, so besides that? It’s nice being at a job that you absolutely love. I love Chronic Therapy, because we’re all a family here. It’s funny. I actually hear it a lot. People don’t only come here for the weed, which is fabulous, by the way. People come here for the budtenders, and the extremely high level of customer service that we offer. Oh, they also come for Jacques, the shop dog, too!

Max: What’s your favorite product you guys sell?

Amanda: I am definitely on team flower. I mean, now more than ever, there’s plenty of different ways to get your cannabis, but I want to keep the flower life alive. It’s the raw plant; it’s the seeds. It’s where everyone’s passion started. Also, Chronic Therapy uses organic products, and grows in cocoa, and our buds are expertly hand-trimmed. It’s hard to say no to flower when it’s as good as ours.


Thank you to everyone at Chronic Therapy in Wheat Ridge! There are certainly a lot of different faces and responsibilities in the wide world of Colorado cannabis, so it’s nice to get a small peek.


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