Metropolis Medical | Review : Denver

Metropolis Medical | Review : Denver
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Allow me to share with you one of the most colorful ways I used to procure cannabis for myself in the past. Well before the first medical marijuana storefronts and caregivers opened their doors to start assuaging the ailments of their patients, and even longer still before the first recreational hotspots opened up, I would make visits to my friend, Jack. Jack was employed at a sandwich store familiar to us all, but for the purposes of this article shall remain nameless. His little sandwich store was always a very popular location to visit before hitting the bars, curling up with a nice book, or playing beer pong at a local shindig. The most exhilarating part of the process was the fact that good ol’ Jack would take your order for a sandwich and then casually ask if you wanted to buy a cookie. If you responded “I’ll take a half cookie,” the price of your sandwich would stay the same but your “cookie” would suddenly cost an extra $25, funny coincidence no? In some strange way it felt like those were my first true retail marijuana purchases. The new world of retail marijuana is undeniably much more thrilling though. Now there is a massive selections of buds, edibles and concentrates to choose from and the market has become much more complex than mystery bag of buds from your local sandwich artist. I recently found aMetropolis Medical new herbal pit-stop that’s within spitting distance of Denver International Airport, and at the apex of Colorado’s I-225 where it meets I-70. Metropolis Medical sells their fine wares to recreational customers and medical patients, and this time if I get a cookie, I’m sure it will pack a little more punch that my cookies of the past.

Metropolis is located near a little hot-spot of dispensaries just north of Aurora in the little spit of land that’s actually part of Denver along the highway out to DIA. From the outside, Metropolis is a rather unassuming structure with the semblance of a generic warehouse. They do have a rather large dedicated parking lot, which is always a treat for me when I’m visiting a new spot. I walked into their cozy little waiting area and was greeted at the window by Adam, who checked my ID and welcomed me into their secondary waiting area for me to fill out a brief bit of paperwork so that I could visit their medical side as well as their Metropolis Medicalrecreational side. After a very brief wait Ashley came out and offered to show me around the Medical side of Metropolis. Right off the bat, I was already wowed by their massive selection of edibles, their cabinet-o-concentrates, and their amazing looking buds.

Not to get too far ahead of myself, I’ll start off by telling you about their buds. During my visit to the med side I counted 10 different strains on the shelf. Ashley showed me a jar of their Skywalker OG. If I were to describe the indica dominant Skywalker OG in one word, it would need to be the combination of the words minty, skunky, earthy, and fresh. Seeing as such a word doesn’t exist, I’ll just have to make do with the four. Subsequently, I will just need to make due by telling you about its delicate hints of purple and its pristine little orange. Next she showed me 303 Kush, her “old faithful”. A tasty looking indica dominant hybrid, 303 Kush has a wonderful minty smack when you smell it, and as Ashley told me also has a wonderful mental and physical smack when you smoke it. Right as Ashley was about grab out another jar, the manager Niko came in to show me a special strain that had just arrived, and wasn’t even available for sale yet, Sour OG. Sour OG is the genetic mash-up of Sour Diesel and OG Metropolis MedicalKush. These two classic old school strains join forces to create an extra purple, extra hairy chimera of pain-fighting, high-causing freshness ready to fight pain, depression, and sobriety! Niko even grabbed me a glove so I could feel just how outrageously dense these perfect nuggets were. I have no doubt in my mind that by the time you’re reading this, their massive bag of Sour OG will have made a hasty departure from their lineup.

In a struggle worthy of song, I pulled my face out of the bag of Sour OG so that I could look at their amazing selection of medical concentrates. To put it plainly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a variety of different extraction companies in one location. Their shelf had extracts from The Lab, Venom, Gold Dragon, Colorado Concentrates, Evo Labs, and White Mousse. A couple stars worth mentioning are the budder from Colorado Concentrates, which looked as smooth and creamy as its name should entail, and the shatter from White Mousse, which was as clear of imperfections as a crisp Rocky Mountain stream. If you need a device to consume your concentrates, there was a small selection on of dab rigs, pipes, and pens available. If you’re in a pinch, and just need a quick little pick-me-up of medication, you can snag a strain specific joint for only $4. On the other Metropolis Medicalhand, if you’re feeling very patient, and are willing to grow your own, you can also pick up clones for $15 on both the med and rec side.

If you’re not a big smoker and instead like to apply your cannabis topically, Metropolis has lotions from Apothecanna and pens and patches from Mary’s Medicinals. If you want to eat your marijuana, you’re in for a really tough decision making process. Metropolis has a massive selection of edibles and every single dispensary staple was represented on their shelves, along a few rarer options as well. If you want to bake at home, grab some fresh butter from Medibles. Want something a little more unique? Try a miniature pumpkin pie from Sweet Grass or maybe some Key Lime Kickers from Sweet Mary Jane’s. I’ll just sum it up by saying they have all their bases covered on the medical side, and as I was about to find out, that statement holds true of their recreational side as well.

Saying my farewell to Niko and Ashley, I went over to Metropolis’ recreational side, where I was reunited with Adam and met Chavis. The recreational side was just as stocked up as the medical side with a few additions as well, including a larger selection of strains and smoking devices. Adam and I proceeded to have a wonderful conversation about the nigh other-worldly healing power of cannabis and the importance of terpenes and their effects on the brain. This man Metropolis Medicalknew his marijuana. Other than having a few different options on the rec side of things, all I can say is that Metropolis is an amazingly well stocked dispensary. If you’re in the area, I recommend stopping by to take a peek, and share in the knowledge of their budtenders.

I do admit that I will always experience a little bit of nostalgia when I think back to my collegiate visits to see Jack in the sandwich store, but I can’t deny how refreshing it is to purchase my weed legally now. One of the funniest parts about buying from Jack in the past was the fact that he would usually throw an actual cookie in the bag with your products for free. This went a little ways to help counteract the inevitable munchies his other fine wares would give you. I think I’ll buy a pumpkin pie instead of a cookie next time I visit Metropolis and this time it’ll hit the spot even more than Jack’s cookies ever could.

If you get an opportunity to visit Metropolis Medical of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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