Mile High Green Cross | Review : Denver

Mile High Green Cross | Review : Denver
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It’s hard not to look back at your first job with fondness, especially a job so amusing that you keep coming back to for 9 more years. I was still practically wet behind the ears when I started my first summer job at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, down in Larkspur Colorado. I began my illustrious career as one of the employees at the Amazing Maze. Despite the horrible puns, I kept working at the maze for another few years before being promoted to roaming pretzel man. Along with my new pretzel job, I also acquired a taste for sweet Colorado chronic. I don’t know how I hadn’t noticed it before, but either my newfound joy of smoking marijuana, or the fact that now I traversed the entirety of the festival grounds, had me taking note of someone blazing up every 15 minutes or so. I would walk through the narrow streets and see little puffs of smoke rising from the second story windows of the shops, and smell the familiar reek of fresh smoke when visiting the bathrooms. It wasn’t until another year or two later that I really started to get to know more of the folks who worked at the festival and learn a little bit more about their reasons for smoking. Many of the employees didn’t smoke solely for recreational purposes, but also to resolve medical issues ranging from scoliosis, to aiding in the control of life threatening seizures. This was one of the first encounters I’d had with marijuana where I could see it’s medicinal values and how it was directly helping people I knew. Besides the beneficial medicinal effects it provided my fellow workers, they all were aficionados on strains. Some of the best buds I’d ever seen at the time were grown in trailers by traveling carnival workers. Go figure. Whenever I visit a medicMile High Green Crossal only dispensary like Mile High Green Cross in Denver, with compassionate medical treatment, mixed with the science of creating the perfect marijuana, I can’t help but feel a little bit of nostalgia for my old Renaissance Festival buddies.

Mile High Green Cross is in the spotlight about as much as any dispensary I’ve ever visited. This is for two huge reasons; first, you would have to be so blind that you shouldn’t legally be driving to miss their sign on Broadway, and second, they’ve taken home a slew of cannabis cups in the last half decade. Despite the inherent fame brought on by such publicity, I couldn’t tell that it has had any effect on the budtenders at Mile High Green Cross, who are as compassionate about helping others as anyone I’ve met in the industry. I started my visit as I always do, by parking, which – no big surprise – was a harrowing event on Broadway on a weekday afternoon. I bribed my parking meter with a quarter and entered Mile High Green Cross’ very laid back lobby. I really like the Mile High Green Crossfeel of this dispensary; the moody lighting in concert with the high ceilings makes the space feel open while still providing a roomy atmosphere. Rachel greeted me from behind the window, peeked at my ID and welcomed me in.

Rachel explained that all of their crops are soil grown and are cultivated using a completely organic process. This makes for some extremely tasty weed. With more Cannabis Cup awards than any other dispensary in the state, you don’t need to take my word on the quality of their marijuana. During my visit there were several of the award winners on the shelf, but after getting the lowdown on some of the patient and employee favorites, I went home with two amazing looking classic strains, yet to bring home an award for Mile High Green Cross. The first strain I brought home was the well known and loved Girl Scout Cookies. Drawing heavily from its OG Kush genetics, their harvest of Girl Scout Cookies has that extra special dank smell that I correlate with OGs. The sweetness of this strain is exceptional as well, and in concert with its dank souMile High Green Crossr notes, smells a little bit like a bag of sour gummy worms. The taste when you smoke this cannabis is really where it’s at. The bitterness in the scent yields to the rich earthy flavors indicative of good soil grown chronic. The smoke if exceptionally smooth and has a slight citrus note at the end. If you are suffering from loss of appetite, let me add that this would be a wonderful strain for you. If you just want it for its remarkably uplifting pain relieving factors, do yourself a favor and lock the fridge. The other strain I took home with me was their Hells OG. This is some simply amazing looking cannabis, covered in trichomes and laden with remarkably red little hairs. It has all the typical dank characteristics of an OG when you smell it in the jar, but the real complexity of this strain comes out when you smoke it. While the smoke was undeniably harsher than the Girl Scout Cookies, the overall flavor is phenomenal. I immediately tasted a sharp flavor that I would equate to grapefruit, which leaves the immediate aftertaste of sweet citrus. While not as munchies inducing, the Hells OG does provide a balanced high that will relieve pain, and have you giggling at the mundane. While I only sampled two of the 20 different strains on the shelf, I have no doubt every other bud on the shelf smacked of the same quality.

Mile High Green Cross

Courtesy of Rachel Danielle Shelton Photography

Moving down the table, Rachel showed me a few flavors from their massive selection of strain-specific concentrates. Not only was their selection massive, but it ranged had every incarnation of concentrate as well, including flake, budder, BHO oil, wax, and shatter. Normally I’m a sucker for shatter, and don’t get me wrong, their shatter was immaculate, but their budder was unbelievably alluring. I was particularly enamored with their Chernobyl Budder produced by Epic Extracts. Chernobyl is already one of my favorite strains, but to see it in immaculate golden yellow brick form was just amazing. If their current selection of roughly 15 different concentrates wasn’t enough, they had just got in 8 more to choose from that weren’t on the shelf yet, making this a concentrate connoisseur’s paradise.

I finished up my visit by taking a peek at their edible, topical, and glass selection. Their edible selection, while not massive, did cover all the bases. For basic edibles, snag something from IncrEdibles, Mountain Medicine, Dabba, Cheeba Chew, Wana, or Green Hornet. If you prefer to drink your cannabis, grab a Flo Energy or a Bubba Kush soft drink. If you want to try something a little more unique, how about one of the amazing looking cookies made by The Lab? If you want a quick and easy way to ingest CBDs for pain relief, one of their tasty flavored tinctures from CibDex will do the trick. In the topical department, Mile High Green Cross carries lotions from Apothecanna, but if you want to investigate something different, they have a topical salve from Cibaderm. As far as their glass selection goes, they had a modest inventory of glass pipes, grinders, and various accessories, just enough to get you up and running again if you’re a returning smoker coming back after a hiatus.

Mile High Green Cross

Courtesy of Rachel Danielle Shelton Photography

Without a doubt my old Renaissance Festival friends would be pleased at the wonderful selection of award winning organic goodness at Mile High Green Cross. Besides the fact that cannabis products are just what many of them needed to get through a nine hour day working outside in hundred degree weather in corsets and armor, it never hurts to be high when trying to keep up your British accent all day either. With summer (and the inevitable Ren Fair) coming again soon, I would highly recommend swinging by Mile High Green Cross to pick up some medication to assuage your woes. Heck, if you grab one of their concentrates, you might lose track of what century it is yourself.

If you get an opportunity to visit Mile High Green Cross of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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