Mr. Nice Guys Wellness Center | Review : Denver

Mr. Nice Guys Wellness Center | Review : Denver
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Ponder, if you will, this hypothetical situation. You are driving home from work and you need to buy a hammer and a candy bar. Ideally the fastest, cheapest, and easiest place to procure a candy bar would be at your local gas station, and the best place to find a hammer would be at your local hardware store. If you go to the gas station, you’ll be able to get your candy, but chances are if they even have a hammer it will be piss-poor quality. Now if you go to the hardware store you’ll be able to get a nice hammer, but their selection of candy will no doubt be overpriced and lacking. Your best choice is probably to just bite the bullet and visit a gas station and a hardware store. Thanks for playing along with my clunky little scenario, designed to illustrate that despite the fact that many stores may offer you a one stop shop, they are undoubtedly going to be lacking in one department or another. Many dispensaries out there attempt to make their location a one stop shop by including a small spattering of all products. Frequently this means that they end up carrying inferior products in one category or another, simply so they can say, “yeah, we have that.” This drives up prices all around and often overshadows whatever products that dispensary really did specialize in. When I visited Mr. Nice Guys Wellness Center off of Dahlia, I was pleased to see a dispensary that didn’t atteMr Nice Guys Demvermpt to bastardize their specialty by adding bunches of superfluous products. If you are a medical marijuana card holder, and you like to smoke superior medication for unbelievably low prices, Mr. Nice Guys medical marijuana dispensary is undoubtedly the place for you.

It took me a moment to pin down the exact location of Mr. Nice Guys Wellness Center, since the actual store front is a few doors west of their main sign. Follow the signs on the walls and look for a welcoming little smiley face on their window, and you won’t be disappointed. I once again committed one of my own biggest pet peeves and attempted to open the door before reading the sign that clearly told me to “hit the buzzer.” After a slight bit of embarrassment, I was let in and greeted by Allie, Ashley, and Katelin. Mr. Nice Guys’ interior, while not massive, was furnished with some extremely comfy looking couches. The bud counter across from their small seating area carried eight amazing looking strains, a massive selection of strain specific wax, and some pre-rolls.

Wasting no time, the lovely ladies of Mr. Nice Guys quite cordially offered to show me some of their minty marijuana goodness. First off I took a big whiff of Purple Kush. This is an Indica in its truest form, as Katelin mentioned, “lock your fridge for this one.” Archetypally gorgeous in appearance and remarkable sweet in aroma, I can see this strain becoming the best friend of someone who needs Mr Nice Guys Demvermedical cannabis to induce appetite. I was also warned that it also can be a couch crashing strain, so you might be faced with the horrible choice of sitting on your couch or forcing yourself to stand and raid your own cheese drawer. Next on the shelf was Afghan Bubblegum, another indica. Rich coral colored hairs embraced the minty verdant nuggets at the core of this truly remarkable looking strain. Sweet delicate notes of sugar pleasantly play in your nose with a hint of tangy ambiguous marijuana scent. A strain born for those of us who want the pain relief of an indica without the compulsion to eat week old leftovers from the fridge. Next to the scrumptious Afghan Bubblegum was a full jar of Ghost Train Haze. This sativa dominant strain, is sure to get your train right on the tracks to high town. A little hint of peppery goodness mixes with a touch of piney floral aroma in this light green happy-inducing strain. Last on my sniff list, was Lemon Diesel. True to its name, the first impression of this strain is enough to make your brain pucker from all the lemony goodness packed in it. When you really take a deep inhaMr Nice Guys Demverle, you can pick up the slightest diesel bouquet. Picture a jet plane, run exclusively off of melted Lemon Heads, flying straight into your nose.

If you’re medical desires are in the concentrate department, Mr. Nice Guys selection of wax is phenomenal. When I visited they had 27 different strain-specific waxes, enough selection to satiate the needs of pretty much any dabber out there. What makes their selection even more unique is that they produce it all themselves with a machine they received from their old concentrate company. Whenever I find a location that produces their own concentrates, I’m always pleased. Sorry ahead of time for sounding pretentious, but anytime a company can produce its own products, not only is it better for the environment, but it also means that they can bring you superior products for less than the competition. This was clear when I saw a gram of wax was as cheap as $20.

If you don’t already own a pipe, or if you want to eat your cannabis products, then Mr. Nice Guys Wellness Center is not the place for you. While this might be discouraging for some of you out there remember what I was saying earlier about specialization of products. Since their focus is strictly on smokeables, they have some of the most stunning prices I’ve ever seen on buds. If you don’t have a pipMr Nice Guys Demvere you can pick up pre-rolls for $5 a piece or three for only $13. You can bring home an ounce of their amazing buds for only $125. Swing by on a weekend or during their happy hour (weekdays from 2:00PM- 4:20PM) you can pick up a gram of marijuana for a jaw dropping $4.20 ($4.52 after tax). The limit on this deal is set at 4 grams, but that still means you can pick up an eighth along with a bonus half gram for only $18.08 out the door.

For medical marijuana smokers, Mr. Nice Guys Wellness Center is a must visit location. The unprecedented variety of wax, the amazing quality buds, and the phenomenal prices more than make up for the lack of edibles and smoking implements. Visit them now off of Evans, or after they move early next year to their new location at I-70 and Steel. To follow through with my analogy from before, don’t come to Mr. Nice Guys for a candy bar; however, if you want a hammer to nail down that special THC smoking spot in your mind, you’ve found the right place.

If you get an opportunity to visit Mr Nice Guys Wellness Center of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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