Native Roots Highlands | Review : Denver , CO

Native Roots Highlands | Review : Denver , CO
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Ask someone in the industry what marijuana has done for them and those around them. You’re going to find that a lot of people have been very touched by this little plant. I’m not talking “listening to Dazed and Confused on repeat” touched, I’m talking about being touched on a deeper level.Native Roots Highlands-4 More on the level of talking to a mother who is getting CBD extracts to stop their child from having seizures, or an elderly couple one of which just beat cancer with the help of marijuana to combat appetite loss, pain, and depression. From an outside view, people may take powerful things like this for granted and think of marijuana on the same level as the DEA, as a schedule one substance with no medicinal use. I could tell you how bogus this was after going out on my first review, and it still rings true hundreds of reviews later. While many dispensaries are phasing out their medicinal marijuana in lieu of more profitable recreational sales, this isn’t the case universally. I recently paid a visit to Native Roots Highlands, a recreational and medicinal marijuana dispensary in Denver, Colorado. While other dispensaries are phasing out medical, Native Roots Highlands just opened a brand new medicinal station inside the dispensary and is now serving patients and customers alike.

I made my way through the winding narrow streets of Highlands on an unseasonably warm Tuesday morning. After dodging several parked trucks and nearly getting taken out by a lady in and Oldsmobile, I found a spot to park across the street from Native Roots Highlands. A little cling in the window informed me that they are now serving medical patients. I walked in the front door into a remarkably quaint little waiting area. Native Roots Highlands-3Light poured in through the large front window and made a real spectacle of the trademark Native Roots weed smoking collage that is represented at all of their locations. Cold War Kid’s “Hang me up me to dry” was playing on the sound system and the mood was set for an awesome dispensary experience! I walked up to the front window and was greeted by Elle who was all smiles. She let me in and introduced me to the whole gang on duty that day. Ryan and Kelsey were busy checking the supplies while Eduardo was helping out a pair of customers. Despite the relatively small space, there were still nearly half a dozen recreational check-out stations and a single medicinal marijuana station in the back-right corner. While much smaller than other Native Roots I’ve visited, the space didn’t feel so small, thanks to some clever design and tactful paint scheming. I started out my grand tour by looking over their selection of edibles and topicals.

To say that Native Roots Highlands has a robust selection of edibles would be a huge understatement. During my visit, I counted edible products from a dozen different companies ranging from tasty baked good from Sweet Grass to sour gummies from Wana. Other edible companies represented on the shelf include Ganjala, Blu Kudu, Canyon Cultivation, Julie’s Natural Edibles, Sweet Mary Jane, Cheeba Chew, MarQaha, and Stratos (marijuana pills that apparently are flying off the shelf at Native Roots). Native Roots Highlands-5The selection of marijuana for topical use was inclusive as well with multiple different providers. Mary Jane’s Medicinals made it on the shelf with multiple different products including salves, lotions, and even lip balm. Mary’s Medicinals had several different options including their infamous patches, which come loaded with a variety of different cannabinoids which you can custom tailor to your needs. EvoLab also made a show with their intimate oil to make your next romantic encounter extra weedy. After I finished perusing the shelves, my next step was to investigate some flower and concentrate options.

Kelsey was kind enough to give me the rundown on both their buds and their extracts and she pulled out some trays for me to gander at. We started by going through the selection of flower. There were roughly a dozen different strains to choose from during my visit to Native Roots Highlands. Having seen several of these strains before Kelsey helped me pick out a bud to investigate. C-Land was the choice strain. This killer strain has recently been forced to undergo a name a change for legal reasons, and if you were wondering what it was called before I’ll give you a hint, it’s a children’s board game and the first word rhymes with “dandy”. I took a big whiff from the jar before I even liberated a nugget and was rewarded with a sweet earthy aroma that pretty much forced me to smile. As I took a closer look I could see the entire surface of the nugget was coated with a hearty layer of trichomes, and a few dark orange hairs that created the perfect accent for the purple dappled leaves interspersed amidst the green. Kelsey described the high from C-Land as being very cerebral yet “super relaxed from the neck down.” After one more sniff of C-Land, Kelsey swapped out the strain tray for the concentrate tray. Native Roots produces their own concentrates for sale, and these were some beautiful concentrates. I counted 17 options when I was in, including wax, shatter, and live resin. A couple really stood out to me, mostly based on clarity. Sour Tsunami Live Resin and Harlequin Shatter were both some of the best-looking extracts I’ve ever seen. Native Roots Highlands-2The clarity was unrivaled and I feel like you could have used the Harlequin as a window if you needed (I would smoke my windowpanes). Harlequin is also unique in the fact that it’s a high-CBD strain. If you are unfamiliar with CBD, I’ll sum it up as one of the most miraculous cannabinoids around when it comes to medical uses. To round off my tour, I took a stop at the med station in the rear.

I looked up and down the medical display and saw a good representation of the same products available recreationally except, of course, with higher dosages. While a few things were different, from a cursory glance, the med side was like the rec, with better prices. That was before I heard about the additional benefits of signing up Native Roots as your primary provider. As Kelsey and Elle explained to me there are several benefits correlated with signing up as a Native Roots Medicinal patient. For starters, you can always expect to receive 20% off your medical purchases. Also, the commitment is only for one month which makes it an easy choice considering the benefits both short and long term. As soon as you’ve signed up you can look forward to receiving an initial ounce of cannabis for only $50. Now that’s crazy pricing for quality chronic even on the medical side. You can also choose instead to pick up four grams of either wax or shatter for $50 instead of the ounce if you’re more of an extract person. If you get your med card referral through Native Roots you can also receive $75 in store credit which can be used on any products or any of Native Roots’ awesome merchandise. The other huge benefit you’ll receive as a Native Roots medical patient is convenience. With 17 locations across the state, you can rest assured you’ll never be far away from your medicine.Native Roots Highlands-1

My visit was sadly at an end. I got the gang together for a group photo up front and began to gather my gear up. I must say, the folk working at Native Roots Highland were just about as cool as they come. I would be glad to visit them again even if it’s just to shoot the shit with Kelsey for awhile. It all comes as a reminder of the medicinal beginnings of the industry and how people who cared about one another got us to where we are today. Despite the turbulent times that may be in store for the industry, I know that the empathy shared within this community will keep every medical patient and recreational user alike, strong and united. With compassion, and caring for customers and patients alike it’s nice to see dispensaries still supporting marijuana as a medicine and returning to their roots, their Native Roots, dare I say.

If you get an opportunity to visit Native Roots Highlands of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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