Nature’s Best | Review : Glendale

Nature’s Best | Review : Glendale
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Shopping season has come again. While millions of Americans are swapping their mall-walking boots for their Amazon-ordering pajamas, it doesn’t appear to have negatively affected the revenue brought in from local Colorado shopping centers. One of the undeniably poshest malls in the state is the Cherry Creek Mall, and despite the epic amounts construction in the area, the mall has shown an amazing improvement in sales and tax revenue. So far the mall has drawn an extra million dollars in tax revenue alone compared to last year’s holiday season. That means that either more people are coming to the mall or the people who are coming to the mall are spending more (most likely a combination of the two). In my book that means a bounty of sore feet from the extra shoppers and sore wallets for the extra spenders. Lucky for any of you that have a medical marijuana card, a relief to your holiday aches and pains lies just a hop skip and a jump down Cherry Creek Drive. Just head South-east from the mall and take a right just before you hit the ever-delectable Bull & Bush Brewery, and find your way to Nature’s Best.

First thing worth mentioning, if you’re coming to Natures Best from the North, don’t bring your low-rider lest you want to leave the undercarriage of your vehicle haplessly dangling in the dip in the entrance to the strip mall’s parking lot. Despite the decent clearance that my car has, I still had a little bit of a tooth-sucking bumper-scraping moment. After my harrowing entrance, I found a very easy parking location in one of Nature’s Best’s dedicated parking spots. I walked in to their cozy, well lit waiting area and walked up to their welcome window. I couldn’t help but chuckNature's Bestle at the picture of Gene Wilder on their security camera sign saying “I see you” and cannabis spangled banner over the television. I was greeted by Michael, who scanned my card into the system and welcomed me back to their bud room. First thing I noticed was a great selection of strains. I counted 36 strains on the shelf, not including their shake and caviar.

Michael most graciously whipped out a few best sellers on the sativa side of the cabinet for me to scrutinize, starting with Pineapple Express. This skunky-smelling strain looked delectable. While the nuggets were very small, they looked immaculate. Let’s be honest, small nuggets means no stems! Next up was Apollo 13. This minty-skunktastic strain will have you higher than Tom Hanks cruising around the moon. Remember, conserve your oxygen and keep a cool head; Houston will have you back to Earth soon enough. We made our way over to the indica side of the bud room and Michael grabbed out a few more samples for me, starting the indica lineup with Skywalker. Delicate orange hairs graced the surface of these über dense little nuggets. The earthy aromas emanating from this strain would no doubt give Luke some nostalgia for Nature's Bestthe soil back on Tatooine. Last I finished with a whiff of NYPD (New York Power Diesel). Imagine the scent of a diesel truck hauling a fresh load of mint leaves and you know the aroma of NYPD. These mid-size super dense nuggets were real lookers too, if you catch my drift. If you’re pressed for cash you can always pick up a gram of shake for only $5.00. Best of all, their products are all soil grown and retain the flavors that can sometimes be lost from large hydro grows.

Their selection of concentrates certainly was nothing to scoff at either. Nature’s Best has some great options from Dabble Extracts. If you’re a dabber or a vape pen user try some of their shatter or wax. Their wax in particular looked amazing, crumbly, clean, and that perfect tone of yellow that we all crave. They also sell finger hash if you want to crumble some on your bowl, and oil syringes ready to be squeezed into whatever application you see fit to alleviate your pain. You can also pick up any size cartridge for O.penNature's Best from 150mg all the way up to 500mg. If you want something in-between the power of plain buds and pure extracts, they also have caviar joints and loose caviar (Golden Goat) to help you get the perfect pain relieving power that’s just right for you. If you find your feet hands aching from holding all those holiday shopping bags, try some lotions from Apothecanna or CBD balms from Xternal. They also carry a full selection of transdermal patches from Mary’s Medicinals as well as roll-on pens. You may even find the best CBD oils on their shelves.

If you’re a marijuana muncher, Nature’s Best has a great selection of edibles including a few rarer options. They of course have the basics like Green Hornet, Edipure, Canyon Cultivation, Incredible, Blue Kudu, Dabba, and Michael’s favorite, the tried and true Cheeba Chew. Some of their rarer food options are produced by Medibles, including some scrumptious looking granola bars and some medicatedNature's Best muchy-manifesting pepperoni pizzas. I also was intrigued by their fruit jams produced by Green Street. They also carry mints from Wana, if you want your breath to be as minty fresh as your mind.

With great looking products and affordable prices, I know where I’m going to visit next time I’m in the area. Next time I’ll make sure to enter from Mississippi rather than Cherry and save my car’s bumper the grief. While they can’t alleviate the soreness in your wallet from all that shopping at the Cherry Creek Mall, they can help you out with the soreness in your legs. There are a lot of great reasons to swing by Nature’s Best, whether it’s to pick up some food to alleviate the pain from a chronic ailment, or if you just need to rub some extra strength medicated lotion on those Cherry Creek Mall shopping bunions.

If you get an opportunity to visit Rate Nature’s Best of Glendale, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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