Nature’s Kiss | Review : Englewood

Nature’s Kiss | Review : Englewood
Englewood Dispensary Review Marijuana Dispensary Review

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To this day, I will never forget the first time that I got high. I’m not talking about the first time I smoked, or even the first time I got stoned, but the first time I got honestly and truly high. It was a weekend like any other and a few of my friends, including my co-editor Max, drove down from our respective college towns and met at my parents’ house for a covert smoking session. We all went out back and went to the edge of my parent’s property where there was a small playhouse that my father had built for me when I was a kid. The five of us crammed into the little space and proceeded to smoke probably a half dozen bowls out of a tiny acrylic bong. Since this was maybe the 10th or 12th time that I had smoked I just assumed it would be the same old loopy feeling mixed with a hint of stupidity. Boy was I in for a surprise. The THC went into full gear on all of us. I didn’t know who I was and was terrified of my own hands. Our other friends escorted me back to the house where after I sat down and doodled on a piece of paper until I was back to the loopy fun feeling that I’d experienced before in my past toking sessions. After a whole lot of trial and error I now can understand and (for the most part) can control the paranoia and anxiety that sometimes comes up when smoking certain strains. Now I have a better understanding of how cannabinoids effect the brain and how terpenes can interact with certain cannabinoids. Besides the role that terpenes play in how we perceive the scents and flavors in marijuana, it’s recently been determined that they can also work synergistically with cannabinoids to effect the high that is perceived by the smoker. I’m always pleased when I go into a dispensary with staff members who truly understand the products they are selling. After all, how would you feel buying coffee from a barista that doesn’t know what caffeine is? During my visit to Nature’s Kiss off of Broadway, I actually came away with more knowledge than I entered with, which I always consider a win when visiting a dispensary.

It was a balmy 2 degrees FahrenheiNature's Kisst, when I made my way to Nature’s Kiss medical only dispensary. Upholding a “coldest day of the year so far” tradition I’ve had since College, I drove with my windows down, blaring Viking metal. Glorious. I pulled up to the front of the dispensary and was already impressed with the window’s painted promise of $3 joints, 10 joints for $25, and clones for $10. I walked in to their waiting area, and rang the buzzer next to their small ID checking station. I was greeted by Ed, who gave me an extremely brief one page of paperwork to fill out and invited me in. Right as I walked in, I could see fields of beautiful green marijuana plants behind glass off to my left, a rather large product counter making an L around the right side of the room, some amazing painted murals on the walls, and a fish tank in the center with one massive resident, Vinnie. Ed started me off at the far side of the counter at their concentrate section. Nature’s Kiss was simply loaded with different concentrate options. Wax, Oil, Shatter, and Budder all sat on the shelf in several different varieties and from several different extraction sources like TerpX, Caregivers for Life, and Epic Extracts. There were also 500mg cartridges suitable to be affixed on any O.pen or Ego vape pens. Bellow the extracts there were several topical options to choose from as well, for those of us wNature's Kissho don’t want to smoke our cannabis. Nature’s Kiss carried the a large selection of Mary Jane’s topicals, a good selection of transdermal patches from Mary’s Medicinals, and some pain cream from Apothecanna.

We moved down the counter and Ed showed me their edible and drinkable options. Nature’s Kiss has every edible staple you would expect to find in a dispensary such as Edipure, Blue Kudus, Cheeba Chews, Mountain Medicine, IncrEdibles, Green Hornets, and Dabbas. They also carry a few rarer edible options from Medible, Caregivers for Life, and Tri-Treats, including some awesome looking medicated popcorn. Moving over to the drink options Ed busted open the fridge to reveal the largest selection of medicated drinks I’ve ever seen in one dispensary. Keef Colas, Flo Energy Drinks, Bubba Kush drinks, Cannapunch, and Caregivers for Life Tinctures all make Nature’s Kiss the place to go if you’ve found that drinking cannabis is the best option to suit your medical needs.

We then made our way over to the Nature's Kissbud counter, I theorize that Ed was saving the best for last. I met Guillermo who had just come from hand trimming some buds, and along with Ed started to show me some of their awesome looking marijuana. I counted roughly 20 different strains on the shelf at the time and as Ed mentioned they currently have 36 strains in their “mother room” and just started growing about 10 more. First strain that Ed had me take a whiff of was their Blueberry Kush. An Indica dominant strain, Nature’s Kiss’ Blueberry Kush both smells and looks simply amazing, loaded with hairs and speckled with hints of deep purple. Next up I took a peek at their house strain: Shaman’s Revenge. Perfectly grown and perfectly trimmed, I love weed that is raised in-house. You can’t get any more farm-to-table or, in this case, farm-to-couch, than the marijuana at Nature’s Kiss. Lastly, I took a big whiff of Vortex, a tried and true heart pounding sativa. Although not as stereotypically beautiful as the other strains I looked at, Ed mentioned it’s one of his favorites, and doesn’t feel like he’s getting the most out of his weed unless he feels a little bit uncomfortable from how high it makes him feel. This is when Guillermo mentioned a recent study from Canada that has found that the terpenes found in peppercorn can counteract the anxietyNature's Kiss felt from consuming cannabis products. Simply smelling fresh peppercorns can have an immediate effect on the brain and reduce paranoia associated with cannabis high. Where was this info back when I got too high back behind my parents’ house?

I finished my visit to Nature’s kiss by walking over to meet Vinnie, only to learn that Vinnie is all alone in his tank by his own volition. As Ed put it, “Vinnie’s a very emotional guy,” and, in Vinnie’s case, “emotional” involves consuming every other living thing in his tank over the past half-decade. But hey, every fish needs a hobby, right? You should drop in and meet Vinnie for yourselves and while you’re at it take home some buds, cannabis drinks, and concentrates. If you want to start a little garden of your own, grab a $10 clone and start your own little kiss from nature right in your own home. With friendly, knowledgeable staff, and a massive selection of products, there’s never been a better time to swing by Nature’s Kiss. Keep those peppercorns handy.

If you get an opportunity to visit Nature’s Kiss of Englewood, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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