New Age Medical | Review : Edgewater

New Age Medical | Review : Edgewater
Edgewater Dispensary Review Marijuana Dispensary Review

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You know you’re a different person late at night. As the sun sets, and Denver’s glimmering streetlights flicker on, the city begins to look a little different. Denver’s second shift begins to switch on, like a steam engine slowly chugging  back to life, as bars and late-night restaurants heave a sigh of “Here we go again.” Perhaps it’s the enveloping cloak of darkness allows me to rationalize eating the decadent foods that I’d normally think twice about, and drink the three or four more whiskies more than I normally would. Welcome to Edgewater, Colorado on the banks of Sloan’s Lake, where the word “nightlife” has taken on a completely new meaning. It’s that populous stretch down Sheridan Boulevard, where breweries, bars, and now dispensaries are catering to Denver’s late-night crowd. In most of Colorado, the marijuana adventure has to come to an end at 7:00 PM. New Age Medical, a vibrant and diverse shop in Edgewater, on the other hand, will take us weary night owls all the way until midnight. While the price point on the recreational side might seem a little high, do know that this Cannabis Cup recognized dispensary has some mind-blowing strains that will make you excited for when night rolls around.

Like many spots around the Denver Metro area, parking around Edgewater can be extremely hit or miss. For whatever reason, on the day of my visit, the parallel parking New Age Medical Edgewaterthat would normally be perfect for New Age Medical was blocked off, forcing me to park a block away. I learned later, after approaching the dispensary on foot, that they have a few parking spots in the alley next to the store. Shame on me for not reading. New Age Medical has a beautiful little converted house for a store. It looks awfully similar to the small, residential plots right next to it, and you might mistake the place for a single family house, were it not for the enormous signs and banners advertising the place. The waiting room was quiet and relaxing. The quiet buzz of traffic accompanied me as I patiently waited for Kris, one of the budtenders, to finish with some customers in the product room. I sat in a soft wicker chair, and contemplated the miracle of legal marijuana for a minute until I was greeted with a warm smile, and brought into the product room.

Chromeo greeted me on the store speakers as I pop-and-locked my way up to the counter in the naturally lit and spacious product room. The wall behind the square counter space was adorned with a Grateful Dead insignia emerging over Raoul Duke and Dr. Gonzo; which, I think, gives you a good idea what the vibe of this particular dispensary is. As Kris explained to me, the staff is young and vibrant. Indeed, everyone I talked to was incredibly relaxed, and New Age Medical Edgewatereven more friendly. All of your grams and eighths are weighed out for you, which is the law of the land for the few dispensaries opened as late as New Age Medical. While the store advertises to be both a medicinal and a recreational facility, based on the small, isolated counter for medical patients, it’s clear that this dispensary’s main game is the recreational one. After being a medicinal facility for a number of years, the store added its recreational selections in April of 2014, and hasn’t looked back since. For my recreational readers, there were ten strains to choose from, but I was a little peeved at the lack of sativas on the shelf. The only one that I could see during my visit was the Girl Scout Cookies, which the dispensary had available for $25/gram. The dispensary’s bread and butter is their Death Star. Having won the 2nd place People’s Choice at the Cannabis Cup, the heavy-hitting indica-dominant hybrid can be all yours for $30 for the gram recreationally. Now, while the price is incredibly high, let me tell you a bit about this strain.

Death Star, is a very fascinating high. The leaves transition beautifully from mint to forest, with translucent crystals and short, orange hairs. The smell – where to begin? As I opened the small plastic container, my nose was hit with a mix of white peaches New Age Medical Edgewaterand wasabi (probably a lot like a margarita I’m sure I’ve bought for a girl before). The flower burned pretty evenly, albeit the bud was a tad bit moist, which led to a smoke that could be a tad harsh on larger hits. The immediate effects are incredibly cerebral, and almost hilariously confusing. I lost my pipe twice in the smoking process, but this ineptitude would make me giggle euphorically for quite a bit of time. I’d say, around five minutes after smoking, my legs got very heavy, and my couch became very comfortable. The strain is an excellent mix between the heady, giggly qualities of Sour Diesel, and the comfortable couch locking capabilities of Sensi Star, and has left me thoroughly impressed. Now, keep in mind, I’ve had Death Star before, but New Age Medical’s variant is absolutely my favorite in the galaxy.

If the price point is still scary to you, you might consider some of New Age’s other products. First of all, if smoking is definitely your bag, the dispensary sells several prerolled joints for just $9, which turns into a more affordable way to try some various flowers. For a much more potent smokable, the dispensary also carries caviar cones from Caviar Kings. You can also try some of their various shatters by Mahatma, which are full nug runs, but will still set you back between $65 and $70 recreationally for the gram, and $40 medicinally.The dispensary also carries a modestNew Age Medical Edgewater selection of edibles of varying strengths to satisfy even the strongest urges for sweets. The dispensary also has a few cabinets filled with smoking devices. While the selection wasn’t overly impressive, you’ll be sure to find something worth burning your cannabis in.

It’s always been this way for me. When many people are crawling into their beds, my brain turns on. Fellow creatures of the night will relate, but I’m constantly on the search for places that cater to my atypical sleep tendencies. In this sense, I think New Age Medical has it figured out. Some people just cannot be hassled to make their cannabis purchases in the normal operating hours of dispensaries. For New Age’s tasty products, I’ll certainly swing in late one night again. Ain’t it funny how the night moves?

If you get an opportunity to visit New Age Medical of Edgewater, CO, let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating. 






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