Next Harvest | Review : Denver

Next Harvest | Review : Denver
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You’re sitting and waiting. Why does it take so long for some dispensaries to help me? I just want to get some fresh herbal goodness, and get back to my home and enjoy my weekend. Why does it have to be so hard to park, and why couldn’t I find the front of this damn store? Why am I buying my weed from some crusty dude who doesn’t want to talk to me? Why can’t I be catered to by attractive young women with fresh and affordable buds? If you’ve found yourself sitting in some hole in the wall dispensary waiting for service, you’ve clearly never heard of Next Harvest. Located right off of Alameda, in what used to be a Taco Bell, Next Harvest is hard to miss as you drive past. Minty green building, curbs and even parking lot lights, there is no denying that the location is dressed for the occasion. As I was about to find out this is the in-and-out dispensary we’ve all been dreaming of.

On any typical day of traveling around to dispensaries, the hardest part is finding the storefront and parking in the meager selection of spots most dispensaries offer me. This was not the case in this situation. I saw Next Harvest from practically a mile away and had no problems at all parking in their massive, well lit, and immaculate parking lot. I walked to the front door past the long-forgotten drive-through lane and entered the building. I entered Next Harvest Denverinto possibly the largest and nicest waiting area I’ve ever seen at any dispensary. Large, open, and welcoming windows let the light in and onto the comfy seating area surrounded by sofas that were no doubt ripped right out of the new Tron movie. After the common formalities at the front desk I went back to where the magic happens. I was greeted by Katie, my budtender, who happily showed me the ropes of their location. Both the recreational and medical counters were quite small but stocked with the essentials.

Katie proceeded to show me their weed selection. A moderate selection, not the largest but defiantly proficient. All the buds were beautifully trimmed and had their THC content as well as pricing by weight (post tax) listed on their jars for easy reference. As I went down the line I saw the jar on the end had a bright red $25 sticker on it. Katie explained this is what makes this location a recreational gold mine or should I say “green mine”. Every day they will pick a strain and all day it will be $10 for a gram and $25 for an eighth. That’s recreational weed with medical prices, all pre-weighed and ready to go home at a price that’s practically a steal.

Already pleased with what I was Next Harvest Denverseeing, I moved on to look at their vape pen and concentrates. All the basics were there as well. They had Atmos Nano vape pens stocked and ready to go. There were also Bullet 2 Go pens capable of burning flower, cartridges, or concentrates for only $25. A selection of wax, shatter, and hash oil syringes were ready to take center stage in the process of misplacing your cell phone at a friend’s house. This brought me to the only thing this location was lacking, edibles. They did have a small selection from Incredibles and some weed beverages on the recreational side. The niche of this location isn’t edibles though, it’s fast, affordable, quality buds. Pre-rolled indica and sativa joints are sure to get the job done as well. Or if you’re looking for a surprise weed effect, try one of the “suicide” joints, a combination of all the shake gathered from all the strains and packed into one super joint for only $10 including tax.

First and foremost, this shop is Next Harvest Denvermade to be simple and to cater to people who want to get in and get out with herbal treasures. Fitting this theme they also have a small, what I can only think of calling, herbal tourist counter. This included everything from hemp based lotions to Colorado weed flags. Don’t get paranoid though; if you think your eyes might give away how remarkably high you are, they also sell eye drops to alleviate one of the less desirable symptoms of marijuana use. As far as glass goes, the quality here is a bit higher than many of the places I’ve gone to that are stocked with small “toke and toss” pipes destined to be discarded in hotel trash cans. While still affordable, their small glass selection was thicker and nicer glass than a lot of the competition. I was also excited to see something I’d never laid eyes on before, EYCE molds. This system helps you freeze and craft your own ice bong, to get that extra crisp and refreshing smoke we all crave.

This is a wonderfuNext Harvest Denverl location that fulfills a niche that is in high (pun intended) demand right now; a store that is ready to get herbal tourists in and out in a flash. Since some of the weed is pre-weighed and the tax is included on the price tags this place is an essential for anyone visiting the state or anyone that wants a phenomenal price on high quality weed. This is the best location I’ve ever seen as far as speed, ease, and price. I go beyond recommending this location and, instead, insist that you go in for a visit. Drop by this simple spot and maybe swing by my favorite Chinese bakery up the street, and grab yourself some pork buns. You’re bound to have the munchies after enjoying some high grade minty fresh Colorado goodness. If you find yourself in a crummy hole in the wall, change venues and find your way to Next Harvest.#JessetheGrove

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