North Boulder Wellness Center | Review : Boulder

North Boulder Wellness Center | Review : Boulder
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Rainy days in Colorado are typically rare, but for some reason (and I don’t know if I can blame this on El Niño or not), overcast and humid days are becoming a daily occurrence in Colorado. My guess is all the collective rain dances that elementary school students have been performing for the last fifteen years that the state has been in a drought are now all finally working at once (take that, Ms. Peters! I told you it’d work). Now, I’m a huge fan of lush flora, and happily filled reservoirs, but I’m certainly not a fan of how damn awful some of my bones feel in humidity. Blame my youthful, active lifestyle, or my stunning lack of common sense, but I’ve broken my right foot in four different places in two years. That means, especially on days that it is humid, I get to look a lot like Kevin Spacey in The Usual Suspects. So there I was, leaning heavily on the guard rail outside of North Boulder Wellness Center; hoping to find something to at least dull the incredible discomfort I was in. Not only does this dispensary focus on products designed around easing pain, but the facility itself, in design and atmosphere, is definitely a place of healing as well, despite having many healing CBD products they didn’t hold any from Blessed CBD UK, head on over to their website if you wish to try their products. There are so many different forms of CBD oil, you can also get cbd capsules are great for people who dont vape which is probably a better method for taking if you do not want to smoke, perhaps it would make it easier for you to just take it in the morning by swallowing a pill. If you are interested in finding out more about CBD products, you may want to look into a company similar to Bhadoom, a CBD vape juice supplier to learn more.

You might be confused, driving up to North Boulder Wellness Center, located just east of Broadway off of Yarmouth. The place looked an awful lot like a townhouse in a residential neighborhood. In fact, upon entrance to the dispensary, I was pretty sure I had just committed a breaking and entering on some poor guy’s model home. Indeed, North Boulder Wellness Center Boulderthe place had quite the new-home feel to it. My fears about a possible prison sentence were quickly erased, as my ID and paperwork were taken, and I was led through the doors towards their main waiting area. With a bubbling fish tank, and several extraordinarily comfortable couches and massage chairs, I would have been completely fine with waiting, but they were able to take me into their product room immediately. Through some Japanese-inspired screen dividers I went, where I met Camille, my bud tender, and the daughter of the owners of the store.

While the diversity of flower is not the greatest at North Boulder Wellness Center, they do carry a strong diversity of strains for a multitude of medical purposes. Let’s talk a second about their Otto strain. If you are in serious need of CBD, North Boulder’s take on this strain will seem like a Godsend. The latest batch of their flower tested at 14.2% CBD, with only 4.7% THC. If you think that’s impressive, take a deep breath. Did you? Green Dot also produces a shatter version of their Otto, which tested at 71% CBD, and 23% THC. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a shatter with that much ooey-gooey CBD floating around in it, and for those patients seeking a strong kick of pain relief, get this shatter North Boulder Wellness Center Boulderwhile you can. I was also fortunately able to sample a few of the strains available at the dispensary. First up was the Skunk Haze. Now, I don’t know too much about this strain other than it being a relatively strong sativa. It has a bit of a sweet smell to it, with a skunky afterthought. However, the smoke tasted extremely mild and earthy, and the high was energetic and creative. I sat down, laughed at a few videos for a little while, and then wrote some song lyrics while listening to Pepper’s Kona Town. Success! Next up was the Tangerine Haze, which smells like a bag of Cuties that you can get at the supermarket. This is a sativa-dominant hybrid, with delightful orange hairs. The smoke was sweet and tangy, and the giggly uppity feeling was almost instant. I was also impressed by the strong body high this strain gave me. I’d say this strain would be perfect after a hike (if it’d ever stop raining, that is), to unwind, relax, but not fall asleep. My foot felt absolutely amazing, despite the nighttime deluge happening outside. Pricing is consistent at the dispensary as well. Every eighth is $33, out the door.

North Boulder Wellness Center also offers quite a few different cannabis products to