Northern Lights Cannabis Company | Review : Edgewater

Northern Lights Cannabis Company | Review : Edgewater
Edgewater Dispensary Review Marijuana Dispensary Review

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I remember the first time I went canoeing on Sloan’s Lake. It was a brisk and damp Spring morning, my coffee dancing gently in my shivering hands. The sun was just starting to reflect off of Denver’s downtown skyline in the distance, as my friend and I disembarked. Now, I should let you know, neither of us had much of a clue how to canoe, as the canoe actually belonged to his father. We paddled helplessly around the lake for an hour or so, decided that the warming morning was not quite doing it for us, so we decided to call it a day around nine in the morning. Did I mention that neither of us had any idea what the hell we were doing? To make a long story short, we both ended up in the water, flinging curse words at one another, the lake, the canoe, and a few under our breaths at those gawking at us from the shoreline. Finally, I’ve had an experience in Edgewater that has redeemed my first annoying encounter: Northern Lights Cannabis Company. While the store’s budtenders appeared disorganized and frazzled at times, I believe this store is at the forefront of redefining what it means to be a marijuana user in the state of Colorado.

There are very few dispensaries that I’ve visited that can compete with Northern Lights Cannabis Co.’s impeccable view. Situated right on Sheridan across from Sloan’s Lake Park, as I got out of my car, I was blown away by this perspective of downtown Denver. As a guy who has spent the majority of his time in the city of Denver proper, getting such a new perspective on my home city was incredibly refreshing. It took a minute of standing Northern Lights Cannabis Co Edgewateraround in the dispensary’s strip-mall parking lot to remember that I was a man on a mission, and I wasn’t here for just the views. The small entry room was brilliantly painted with a picturesque mountain landscape, and a large painting of Jay the Joint (who you can get your picture with, if you’d like). At the window, it only took a few minutes for Amber, one of the store’s managers to help me in. I was then asked to wait in another waiting room, decorated with world maps, and cozy leather furniture. In this second waiting area, you can find Northern Lights Cannabis Co.’s decent selection of grinders, pipes, bubblers, and dab rigs. They also had a few smaller bongs available for purchase, but nothing too fancy. I was delighted to find out that all of the glass that Northern Lights carries is Denver blown. A Colorado small business supporting other Colorado small businesses? Now you have my attention.

After a short wait, I was welcomed back into the dispensary’s recreational chamber, which has been operational since January 1st of 2014. Prices are very clearly listed on a color-changing board at the end of the room. What I liked about their pricing scheme was every price was shown pretax and with tax added, so you knew exactly what you were Northern Lights Cannabis Co Edgewaterpurchasing, and how the recreational tax structure impacts the price of your purchase. There were fifteen strains available at the time of my visit, divided into single diamond and double diamond varieties (although, there were only one or two single diamond strains for me to choose from). For smokers who enjoy the more psychoactive strains, take a look at their Chernobyl, which clocked in an impressive 26% THC, or their Cheese Quake, which smelled strongly of cheese crackers. Both are sure to get you seeing the northern lights in the night’s sky (har-dee-harhar). I had to check out the Northern Lights strain as well. A heavy-hitting, sleep-inducing indica, the Northern Lights smelled earthy, piney, and makes an excellent nightcap smoke.

Northern Lights also carries a product that I am absolutely impressed by: the VaporX XRT electronic cigarette. Now, do not let the name “cigarette” fool you: this product is ready to go, with chambers for flower, wax, or hash oil. If you want variety in the way you smoke, take a look at one of these. As far as concentrates to load into any dab rigs or vape pens,Northern Lights Cannabis Co Edgewater Northern Lights Cannabis Co. had a few options by Mahatma, but were down to their final grams at the time of my visit. You can also find concentrates made by Infinite Infusions, though none were in during my visit. Amber explained that they simply fly off the shelf here, so timing and luck are everything. The store did, however, have more than enough choices in edibles. From SuckIt suckers, to the always-popular IncrEdibles, you will not be let down by their amble supply of tasty treats. Add in a few CBD salves, and some lip “bong” by Mary Jane’s, and you have yourself a very well-rounded dispensary.

Northern Lights Cannabis Co. also has a few specials that will make you want to come back for more and more cannabis products. Every fourth visit, and they’ll slash 10% off your order. Just for signing up, they’ll toss you a prerolled joint for $5. It is the mission of Northern Lights to make your visit to the dispensary enjoyable and educational just like when you’re looking into the next strain you want to try at places like Just Cannabis who offer twisted extracts canada and information on a wide variety of strains. These budtenders are not afraid to answer any questions that you might have about their product. These girls were overflowing with information, delivered at a patient and kind cadence. Where some dispensaries might drive you out because of a busy line, this place is not likeNorthern Lights Cannabis Co Edgewater that. My entire visit was relaxed, and enjoyable. Mission accomplished then, right? I will say, when the line started piling up at the dispensary, things started to get a bit disorganized. While budtenders were helping folks in the product room, there was no one to check people in at the main window. While things never got quite out of hand, there were a few customers sitting around, a bit confused at the process. What works swimmingly when the dispensary was empty, tended to struggle as more people wanted in.

Edgewater is a fun town that enjoys its small-town vibe, despite being minutes from downtown Denver. The area’s denizens pride themselves on having active lifestyles, which mostly revolve around the lake in which the area derives its name. In order to succeed here, you have to convince local shoppers that this isn’t a normal dispensary, in the sense that they are pushing a product to help you veg out on the couch. No, these cannabis connoisseurs pride themselves on their annual whitewater rafting trips, their bike rides, and their adventure around the lake. The employees at the dispensary are changing the face of cannabis culture. In this way, I would say Northern Lights Cannabis Company hits the mark entirely, matching Edgewater for its culture, and its demand for an upbeat and educational marijuana dispensary.


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