Organica | Review : Denver, CO

Organica | Review : Denver, CO
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Everyone likes new; whether it’s a new car, new shoes, or a new phone, new is usually good. There’s a lot of potential in new, as well as a hint of danger. What if that new car is a lemon, what if those new shoes rub wrong, and what if that new phone is literally smarter than you are? While there is always going to be an inherent air of mystery with new, when it comes to visiting a new dispensary, there is very little at stake to lose. Since you don’t have any car payments, blistered toes, or know-it-all phone operating systems (you know what I’m talking about) involved in the purchasing of your cannabis products, checking out original places should always be a fun experience. Plus there’s something uniquely fun about being one of the first people to try out a new location. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have fun during my first visit to Organica, a recently opened medical (soon to go rec) organic dispensary located right off the heart of Colfax Avenue in Denver.

Organica is brand-spankin’-new, having only been open for about 45 days, and in the past when visiting a starter dispensary, I’ve learned to be lenient since most of the time they are still trying to figure out how to cater to the needs of their patients and customers. After I pulled into one of Organica’s dedicated parking spots and Carlos opened the front door for me, I knew instantly my leniency wasn’t necessary. Like a well-oiled machine, Organica already had their process down pat and was definitely running on all burners, so to speak. Corinna greeted me in their absolutely immaculate waiting room from behind the counter. After passing by a deliciously comfy looking couch, I walked back to where theOrganica magic happens, taking a moment to feast my eyes on the beautifully painted “Organica” mural on their back wall. I’ll start by saying that if you’re claustrophobic, then Organica is the dispensary for you; with massive square footage, spotless glass cabinets, and clean-cut white tiles throughout, you’d be hard pressed to find a more open, orderly, and inviting dispensary anywhere else.

Corinna introduced me to her brother Alex, who was budtending while she covered the front desk. You can’t get any more family-run than a brother-sister team manning the dispensary. While Organica still hasn’t received any buds from their first grow, they are currently purchasing wholesale from Helping Hands, a phenomenal all-organic dispensary from Boulder (go figure). That didn’t stop me from digging my nose into a few of the strains available on the shelf. I started by scrutinizing the sativa-dominant Sweet Island Sunburn, which is the progeny of Rug Burn OG and Sweet Island Skunk. Besides being some great looking buds, the inevitable sweet Organicaskunkiness exuding from the jar was definitely worth taking a second sniff. Next up Alex pulled out a jar of their Tangerine Sunrise. Dappled with dark umber colored hairs, I wasn’t the least bit surprised to find the odor of fresh, sweet oranges when I took a whiff of this 90% sativa beauty. I finished my nose-tour with a dip into the jar of the hybrid strain Fat Nelson. While the initial scent was simply dank OG smell – gratis its OG heritage – as I buried my face deeper I couldn’t shake the smell of fresh baked sweet bread. All I know for certain is that until Organica gets in its own harvest, no one will be disappointed with what’s on the shelves in the meantime. If you’re a pre-roll fan, Organica has some of the best prices in town on 1g joints. The more joints you pick up the more the price breaks will come into effect. If you’re buying one joint, it’s only $5, two joints for $8, three joints for $12, or if you’re having one of those five joint kind-of days, it will only cost you $20.

Next up Alex showed me Organica’Organicas fine array of concentrates, edibles, and topicals; for a being a fledgling location the selection was impressive. For those out there using O.pens, you can pick up replacement batteries or brand new cartridges. If you’re looking for loose oils, waxes, and shatters, Organica has you covered in that department. For oils, Organic has a selection of pre-activated syringes from Gold Dragon that are ready to be smoked or simply dropped into your morning coffee if that’s what floats your boat. If you want wax, you can chose from several strain-specific options from both Evolab and Tclabs. Shatter at Organica is currently being provided from Tclabs, who I can personally vouch for doing a damn fine job on their extractions. If you would prefer consume you cannabis as opposed to vape or dab it, Organica’s selection of edibles is very inclusive. While I’ve certainly been to dispensaries that have a larger variety of different edible companies, Organica’s selection still covers every base, from gummy to cookie and from chocolate to soda. If you’re looking for gummy candies, Edipure’s entire line-up makes an appearance on Organica’s shelf. If gummy candies aren’t your thing and you instead are looking for baked goods and chocolates, then the look to the diverse selection of edibles from Medibles. For you chocolate lovers out there, you can’t go wrong with a bar from IncrEdibles, with almost a dozen different flavors to choose from. Organica’s coolers were also chock-full of pretty much every drink on the market from Cannapunch, Kief Kola, and Dixie, Organicaas well as some syrups and Cannabis Tears from Caregivers for Life. Along with the appearance of some staple treats from Dabba and Cheeba Chews, chances are good you’ll find the edibles you’re looking for on your visit to Organica. Finally if eating and smoking don’t cut it for you, and you’d prefer to let you skin absorb your medication, Organica has carries topical applications of cannabis from Mary’s Medicinals as well as Apothecanna.

Last but certainly not least, I met up at the front wall with Corinna, who showed me around the cabinets full of Organica’s smoking devices, paraphernalia, and memorabilia. Organica’s glass selection is simply massive, and includes a pipe, rig, or vape that will suit your needs and your price range. Corinna mentioned that they carry both local glass as well as mass-produced glass, so you’re certain to find something that’s in your price range. Along with the pipes, chillums, dab rigs, bongs, and bubblers, there was a great selection of accessories for dabbing, grinding, and storing of your marijuana products. As a partner with Whatutokinbout (great name right?) a large selection of their vape pens are guaranteed so if anything goes wrong, you can simply take them back to Organica for replacement parts. With vape pens from C-Rig, Yocan, Incredipen, and VaporX, it will be a hard choice deciding which pen is right for you. Just when I though their selection of vape pens couldn’t possibly get any more robust, Corinna showed me their VapRweOrganicaar Hoodies. These aren’t your everyday hoodies mind you, considering they have a special pocket inside to hold an integrated vape-pen which is attached to a tube which comes out through the string on the hoodies (mind officially blown). Not only is this a phenomenal idea for incognito smoking, Corinna also mentioned that the vape itself is one of the nicest smoking experiences she’s ever had.

To finish up my visit, Corinna and Alex were kind enough to pose for a brief photo, despite Corinna insinuating that Alex was “too tall.” I took one more moment to enjoy the crisp clean feel of this brand new dispensary and then hit the dusty trail. After my visit to Organica, I came full circle back to the realization of just how awesome “new” can really be. Despite the risk associated with the unknown, throw caution to the wind and live a little dangerously and try someplace new; if that “someplace new” happens to be Organica, I know you won’t be disappointed.

If you get an opportunity to visit Organica of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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