Organix | Review : Breckenridge

Organix | Review : Breckenridge
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When I mention Summit County or Breckenridge Colorado to most people, they frequently think of expensive skiing, expensive food, expensive clothing, expensive lodging, and expensive fresh mountain air. Alright maybe that last one’s still free, but that’s only because there isn’t a way to charge for it yet (if you don’t count the oxygen bars in town). Regardless, you catch my drift; living, staying, or even passing though towns like Breckenridge can be a fairly expensive endeavor. It only stands to reason that along with all the other exorbitant prices, getting a taste of minty green Colorado ganja would be equally as wallet bruising. I was shocked to find that quite the contrary was true during my visit to the region. I would go so far as to say that the cannabis up in Summit County is actually cheaper than the majority of the buds that I find when tooling around Denver. The best part is, even though the buds were extremely affordable, there was no compromise in quality, and most of the products I saw during my visit were on par or surpassed that of many Front Range locations. I’ll admit to being especially impressed by one dispensary in particular during my visit to Breckenridge. Organix, a recreational and medicinal dispensary in Breckenridge, gracefully merged customer service, quality, and affordability into a dispensary that really floats my boat or should I say waxes my skis.

I started my mountain adventure in Organixthe same way I start any dispensary visit, by parking. I found it exceptionally easy to find a spot in front of Organix in one of their dedicated parking spots, but I can see parking becoming an issue when the ski season hits again. I walked in and was welcomed by Rob and Andy at the window, who perused my ID and offered me a seat in the lobby while I waited for some of the patients and customers inside to finish with their transactions. I was tempted to toss a few coins in the golf arcade game in the corner, but before I had the time I was called up the front counter and led back onto the selling floor. I started my visit with a trip over to the medicinal side and was greeted at the counter by Kate, who gave me a brief run-down on what makes Organix tick. For starters, all of their buds are hand-trimmed and soil grown using an organic process. Organix is also unique in the fact that it’s the last remaining location in Breckenridge to provide medicinal marijuana to their patients, where all of the other dispensaries along the Airport Road stOrganixretch have converted entirely to cater to recreational users. Organix is also pet-friendly and you’re more than welcome to bring your well-behaved dogs in with you when you’re making a purchase; along those lines, they also carry several pain-relieving products that are intended to help with Fido’s woes. If I said I wasn’t already impressed by all of that I would be lying.

Kate proceeded to pop the top on a few of their 20 available shelf strains, so I could take a look at the end result of their organic grow. I started on the sativa side of the spectrum with some Chunky Diesel. The buds were extremely attractive, smothered in little umber tentacles wrapped around a dark green core. The smell was pleasantly sweet and had just a touch of the heavy diesel odor, which, as Kate mentioned, had people that usually aren’t fond of diesels enjoying Organix’s Chunky D. Next up, I took a whiff of Ken’s Grand OG. Ken’s Grand OG is the combination of Tahoe OG and Grand Daddy Perps. The end result is hybrid that has a sweet and subtle grapefruit odor, and induces a high that’s mellow but still leaves you cognizant. I finished up by taking a whiff and a peek at Greaseball. Greaseball is an Indica dominant strain, and just last year took first place in Aspen’s Abakus Flower Cup. It wasn’t hard to see why; the buds had a truly magnificent purple hue and when I took a whiff, I was drawn in by a truly unique dank and spicy odor which practically maOrganixde my mouth water. I finished my bud tour with a peek at their pre-rolls, which had some great deals attached to them. For example, on the medicinal side, on Free Joint Friday (AKA every Friday) you receive a free joint with any purchase over $20. Also, on either the med or the rec side on your birthday you can snag a free joint with any purchase.

Next, we moved on to look at their concentrates and edibles on both the medicinal and the recreational side. I was extremely impressed when Kate started to show me their medicinal extracts, which she explained are all produced on-site, using their buds and their extraction machines. For those of you new to the wide world of concentrates and dispensaries, it is actually fairly rare to run into a location that blasts their own extracts on-site. With roughly 15 shatters and 30 waxes to choose from on the medical side with prices as low as $20 a gram, you’re going to have some seriously difficult decisions to make. The Recreational side had an equaOrganixlly massive selection of concentrates. Although they haven’t started producing their own concentrates on the rec side, all of their selections were produced using their buds by a variety of different extraction companies including Tclabs, Nectar Bee, TerpX, and Mahatma. Their edible selection was very extensive on both the medical and the recreational side. Their edibles included options from Gaia’s Garden, Sweet Grass, Julie and Kate’s (Now just Julie’s), Bhang, Blue Kudu, Mountain High, Cheeba Chew, Green Hornet, Loves Oven, Edipure, Dabba, IncrEdibles, Canyon Cultivation, Kief Kola, Sweet Mary Jane, Ganjala, Wana, Highly Edibles, and Cannapunch. With this massive selection of edibles, Kate also mentioned that at Organix they are committed to telling their recreational users proper dosing. After all, they are here to help you have an enjoyable vacation, rather than spend your entire trip clinging to a couch in the lodge so you don’t float off into oblivion (figuratively of course).

To round off the tour, Kate and Rob kindly posed for a couple photos, and then Kate showed me a little bit of their merchandise and paraphernalia. As a perfect way to commemorate your trip to Colorado, you can snag t-shirts, hoodies, one-hitters, and even Frisbee golf discs with the Organix logo. If you’ve ever heard of the Toker Poker, Organix was the very first dispensary to have Organixtheir name printed on the outside of this clever little stoner-oriented lighter holder. If you’re just visiting but still want to experience the dabbing scene out in Colorado, you can pick up a mini dab rig for as cheap as $25. Couple that with a mini $5 butane torch and a $30 gram of shatter, you could be dabbing like a pro for roughly $60.

I packed up shop, thoroughly impressed by the fact that you can pick up a recreational eighth for as little as $30, and said farewell to the Organix Crew. If you’re planning on visiting Summit County anytime soon, whether it’s for the skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, shopping, or just for eating some tasty tacos down at Oscar’s, find the time to add a visit to Organix into the agenda. With low prices, great staff, and high caliber chronic, you simply can’t go wrong.

If you get an opportunity to visit Organix of Breckenridge, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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