Peak Dispensary | Review : Denver

Peak Dispensary | Review : Denver
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If I were to tell you that I’ve never committed any shenanigans while under the influence of marijuana, I would be flat-out lying. One particular night some years back, a couple friends and I planned on hanging out and just going with whatever the night had in store for us. While two of us waited to get picked up, we figured there was simply no excuse for not being high when we went out for the night. Not to break a promise to ourselves, we proceeded to get uproariously high right before our other friend picked us up. Not a moment after we got in the car, we were passed on the road by the sexiest, julep green, early 50’s station wagon I’ve ever seen. After all going “ooh,” we passed it off as a random occurrence and kept driving before being passed by yet another amazing vintage vehicle. Before long, we seemed to be surrounded by cars of yesteryear. Of course the only thought on our mind was “where the hell are they all going?” To find the answer, we followed them to an extremely out of the way retail center, parked, and, clad in pajamas and t-shirts, followed the car enthusiasts into the building. The doors were being held wide open by two men in full suits, who to our surprise didn’t ask for tickets, identification, or anything. Right as we walked past the main door, our jaws all dropped. Dozens of the most amazing looking vehicles were lined up along the walls. Posh fur laden women sauntered about with men in suits I’ll never be able to afford. Waiters walked around handing out crackers with caviar, and the bartender at the open bar waved us over and asked us “what’ll ya have?” Still in shock, but never looking a gift horse in the mouth, we grabbed some free drinks and caviar and spent the evening perusing the fine automobiles and hobnobbing with the elite, all while in our pajamas. If I learned anything from following those cars, that is to not turn down a good opportunity. For example, when I come into a recreational dispensary like Peak Dispensary right off of BPeak Dispensaryroadway, that has a massive selection of buds and concentrates, you know I’m going to take advantage of the situation and browse their wares, just like following that line of fancy cars.

Like most dispensaries along Broadway or Lincoln, the trickiest part of visit is always parking. I was fortunate on my visit and found a meter that still had 45 minutes on it, so I didn’t even have to look for change under my car seat. I walked in to Peak Dispensary’s waiting area, which was exceptionally sleek, and gave a great feeling of openness thanks to its high ceilings. I was greeted by Michaela behind the window, who buzzed me back into the bud room and introduced me to Leisa. As “Come out and Play” by Offspring rocked a little 90’s nostalgia into my head, Michaela and Leisa wasted no time giving me a rundown on what Peak Dispensary is all about. First off, they are just about to start receiving some buds from their own grows, and until that time, have picked out some of the best wholesale buds money can buy from around the state. They also have the entire line-up of pre-weighed buds from Kindman. Besides the buds from Kindman being top grade connoisseur qualiPeak Dispensaryty ganja, lots of folks from out of town really enjoy them since each pre-weighed container comes in a box with the strain info, which, when empty, is an awesome legal souvenir that you can bring home with you to show off which strains you tried in Colorado. While I can’t attest to the quality of products from Kindman, the loose leaf at Peak Dispensary was amazing. One strain in particular that caught my eye (and nose) was Lemon Skunk. The buds on this harvest are simply amazing looking; they’re coated in trichome goodness and dappled with robust crinkly orange hairs. The smell is where it’s at though. If you like cheesy citrusy marijuana, hurry in and grab some of this Lemon Skunk, posthaste. If you want to get a quick fix, they have over 20 different strain specific pre-rolls to choose from with half gram joints running only $6. If you’re in the market to grab a device to smoke your newly purchased greens, Peak does carry a few little glass pieces, but as Michaela mentioned, they are less than a block away from Iluzions Glass, one of the coolest glass shops I’ve ever seen in my life.

My interest was really piqued after taking a peek at Peak’s concentrates and topicals (Ouch). With literally dozens of different waxes and shatters to choose from, if you’re an extract enthusiast, you definitely should check out all their options from DrX as well as their ice water extracts from Botanico. If you’re an O.pen user, Peak has both 150mg and 250mg cartridges for sale. If you want to get yourself a vape pen, and you’re thinking you would like to purchase a non-disposable one, you can pick up a C-Vape pen capable of atomizing most concentrates. I love going in to aPeak Dispensary recreational location that has an understanding of the medicinal value of cannabis beyond its recreational value. With an extremely diverse selection of lotions and salves, it’s clear that Peak is one such dispensary. Nearly half a dozen different topical companies are represented on their shelves. If you’re in need a quick fix to a skin ailment or muscular aches, you’ve come to the right spot. You can choose from Apothecanna, EVOS, Dixie, Mary’s Medicinals, and my personal favorite, Angel Salve. This is the most inclusive selection of topicals I’ve ever seen in any recreational or medical dispensary ever, so if you want patches, pens, salves, or lotions, you would definitely check out Peak Dispensary.

To finish up my visit Michaela and Leisa gave me the rundown on their edible selection, which was fairly extensive. If you want a quick and easy edible, check out a Flo energy drink, or just take a few drops from Dixie Dew Drops tincture. If you’re more of a candy guy like me, they have a bunch of classic flavors from IncrEdibles, Edipure, Blue Kudus, Canyon Cultivation, and Dr. J’s. If you’re ever feeliPeak Dispensaryng under the weather, I highly recommend grabbing yourself some medicated cough drops from Gaia’s Garden. If you’re more of a cookies and cakes kind of marijuana muncher, you can grab some baked good from Sweet Grass or Love’s Oven.

As the Gorillaz “Feel good Inc.” started to play, it was already time for me to go. As a final note, Leisa and Michaela mentioned they had just gotten to sample a small batch of buds from their first grow, and they were phenomenal. Expect Peak Dispensary to start cycling in some of their own strains in the next couple months. Still never being the person to turn down a good opportunity when I see one, I know I’ll be back again soon to check out some of Peak’s fine wares. In the meantime, I’ll always remember, if I see a bunch of fancy cars driving down the road, they will most likely lead me to free beer and caviar – well in my ideal world at least.

If you get an opportunity to visit Peak Dispensary of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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