Pink House Cherry | Review : Denver

Pink House Cherry | Review : Denver
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I can’t deny the aspect of my profession that I love the most is experiencing the phenomenal diversity of Colorado’s fine cannabis retailers. Every dispensary that I visit has a unique atmosphere and personality developed by its location, décor, and of course its staff. One of the few exceptions to this diversity comes from establishments that have branched out into multiple locations. Many such businesses end up intentionally designing the aesthetics of their store to match the others in the chain. While this might be appealing to some, I must admit that I like a little more spice in my nomadic dispensary ramblings. It’s undeniably rare that I find myself in a chain dispensary that understands that giving each store in their organization a unique ambiance can be an incredibly attractive reason to visit. At Pink House Cherry, one of five Pink House locations, I found myself incredibly pleased by the customized feel and metaphorical attitude exuded by this Moroccan motif medical only dispensary.

While the front entrance to Pink House Cherry is about as exciting as any other retail space inside a building, once you go down the stairs to their main counter, you already feel like you’re in another part of the world. Behind the window you can see their massive aquaponic set-up, loaded with fresh herbs and vegetables. To the right, a beautifully embellished hand-crafted door welcomes you into their store. I met Joe at the window who took my card to enter into the system and then invited me in. Rich earthy-toned walls in deep oranges and soft yellows, accented the slate grey floors. With a touch of mood lighting and some Persian rugs I felt like I was in the middle of a Middle Eastern bazaar. As I waited for a couple customers to Pink House Cherry Denver finish up with their transactions at the counter, Joe explained a little bit about Pink Houseas a company. While clearly all dispensaries are in the business of cannabis advocacy, Joe explained to me briefly that Pink House, beyond advocacy, wants to change the preconceived notions that the common populace has about marijuana users. Too many people have been given a bad image for trying to cultivate a plant in order to alleviate the suffering of others. While the recreational effects are undeniably amusing, the fact of the matter is, this plant is a miracle worker when it comes to treating a plethora of different ailments. The staff at Pink House isn’t a bunch of bizarre couch lurking monsters preying on peoples’ addictions; they are hardworking compassionate individuals who love their jobs and want to provide solutions for their communities. Pink House, in this spirit, has been trying to spread the word by starting great programs for local Colorado communities. By setting up small community gardens (the fruit and vegetable kind), they have been taking steps to skew the opinions of many misinformed opponents to the industry.

As the main counter cleared, I wPink House Cherry Denver alked over to the good stuff and Joe started grabbing a few strains for me to explore. Pink House Cherry had around 20 strains during my visit, divided into four price tiers ranging from $25- $55 for an eighth and all hand trimmed. It became clear that the price ranges are not at all indicative of the quality of the buds as Joe popped open a jar of Golden Goat from their low price shelf. This Golden Goat is undeniably the head of its herd. Simply loaded with orange hairs, hints of sweet mint, and a touch of skunky delight this grow of this Golden Goat is one of the best I’ve ever seen. If you’ve got the doe I promise it’s worth every buck and you know I wouldn’t kid you. Another strain that caught my eye, but not my nose was The White, an indica dominant strain. A throwback to the days of illegal grow operations, this strain was intentionally bred to be low odor, or as Joe phrased it, a “closet grow.” While it did have some earthy hints, this strain isn’t about the smell, it’s all about the crystally THC. Bred to be extremely high in THC, The White earns its name from the striking number of trichomes gracing its surface. As Joe showed me the bottom of the jar, it looked like the underside of a bag of lucky charms; that is to say, coated with sugary goodness. If you are a fond fan of sniffing fine weeds, then I need to recommend you ask to take a big whiff of this next one. The sativa dominant Lemon Pie at Pink House Cherry was possibly the strongest fruity smelling marijuana I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. The buds on this strain are still absolutely beautiful covered with the some of the densest pale orange hairs I’ve ever seen. To be honest though, the smell of fresh lemon meringue pie had me closing my eyes whenever I went in for a look, so physical appearance cPink House Cherry Denver ame second in my book. Also worth mentioning is their SFV OG. Although they didn’t have any in stock during my visit, this strain tool number one place in the 2012 Cannabis Cup in the Indica category.

Prying myself from the buds, Joe introduced me to Ashton, who walked me over to their concentrates. They have a very proficient selection of shatter produced for them by Green Dot (One of my all-time favorite extraction companies). Ashton grabbed out a few samples of their strain specific shatters for me to look at. The most impressive was a concoction formulated by Ashton herself, The Fixer Elixir. This shatter crafted from Herijuana, Grape Ape, and five other CBD dominant strains is the perfect choice for pain relief. As far as edibles go, they don’t have a massive selection, but they do have some staples and a couple unique options. Besides the standard Cheeba Chews, Green Hornets, and Bhang Bars, they also have IncrEdibles, but not just any IncrEdibles. The IncrEdible products on their shelf just came in and are produced with marijuana from their harvests. That means you can get all the great flavor of a classic Incredible with the quality buds you know from your local Pink House. Also on their shelf, if you need a smoking device, they do carry a small selection of smoking devices and dab rigs.

Of course I need to mention Pink House Cherry’s topical options as well. While they do carry the full line of Apothecanna products, Ashton also showed me another great option, Angel Salve. With over twice as many activated cannabinoids as a bottle of Apothecanna, and an amazingly subtle smell, this salve is a great choice for aches and pains. Perhaps you’re feeling a little more adventurous, then you need to try some Infused Intimate Oil produced by Evolab. O-la-la, that’s right, all the functionality of a stPink House Cherry Denver ore bought lubricant, along with the added benefit of THC, rendered in coconut oil. Make it a night to remember.

Now comes to one of the coolest traits about Pink House: their epic selection of merchandise. They have a massive selection of memorabilia, ranging from t-shirts to golf balls, marked with strains, the Pink House logo, or their “Down To Blaze” motto. You’re sure to find a perfect keepsake or gift, along with some amazing marijuana products. My favorite merchandise product, by far, was their lunch boxes filled with peel-away foam, ready to be custom fit to your pipe or dab rig by peeling out excess material. Even with all the great products at Pink House, my favorite aspect was simply the raw knowledge of the staff members. These folks know about their cannabis products, and they will be able to find what is right for you as a patient. Their dedication to changing the public view on the industry is astonishingly clear when you enter Pink House. They are here to enlighten their patients and customers with knowledge, not to peddle their marijuana to make some quick cash. I for one can’t wait to visit more Pink House locations and benefit from the knowledge of their awesome staff members and of course sample their delectable wares.

If you get an opportunity to visit Pink House Cherry of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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