Pink House Pearl | Review : Denver

Pink House Pearl | Review : Denver
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It’s just a fact that I love cannabis in every form; I’ll smoke it in leaf form, I’ll eat it in edibles, I’ll vape it in pens, and I’ll dab it in a rig on those special I-want-to-get-really-high occasions. While I’m not the biggest concentrate user out there, I do love whipping my rig out when the need is dire (i.e. during a Lord of the Rings marathon). Despite the fact that I’m not a dab-all-day kind of guy, that hasn’t stopped me from taking notice that smoking concentrates has become a huge deal in our state. Just a few weeks back I was driving home from visiting and a dispensary and decided to swing by a nameless fast food establishment to grab some – let’s call it food. I was of course wearing my Dope Directory shirt and the guy at the window immediately took note. After I told him a little bit about what we do as a company, he was really excited and asked me if I had a vape pen or a dab rig in the car, since his break was coming up soon. Sadly, I had no smoking implements of any kind in the car, and the guy quite disappointed reached into his pocket and pulled out a massive silicon dab container and opened it to reveal probably five or six grams of the stickiest nasty brown wax I’ve ever seen. “I’m just trying to find some way to smoke this man.” He said. Sadly I could offer him no help, after exchanging another few marijuana related witticisms, I grabbed my oil-soaked fast food bags and left. Thinking back, while I’m sure that nasty ball of wax would get him high, I wonder if he’s ever contemplated what went into making that concentrate. Who knows what kind of crappy trim went into it? Who knows if it was processed in a way that removes all Pink House Pearladulterants? If I’m going to smoke some concentrates, I want to know what company extracted them and what kind of buds went into the process. During my recent visit to Pink House Pearl, I found their shelves full of some of the nicest shatter I’ve ever seen. This is the real deal; A crystal-clear strain-specific majesty that I’m sure would have gotten the fast food guy so high that he wouldn’t have been able to count change at work.

This is the second Pink House location I’ve visited in the state, and their only location that offers a recreational selection next to their tried-and-true medical options. Located in the quaintest little house ever built, Pink House Pearl is on a simply charming little stretch of Pearl Street, right next to the ever scrumptious Kaos Pizza. I wiggled my way into a parallel parking spot in front of the dispensary and entered, expecting a similar experience to my Pink House Cherry visit a few months back. I was mistaken, Pink House Pearl what a completely unique experience. I walked into the old renovated house and was greeted by Beau, and a wall of psychedelic painted skateboarPink House Pearlds courtesy of Atomic 7 Studios. After experiencing the vibrancy of their brightly colored walls and the ambient light from this precious little house, I couldn’t help but feel excited and uplifted.

Beau started out be taking me back to and showing me around their medical side, which is a fair bit larger than their recreational side. Thanks to their dedicated exit door on the medical side, they can serve red (or purple) card holders 18 and up. We started out at the bud counter where Beau snagged out a few minty fresh samples for me to investigate. The folks over at Pink House are big fans of the OG strains, mostly because of the well rounded high, and as Beau phrased it, “that special OG funk.” The best part about their buds is that they are all dry-trimmed, soil-grown, and fed entirely organic nutrients, which if you ask me, makes for some of the best product. I’m not the only one that feels this way about Pink House products. In the 2012 Medical Cannabis Cup, they took home 1st place indica for their SFV OG. During my visit to Pink House Cherry they were out of SFV OG, but during my visit to Pink House Pearl, they had some on the shelf, and I never pass up trying an award winner. I’ll start off by telling you Pink House Pearlhow it smells. Imagine you’re on a riding lawn mower, cutting through some tall grass on a spring morning. You lose control and careen off into a pineapple field mowing through a few large plants before crashing into a pile of rich soil. In that very moment you’ll be able to grasp the crisp sweet earthy scent of SFV OG. The smoke of SFV is fairly smooth as well, and the sharp earthy notes complement its sweetness very well. The high from SFV OG is phenomenally mellow, but not couch-locking like many Indicas can get. It’s a really balanced strain all around; I can see why it’s an award winner. I also took home a little sample of Blue OG as well. While equally as beautiful as the SFV, the Blue OG has a milder scent and a bit of a sweeter character when smoking it. The high caused from the Blue OG may as well be that of a heavy hitting sativa in the sense that it’s extremely cerebral and doesn’t give you nearly the body high I would have expected. Best of all, they have anywhere from 10-20 strains to choose from on both the medical and recreational side, and 1g pre-rolls for the distinguished smoker on the go.

Beau finished my medical side tour Pink House Pearlwith concentrates, topicals, and edibles. On their med side there were roughly a dozen different strain-specific shatters to choose from, extracted by Green Dot. Other than the amazing smell and uncanny translucence of their shatters, I know that they are being produced with Pink House’s organically cultivated buds. If you are a concentrate aficionado, I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed with these shatters. I kid you not, these are some of the finest concentrates I’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for a quick, easy way to smoke concentrates, you should check out their vape pen selection, which includes 500mg cartridges from Evo Lab. If you want topicals, I can personally suggest picking up their Angel Salve. Not only does this salve smell amazing, it does a knock-out job at helping with muscular pain as well as bumps and bruises. They also carry the standard products from Apothecanna. As far as edibles go, their medical side has a small selection but includes some of the basics like Green Hornet, Cheeba Chews, IncrEdibles, and Sweet Grass.

Beau walked me over to the recreational side, which was much smaller than the medical side but was packed full of very similar selections, including a bunch of the same amazing OG’s I experienced from the med side. One interesting addition to their selection was a bunch of transdermal patches from Mary’s Medicinals, and a few small glass smoking devices to choose from. The shatters on their rec side included some different extraction companies like Happy Camper. These shatters were as equally immaculate as those on their med side, and again numbered around a dozen strain specific verities. During my visit, the edible selection on the recreational side Pink House Pearlwas really low thanks to the new regulations put forth as of this month pertaining to recreational edibles. They did have a few options from IncrEdibles, Star Barz, and Sweet Grass, but until edible companies catch up with the changing regulations, all recreational marijuana munchers will suffer.

After taking a pause to experience a few more pieces of art from Atomic 7 Studios, I grabbed my OGs and left. I can’t emphasize it enough; if you like delicious organic weed and amazing shatter, then you need to swing by Pink House Pearl. I have no doubt the fast food guy would have had a jaw-dropping experience if he ever went in to check out the selection of concentrates at Pink House. I’d like to think that he somehow found a way to smoke his nasty ball of wax and went back to work happy after his break, but I’ll never know. What I do know is that the next time I want to find the clearest shatter in town, I can find it at Pink House Pearl.

If you get an opportunity to visit Pink House Pearl of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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  1. Ive been to plenty of dispensaries looking for the best, but this place is hands down THE Best Dispensary In Denver! Don’t take mine (and everyone elses) word for it, check it out for yourself!!

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