Preferred Organic Therapy | Review : Denver

Preferred Organic Therapy | Review : Denver
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The first time that I ever tried Taiwanese style boba tea, like many of the adventures in my early 20s, started with me getting outlandishly stoned with a friend. We sat around that evening lazing away the rest of the day with bowl after bowl of sickening imported brick weed, trading off playing levels in the ever-classic Starfox 64, when a friend called and asked if we wanted to go out for a drink. Not to turn down a drink, we both gladly responded yes and waited outside to be picked up. We hopped in our friend’s car in our schwag-induced stupor, and he drove us to Colorado Boulevard and stopped in front of Lollicup. Confused that we weren’t going for coffee or to a bar, my friend just said, “Trust me, you’ll like this.” He then left us in the car and said he would grab us each a strawberry snowbubble. My friend and I sat in the car completely perplexed at what a “snowbubble” could be, only coming to the conclusion that it had to be some heinous sexual terminology we were oblivious to. After a minute he came out with three ice cold strawberry teas, gave us each one and told us to puncture the tops with the giant straws and try it. We fumbled around in the dark, punctured our teas and both started drinking them. My friend in the front seat took a huge sip. “Mmm, this is good,” he exclaimed. He then took a second sip, and this time instead of uttering words projectile launched one Preferred Organic Therapyof the little tapioca bobas from his mouth onto the windshield of the car and immediately started yelling at my other friend “What the hell is in my drink!?” Trying not to cackle at the boba stuck to his windshield, he explained to us that those little balls were tapioca, and were intentionally added to the drink. After all sharing a good laugh, I gladly drank down my icy tea, and from that moment on, boba tea and marijuana became a perfect pair in my book. Coming back now almost a decade later, my new profession has guided me to Preferred Organic Therapy. Right next door to the illustrious Lollicup, Preferred Organic Therapy (POT) is a phenomenal medical location, chock-full of buds that would have put our poor brick weed to shame.

Despite the fact that I only just noticed Preferred Organic Therapy (I blame it on my profession), it has been in the same location for over 5 years, providing its patients with amazing buds, concentrates, and edibles to help with a variety of ailments. I pulled into the familiar parking lot on Saint Patrick’s Day and went in the front door, where I was greeted by Katie, Jennifer, and Victoria. I’m sure Rita and Remi, the resident Chihuahua-mix dispensary dogs would have greeted me too, but RPreferred Organic Therapyita was running behind schedule on a bone that needed chewing, and Remi was predisposed with sleeping on an extra fluffy dog bed. Katie invited me back to take a look at their bud room and view some of their amazing looking chronic.

My timing was impeccable, and right as Katie started to show me some of their strains, the head grower for Preferred Organic Therapy walked in the front door to deliver a few clones to sell on their shelf. I met Brian, one of the growers, and Bodhi, the aptly named “Jedi Master” of grow, or in layman’s terms, the head grower. They explained to me how they use a 100% organic coco-based grow to produce some of the most amazing looking (and tasting) buds on town. They also make sure to properly flush their plants every time to ensure that the flavors and effects of each strain aren’t adulterated in any way. After a quick overview of the “how,” it was time to see and smell these buds for myself. Katie started out by taking down the Purple Goji from their shelf, which consisted of roughly a dozen different strains. This heavy hitting sativa last tested at 26% THC,Preferred Organic Therapy and had a shimmery trichome-laden look and sweet earthy smell powerful enough to match its lab results. Next I took a peek at their Gorilla Glue. Coming in slightly indica dominant, Preferred Organic Therapy’s Gorilla Glue is 55% indica, and 100% beautiful. I rarely see buds that are handled with this much care; it seemed like every little crystal gracing its surface was still completely intact. The rich green hues took on a pale sage color due to the shear abundance of trichomes. Lastly, and most appropriate for the day of my arrival, I took a peek at their Lucky Charms. Another high THC content strain testing at 24% THC, the hybrid Lucky Charms at Preferred Organic therapy is so sweet smelling and emerald green, they would no doubt remind a true Irish man of his beloved hills of Éire. Not only handled daintily, these nugs were also all remarkably large and intact. As Katie explained to me, all of the small nuggets yielded from Preferred Organic Therapy’s grows go straight into producing their strain specific pre-rolls and nug-run extracts.

Katie shifted my attention over to their impressive selection of concentrates produced using their products. T.H.E. full melt hash started up the lineup followed by a huge selection of concentrates produced by TerpX. Including their shatters and budders, there were over 12 different strains to choose from. All of their budders looked positively immaculate, glowing with a pale yellow hue, looking so smooth I might accidently spread them on my toast in the morning. Their shatter was equally as pleasing. I was particularly smitten with their Durban Poison shatter. Durban, already being one of my favorites as Preferred Organic Therapya classic sativa, looked mouth-watering in rich, translucent shatter form. Right as I held the little jar of golden yellow Durban poison shatter to the light, The Black Keys’ “Gold on the Ceiling” started playing, making me chuckle a little. The very best part about their concentrates being nug-run instead of shake is the fact that when you bury your nose in a jar of any of their extracts, you get a bouquet of all the delectable terpenes your smeller desires. Besides these terpenes providing a pleasant instant reaction in your amygdala, the latest marijuana science is discovering how these basic scent-providing proteins can actually affect the high you receive.

To finish up my visit, I took a quick peek at their edible options. Preferred Organic Therapy has a very proficient selection of edibles, and has a something on the shelf to suit the needs of pretty much anyone. If you’re a chocolate and candy medical marijuana consumer, you can grab some products from Incredibles, Edipure, Dixie, Better Baked, Cheeba Chew, Blue Kudu, Dabba, or Green Hornet. If you’re penchant leans more towards baked goods, you should try out some of their amazing cookies or brownies from Mountain Medicine. If you have any dietary limitation, check out some of the products from Julie and Kate, including low sodium and low sugar content options. I also got to check out a completely new product on the market from Edipure that I haPreferred Organic Therapyd never seen before. Edipure’s Trokie Quick Tabs are little THC laden dissolvable tabs that are a quick and easy way to medicate. I can only assume, since they dissolve in your mouth, that they are extremely fast acting.

I said my farewells and even Rita and Remi got up from their respective dog activities to say goodbye. If you’re interested was piqued by any of these amazing products I’ve mentioned, I highly recommend you pay Preferred Organic Therapy a visit. Also, for any of you out there that don’t have or are unable to get a med card, keep your eyes peeled, because in the next few months Preferred Organic Therapy is going to be moving upstairs from their current location and adding on a recreational side to their dispensary. I know next time I’m getting a craving for some delicious tea and some delicious buds, I’ll be swinging by Preferred Organic Therapy. Just remember when you get home from Preferred Organic Therapy, icy frozen tea and shimmering green chronic in hand, that no matter how tasty that tea is, chew your bobas!

If you get an opportunity to visit Preferred Organic Therapy of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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