RiNo Supply Company | Review : Denver

RiNo Supply Company | Review : Denver
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Let’s take a trip back to River North Arts District. My last visit here left me with rather mixed feelings. Despite the solid breweries and wineries in this part of town, part of the entire spot made me uneasy. I mean, you love to see rundown parts of town resuscitated, giving areas breaths of new life. You love to see the sometimes-astonishing street art that has come to inhabit many broken and dilapidated walls. What about the fancy high-rise condos, that just seem completely out of place? This part of the city has history, and while many find industrial landscapes repugnant at best, it is still certainly part of the city’s culture and history. I’m not saying that historical sites should remain by virtue they are old. I just worry about the march towards a monochrome city Denver is on. All in all, however, I must admit, witnessing the new wave of life in RiNo has been fascinating to me. At the moment, the area is the perfect balance of urban chic, grungy industry, and whimsical art. The aptly named RiNo Supply Company of Denver is a great embodiment of these design aesthetics forming an upbeat, unfiltered, and unrefined marriage. For a medical store, the dispensary knows what it must do to stay competitive: offer high quality products, and insanely reasonable prices.

Driving up to the address, I was a bit confused. Where RiNo Supply Company should be, based on its address, is actually the store it shares the building with: MegaFauna. Worry not, friends. If and when you go and visit this spot, you’ll realize there’s not much in the area it could be. The entrance to the actual dispensary is on 31st, despite its Blake Street address. The building screams repurposed industrial. The mint green paint Rino Supply Co Denveron the front of the store is peeling, making way for the old bricks underneath. The logo of the dispensary is just spray-painted over the door. It’s very reminicent of the many squatter homes I visited in my stay in Amsterdam; except, these folks are attempting to look this way. Personally, I’m a huge fan. I think the design captures the “rise from the ashes” spirit of River North. After parking my car on the one-way Blake Street, I strode across the AstroTurf lawn, and into the dimly-lit hallway. Following the signs, and through a large wooden door, I was greeted by the security guard, who took my Red Card, and sent me into their waiting room. What greeted me was a large, naturally lit space, with warm yellow stucco, black painted ceilings and floors, large, comfy wraparound couches, a few tropical plants, and a dog who looked older than time (who was very disinterested in meeting me). A short line of people ahead of me wandered from couch to couch, while I sat back, and watched their large and impressive television.

After a brief waiting time, I was greeted in the product room by Matt, one of RiNo’s managers. He immediately opened up his “select strain” jars, of which there were six. Like many dispensaries, RiNo Supply Company has a two-tiered approach to their RiNo Supply Company Denverganja: anything with a high yield, or anything slightly lower potency gets placed on the Select Strain tier, which goes for $20 for the 1/8th, or $140 for the ounce. At the time of my visit, and it was explained that they had been busy, there was only one strain on the Top Shelf. These strains are typically selected for their higher potency. The day’s top shelf was Grape God, an indica that smelled exactly like grape soda. I must admit, the buds were absolutely stunning. Everything at RiNo Supply Company is soil-grown and organic in a greenhouse. In the jar, the buds were large, compact, and extremely odoriferous. What’s best is these top-of-the-line strains go for just $170 for the ounce. While smaller amounts are selected from the jar, the dispensary has their ounces prepackaged on the shelf in airtight bags. Rest assured though. These are not old buds left to sit up on the wall. These prepackaged ounces are produced throughout the day, to ensure the freshness of the herb, which is especially crucial on soil-grown and sunlit strains. The dispensary also offers premium shake for $90 an ounce (and only $70 on Thursdays!). For nonmembers, you can get an ounce of sweet leaf for only $55 an ounce. While I wouldn’t personally smoke sweet leaf, it is great in making medicated butter.

The dispensary also boasted an impressive selection of concentrates and edibles. For only $40/gram, you can pick up some really decent looking shatter from Boulder Pharma. The dispensary also had a whole sea of wax to choose from. All of their wax isRiNo Supply Co Denver normally priced at $35/gram, with selections from Mahatma and Sweet Mary Jane. However, if you go in on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, any wax will come to only $20. Yeah. Twenty dollars for a gram of Mahatma wax. Am I dreaming? I must be. The dispensary also runs several great specials on IncrEdibles and Ticture Belle edibles. You can grab three IncrEdibles bars for only $25, or two Tincture Belle bars for $25. For the potency of these bars on the medical side, you’d be a sucker not to.

The store had a moderate selection of smoking devices for you to choose from. Out in the lobby was a spinning display of pipes. Inside the product room, on the top shelf, was a line of very affordable bongs and dab rigs. There wasn’t much in the way of smaller pieces, but I really appreciated the mix of scientific and heady glass. I had to resist dropping the cash on one of their beautiful all-glass dab rigs, but for members of the dispensary, it behooves you to spend more with RiNo. For every $50 you spend in the store, they’ll give you $1 of store credit. Think of it as some “Frequent Higher Miles.” If you are a person who needs to medicate, and needs to medicate a lot, this is an insane deal.

Walking back across that puzzling AstroTurf lawn, I left feeling more optimistic about RiNo than I had before. The last dispensary I visited in the area was a big meh. RiNo Supply Company, however, captures the spirit of the neighborhood (which, if you read any of my writing, you’ll know is something I’m big on). I don’t know what the building was before RiNo moved in. Frankly, I don’t really care. In its place is a dispensary with great member benefits, friendly and honest staff, and product that is great. Welcome to RiNo: Denver’s rising star – both the neighborhood, and the dispensary.

If you get an opportunity to visit RiNo Supply Company of Denver, Coloradolet them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.


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