River Rock North | Review : Denver , CO

River Rock North | Review : Denver , CO
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I love to learn about different industries and how they function. As a part of the marijuana industry I have a particular fascination with it. Any dispensary that combines an educational experience along with a robust selection of products and a knowledgeable staff is certainly right up my alley. This is precisely the experience you can expect when River Rocks North-4you pay a visit to RiverRock Cannabis North in Denver Colorado. RiverRock is nestled back in the warehouses and industrial center of Northern Denver that is quickly becoming a primary location for marijuana grows. This brings me to one of the reasons that RiverRock is so unique. Not only are they attached to their grow, but they also offer daily tours of their entire grow facility and their growing process. I had the fortune of taking this grow tour when I took a trip with Colorado Cannabis Tours. The tour is an amazing opportunity to see the fertilizers and methods used to grow the crops at RiverRock Cannabis so you can learn a little bit about cultivation and also see how the plants your purchasing were grown. If you want to read more about the tour check it out here. While the tour was fun I didn’t really get a great chance to see the dispensary side due to crowds. I was about to get my chance though.

I made my way to RiverRock Cannabis early in the morning before the crowds started to show up. I was created by Sara at the front desk who invited me in where I met Erika and Jarred. I also ran into Sam who I’d met before when I was picking up an EvoLab pen a few weeks before. Erika was running around like mad preparing for opening in 15 minutes but Jarred was more than happy to show me around the shelves. RiverRock Cannabis North has a rather massive selection all around, including great edible options, a robust selection of flower, and a massive lineup of concentrates. Jarred said his specialty was concentrates so I had him start there. He pulled out a display of concentrates that included almost three dozen different concentrates.River Rocks North-1 There was everything from waxes and shatters to live resins and budders. It was a truly impressive spread. As Jarred mentioned they use six different companies to produce all these amazing products which were primarily produced using the residuals from RiverRock Cannabis very own flowers.

As a dispensary attached to a grow I wasn’t the least bit surprised to see that there was also a large selection of flower sitting on the shelf to choose from. As “this is how we do it” gave us a tasty 90’s background beat, Jarred picked out a worthy strain and concentrate for me to take some snap shots of. The choice for strain was Tangie-Grape. The alluring combination of Grape Trainwreck and Tangerine Power joined forces to create this absolutely stellar strain. The bud structure was gorgeous but that simply paled in comparison to the extra-potent grape aroma that came wafting off these buds.

After my flower adventure, I took a moment to peruse the edible option at RiverRock Cannabis North. To be blunt there was about every product one could desire on the shelf. Some of my favorites included the ever-phenomenal Coda truffles and the super-versatile Ripple packets from Stillwater. River Rocks North-2They also carried the full line of Lucky Turtle and Binske which are two of my new favorite edible producers both of which have been on shelves for under a year. I promise that’s just scratching the surface, and if you have an edible you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it on the shelf at RiverRock Cannabis North. As Jarred put it, “I love the breadth of the products we carry, we say let’s just carry it.” This is a good way to go since you never know which products are going to be a hit.

I followed up by quickly peeking at their topical applications and smoking devices. The primary topicals on the shelf were provided by Mary’s Medicinals, a company that has been around the proverbial block when it comes to producing high-quality topical marijuana products. The glass selection was very modest and you could tell was customs tailored to the tourist crowds that frequent RiverRock Cannabis North. To make up for the small glass selection they carried a massive number of options for vape pens including two of my favorites, EvoLab and Pax. If you’ve never had the opportunity to sample a cartridge from EvoLab then you’re doing yourself a grave injustice. Their new colors line is the most flavorful vape pens I’ve ever had and don’t compromise potency in the process. The Pax Era, simply put, is the best vape device I’ve ever used. Not only is it remarkably discreet but its unwaveringly reliable.River Rocks North-3

As a final note Jarred showed me the half a dozen strain-specific pre-rolls they offered. While I’m not a huge joint smoker, I know many who are and RiverRock’s joints looked absolutely second to none. It was group photo time and after a little convincing of a reluctant Sara and Erika, I was able to get the whole crew together for a shot.

If you’re a local looking for a quality dispensary with a transparent growing process then RiverRock Cannabis North is the spot for you. Perhaps even more appropriate, if you’re visiting from out of state and want to see the full process of marijuana from clone to cure, to shelf, to your pipe then there is no better spot to visit. RiverRock Cannabis North masterfully combines industry education with great products and a clean efficient environment. So, if you value a good industry education like myself, then I highly recommend you check out RiverRock Cannabis North.

If you get an opportunity to visit RiverRock Cannabis North of Denver, Colorado let them know you heard of them through the Dope Directory, and please give them a rating.




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